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Updated July 19, 2013 - 11:27 PM EDT
Panama Frees Former CIA Officer Wanted by Italy
  Arrested CIA Station Chief: The Inside Story
US Mulls Attacking Syria
  Report: Britain Scraps Plans to Arm Syria Rebels
  Turkey 'Concerned' as Kurds Oust al-Qaeda From Syrian Border Town
NSA Admits Analyzing Even More People's Data
  As Military Prepares for Cyber-Offensive, Attention Turns to Snowden
  White House Stays Silent on Renewal of NSA Data Collection Order
  Germany Backs Away From Claims NSA Thwarted Five Attacks
  Apple, Google, Dozens of Others Urge Surveillance Disclosures
Israel, Palestinians Both Spurn Kerry Plan
  Leader: Jewish Home Would Leave Israeli Coalition Over Peace Talks
Egypt General: Hamas 'Terrorizing' Egyptians
Can the Guantanamo Hunger Strike Be Broken?
Judge Won't Dismiss Manning 'Aiding Enemy' Charge
Afghan Border Dispute May Mean More Expensive Drawdown
Arms Smuggling Dispute: North Korea Wants Its Ship Back
Propublica and the Fear Campaign Against Iran  by Jim Lobe
Israel: EU Moves Against Illegal Settlements Threaten US-Led 'Peace Process'  by Jeremy Hammond
EU's Decision on Israel Like 'A Bucket of Cold Water on the Head of a Drunk'  by Rachel Shabi
The Drone That Killed My Grandson  by Nasser al-Awlaki
This Is Vengeance, Not Justice  by Emily Bazelon
If Snowden Isn't a Whistleblower, Why Are His Disclosures Having This Effect?  by Kevin Gosztola

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Guardian Guide to NSA Files
When Commies Were in the CIA
Presidential 'Blank Check for War' Wielded Thirty Times, and Counting
Senate Panel Clears Way for Floor Vote on FBI Director
FBI Uses Rapists and Child Molesters to Entrap Gullible People in Terror Stings
GOP Budget Includes Egypt Aid – for Now
Human Nature May Not Be So Warlike After All
Weeks After an Ouster, Military and Islamists Are Far From a Deal
Egypt President Promises to Fight Chaos Before Pro-Morsi Rallies
Egypt Military Warns Against Violent Protests
Egypt's Brotherhood Proposes First Crisis Talks Via EU Envoy
Egypt Risks Civil War if Islamists Shut Out of Power: African Union
UAE Transferred $3 Billion in Aid to Egypt, Saudi to Follow Shortly
FSA Says Delay in Arming Rebels Strengthens Islamists
Christians Targeted by Foreign Jihadis in Syrian War
Syrian Refugees Urge Kerry, US to Take Action
UN Says Syria's War Children Will Grow Up Illiterate
More Than a Quarter of US House Urges Engagement on Iran
Official: Iran Open for Nuke Talks Once Team Named
Iran President Highlights Ties in Final Iraq Visit
Israeli Officials Concerned Sinai Violence May Cross Border
Israel Warns EU Ambassadors of Serious Crisis Over New Settlement Guidelines
Arab League Backs Kerry's Israel-Palestinian Plan
Ikea Considers Opening West Bank Store
Five Killed in Fresh Iraq Attacks
Tony Blair Warned He Will Be Criticized in Iraq Report
12 Suspects Detained North of Ramadi
Maliki Says That Iraq Supports Peaceful Solutions to the Area's Problems
Lebanese Army Says Killing of Syrian Journalist Loyal to Assad Was Not Political
French President Pledges Military Aid to Lebanon in Call to Sleiman
Beirut to Ask EU to Keep Hezbollah Off Blacklist
Car Bomb Explodes Near Mosque in Bahrain
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Lashes Out at 'Insane' Washington
Anonymous Whistleblower Driving Zimbabwe's Mugabe Insane
Uhuru Kenyatta: ICC Trial Witnesses Withdraw
2 Spanish Aid Workers Freed in Somalia
Congo Army Deputy Commander Arrested for Desecrating Enemy Corpses 1 Day After UN Warning
Pirates Raid Chemical Tanker Off Togo, Injure Crew
Security Fears Delay Algeria Desert Comeback for BP, Statoil
The Heroic Whistleblower
European Parliament Wants Snowden, NSA Chief to Testify on Spying
The Time the US Gave Asylum to a Guy Who Leaked Classified Documents
Is Edward Snowden Protected by International Law?
Retiring US Envoy Faults Hong Kong and China on Snowden
Spying on Everyone
US Authorities to Access Swedish Fingerprint Info
ACLU's Bad News on License Plate Scanners
TSA Searching Parked Cars at Airports
NYPD Chief Kelly for Homeland Security Job? Civil Rights Groups Displeased
The War at Home
Despite Pentagon Claims, Marine Colonel Sought in Benghazi Investigation Not Yet Retired
Hacker Posts Email Addresses, Passwords of House and Senate Staffers Online
Defense Firms Dive Into Georgia Senate Primary
Gag Order Issued for Police and Firefighters Responders to Scene of Michael Hastings Crash
Glenn Greenwald Gets Book Deal
Army Releases May 2013 Suicide Information
Soldier Missing From Korean War Identified
Sailor Missing From Vietnam War Identified
Eight Afghan Labourers Shot Dead on Way to US Army Base
Taliban Office Plot to Break Up Afghanistan: Karzai Aide
In Ramadan Quiet, Afghans Jockey for Post-Karzai Era
Taliban Peace Talks the Focus as Pakistan to Try to Mend Fences With Afghanistan
Osama bin Laden's Life in Pakistan
Imran Wants Closed-Door Meeting With PM, Coas on Security
North Korea
Panama Calls in UN to Inspect North Korean Arms Ship
Panama Charges North Korea Weapons Ship's Crew
India Security Forces Kill Six Kashmir Protesters
Russia 'To Buy Two UAE-Made Drones'
Soviet-Made Bomb Found Near Kindergarten in Hungary
Venezuela Slams US Over 'Repressive Regimes' Remarks
5 Charred Bodies Found in Northeast Mexico
6 Colombians Charged in Killing of DEA Agent
US, Cuba Restart Migration/Jailed Contractor Talks After Two-Year Break
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