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Updated July 17, 2013 - 11:23 PM EDT
White House Threatens Russia Over Snowden
  Snowden Seeks Temporary Russia Asylum: Promises No New Leaks
  Former GOP Senator: Snowden 'Courageous Whistleblower'
Yahoo Wins FISA Battle Over PRISM Court Papers
  The Creepy, Long-Standing Practice of Undersea Cable Tapping
  DHS Warns Employees Not to Read Leaked NSA Information
Syrian Rebels Capture Israeli Army Post
  Pakistani Taliban's Syria Shift a Myth?
  Six Mediators Killed by Pro-Govt Militia in Homs
  CIA Tips Off Hezbollah About al-Qaeda Bombing Plot
UN Envoy: Iraq and Syrian Conflicts Are Merging
  UN Envoy: Mujahedin-e Khalq Leaders Abusing Followers in Iraq
Captured Translator Links US to Afghan Civilian Deaths
EU Bans Cooperation With Settlements, Fueling Israeli Ire
NK Ship: Missile Parts Reportedly Under Bags of Sugar
Egypt's Sinai Offensive May Fuel Unrest in Gaza
Can Edward Snowden Be Deterred?  by Tom Engelhardt
Edward Snowden Is No Traitor  by Philip Giraldi
The War on Terror Is a War on American Freedom  by Anthony Gregory
The Case for Abolishing the DHS  by Charles Kenny
What, Me Worry?  by Conor Friedersdorf
Washington's Long History in Syria  by Ernesto J. Sanchez

More Viewpoints

Progressives and NSA Spying
by Jessica Bernstein
Lithuania 'Stonewalling' Over CIA Jail Case
Paul Threatens Hold on FBI Nominee Over Domestic Drone Policy
Lib Dems Accuse Tories of Trying to 'Rubbish' Trident Report
Hagel: Top Military Brass to Be Cut 20 Percent
'Neo-Nazi' Musician Vikernes in French Terror Arrest
Russia Holds Biggest War Games in Decades
Britain Could Still Arm the Syrian Rebels, William Hague Says
IDF Patrol Comes Under Fire on Golan Heights
Kerry Mulls Visit to Syrian Refugee Camp in Jordan
Ruins in a Center of Syria's Uprising
Plunging Currency Adds to Syria's Gloom
Israeli Cell Companies Paying West Bank Settlement for Use of Private Palestinian Land
US Official: EU Will Take Further Measures Against Israeli Settlements if Kerry's Peace Bid Fails
EU's New Policy on Israeli Settlements: The Full Guidelines
Israel Navy Raided Ship and Arrested Suspected Smugglers Six Months Ago
Netanyahu Responds to EU: Israel Will Not Tolerate External Edicts on Our Occupied Territories
Right-Wing MPs: EU Decision Racist, We Will Build More in Settlements
Israel, US Lawmakers Wrangle Over Border Policy
Palestinians: West Bank Shops Lose Business to Israel During Ramadan
Hundreds of Jews Denied Entry to Temple Mount After Riot Threats
World Powers Hope to Resume Iran Talks Quickly
Iran's Next President Faults Ahmadinejad on Economy
Iran Reshuffles Hardline Electoral Body
New Iran President Backs Syria's Assad, Hezbollah
Al-Qaeda Commander Among 16 Killed Across Iraq
Celebratory Fire Turns Iraq Football Win Into Nightmare
Iraqi Court Orders Death for al-Qaeda Member
Iraq Seeks to Bar Top Officials From Dual Citizenship
Middle East
Four Hezbollah Members Wounded in East Lebanon Ambush
Dutch Hostages Seized in Yemen Warn of Execution
Mexico: After Cartel Leader Captured, Violence Could Surge
Leader of Mexico's Zetas Cartel Captured With US Help
Indian General 'Followed Before Knife Attack' in London
The Heroic Whistleblower
Lindsey Graham: US Should Consider Russian Olympics Boycott Over Snowden
Snowden to Stay in Moscow Airport for Now
Glenn Greenwald Blasts Media, MSNBC Over Edward Snowden Stories
Would an American Jury Even Convict Edward Snowden?
Spying on Everyone
Spygate Lawsuit Accuses NSA of Unconstitutional 'Dragnet Electronic Surveillance'
Berlin Calls for Global Data Protection Rules
German Spy-Spotter Attracts Unwanted Attention for Protest Walk
Egypt's New Government Doesn't Include Muslim Brotherhood
Interim Egyptian Cabinet Sworn In
Egypt's Military Regime Tolerates Xenophobia
More Security Resources Needed Post-Benghazi: State Department
Libya to Turn Kadhafi Compound Into Amusement Park
Christians in Sudan Face Increased Hostility
Sudan's President One Step Ahead of a Suit and a Warrant
Guinea: Ethnic Clashes Kill 12, Injure 50
Nigeria Blasted by Hague Court for Not Arresting Sudan's Bashir
France Confirms Mali Hostage Is Dead
US Worried Ahead of Zimbabwe Poll, Warns on Credibility
Seized North Korean Ship: Cuba Confirms Its Weapons on Board
South Korea Accuses North of Cyber Attacks
Quetta Shuts to Mourn Targeted Killing of Shi'ites
Malala Yousafzai's Story to Be Made Into a Documentary
German General Pledges 2015 Presence in Afghanistan
China Top Official Meets Hong Kong Lawmakers
US Military
Army Investigates Radiation Exposure at Fort Bliss
Army Apologizes for 'Scary' Choppers in Port Angeles
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