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Updated July 20, 2013 - 11:22 PM EDT
Court Secretly Renews NSA Phone Surveillance
  NSA Phone Snooping Cannot Be Challenged in Court, Feds Say
  Top Government Lawyer: NSA Surveillance 'Completely Legal'
  Greenwald: 'Explosive' NSA Spying Reports Are Imminent
  DHS Threatens Legal Action Against Employees Who Read About Leaks
  Journalist James Risen Ordered to Testify in CIA Leaker Trial
US Senators: Move G20 Summit to Punish Russia
  Report: Kerry Threatens to Stop Venezuela Gas Trade Over Snowden
Mosque Mayhem Pushes Iraq Toll to 57 Killed
  Convicted of Murder, US Marine Freed and Sent Back to Work
  Syrian Handed Over to Romania After Kidnapping Journalists in Iraq
US to Host 'Preliminary' Israel-Palestinian Talks
  Why Kerry Will Fail in Israel-Palestine
  EU Rejects Netanyahu Demands, Publishes Anti-Settlement Guidelines
Judge 'Troubled' by Obama's Claim to Be Able to Kill Citizens
  Places Attacked by US Drones Oppose Strikes More
Panama Frees Former CIA Officer Wanted by Italy
US Troops Prepare for Seizing Syria's Chemical Arms
GOP Leaders Face Libertarian Revolt Over NSA, Egypt, Syria
Diplomats: Iran's Rohani a Chance for a Nuclear Deal
Britain Ends Exports to Egypt Junta, Fearing Repression
NK-Cuba Drama Boils Down to Useless Weapons and Sugar
Obama's Hostility Toward Whistleblowers Is Both Immoral and Illegal  by Jason Ditz
Egypt Coup Demands Policy Rethink  by Kevin Martin & Josh Ruebner
'Signature Strikes' and the President's Empty Rhetoric on Drones  by Arianna Huffington
Netanyahu's Crying Wolf on Iran  by Gary Sick
Uncle Sam's Big, Big Ears  by Eric Margolis
Why the US Executive Branch Is a Clear and Present Danger to Our Democracy  by Fred Braufman

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NSA Joke: US Military Intervene Over Facebook Event
KBR Building Missile Defense Base in Romania
Mexico Could Legalize Marijuana in Five Years: Former President
TSA to Expand Speedier Screening – for a Fee
The Schizophrenic at Gitmo Whose Lawyers Are Seeking to Have Him Sent Home
Spying on Everyone
Snowden Sparks NSA Overhaul: Sensitive Data to Be Treated Like Nuclear Weapons
'I Would Rather Wait': Merkel Remains Mum on NSA Spying
Intelligence Chiefs Would Consider NSA Data Collection Changes – Top Lawyer
US Navy Awards Nearly $900 Million in Cyber Operations Contracts
NSA Chief Supports Tech Firms Disclosing More on Prism Requests
The War at Home
Inspector General: Despite Nearly $1b Effort, Navy Still Can't Audit Books
Manning Wins 2013 Sean Macbride Peace Award
Lawyer Says Soldier in Afghan Civilian Killings Took Controversial Malarial Drug While in Iraq
Florida Man Allegedly Wanted to Join Yemen-Based Terror Group
Bomb Kills Afghan Woman, Five Children in Taliban Home
'Madrassas Emptying' for Final US Fighting Season in Afghanistan
Report: Contractors Were Paid Millions but Afghan School Remains Dangerous, Unfinished
Did Malaria Drug Play Role in Bales' Afghan Murders?
US Envoy Reacts to Claim US Wants to Divide Afghanistan
Opposition Leader Sam Rainsy Returns to Cambodia
Shot Fired at Cambodian Opposition Office
Indian Portion of Kashmir Shut Down After 4 Killed
As America Fights, China Gets Contracts
Inmate's Letters Hint at North Korea Opening
Litvinenko Inquiry Blocked to Avoid Upsetting Russia, British Official Suggests
French Probe Suspected Sabotage of Areva Rail Line
Leading Putin Critic Is Freed Pending Appeal After Protests
Former Spy, Guerrilla Jailed for Kosovo Murder
Drug Violence Flares Again Near Mexico's Southern Pacific Coast, and Hundreds Abandon Homes
Peace Talks With Palestinians Would Take Months: Israel Official
Report: Palestinians to Demand Israel Recognize General Border as Precondition for Talks
Israeli Law Tears Palestinian Families Apart
Europe's Carrot-and-Stick Approach to Israel Includes Blacklisting Hezbollah
Hamas Will Adjust to Egypt, Retain Hezbollah Ties
Tens of Thousands of Egypt's Ousted President's Supporters Demand His Reinstatement
Egypt Army Fire Tear Gas at Morsi Supporters: Agency
After Morsi's Ouster, Egypt's Old Guard Is Back – and Muslim Brotherhood Is Out
Mursi's Overthrow Rattles Egypt's Islamists in Their Heartland
Erdogan Blasts West, Arab States for Silence on Morsi Coup
Rift Widens Between Jihadists and Syria's Mainstream Opposition
12 Pro-Govt Militiamen Killed in Homs
Iraq Mosque Mayhem Pushes Toll to 57 Killed, 106 Wounded

Escalating Iraq Violence Tied to Syria Civil War

Middle East
Kurd Militants Give Turkey 'Final Warning' on Peace Deal
Aerial View Shows the Zaatari Refugee Camp, Near the Jordanian City of Mafraq
Deadly Pre-Poll Clashes in Mali Flashpoint Town
US Prosecutors Charge al-Qaeda Commander Over Algeria Attack
African Union Plans Bigger Peacekeeping Force for Central African Republic
South Sudan: Fighting Leaves 25,000 Stranded
Protesters in Eastern Congo Criticize UN for Voicing Concern Over Reports of Rights Abuses
Increasing Attacks: Piracy Shifts Coasts in Africa
Zimbabwe to Protest to South Africa Over 'Pirate' 1st TV
UN Asks Rwanda for Proof of Links Between Peacekeepers, Hutu Rebels
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