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Updated July 23, 2013 - 10:56 PM EDT
Measure to Defund NSA Spying Up for House Vote
Stop the NSA – Call the Congress Now!
  NSA Calls Secret Briefing to Block Measure Curtailing Its Power
  Right and Left Unite on Surveillance Issue
  Libertarian-Leaning Republicans Defy GOP Leadership on Security
  Court: Chevron Can Seize Americans' Email Data
  Germany Launches Probe Into NSA Ties
  Lawyer: Edward Snowden May Leave Airport Wednesday
Gen. Dempsey: Syria No-Fly Zone an 'Act of War'
  US Congress Signs Off on Arming Syrian Rebels
  Turkey Won't Tolerate Kurdish Autonomy in Syria
Rand Paul: US Not World's Policeman
  Leaked Report Shows High Civilian Death Toll From CIA Drone Strikes
  US Drone Strikes Guided From Australian Outback
Bloody Iraq Monday: 105 Die in Multiple Attacks
  Top al-Qaeda in Iraq Among Hundreds to Escape in Prison Break
Peace 'Referendum' Threatens Israel's Coalition
  Netanyahu Pushed US to Free Pollard in Return for Peace Talks
  The Annexationists and the Israeli 'Peace Process'
  EU Lists Hezbollah's Military Wing as 'Terrorists'
US 'Democracy Aid' Bankrolled Egypt's Coup
Is the US Ramping Up a Secret War in Somalia?
Crazy Traitor Leaker Got Congress to Notice Vast Surveillance State  by Alex Pareene
Obama’s Escalating War on Freedom of the Press  by Norman Solomon
Manning Ruling Bad News for Journalists  by Rem Rieder
Liberty and Safety  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Netanyahu, Abbas Back to Square None  by Ramzy Baroud
Will Congress Rescue Disappearing Constitution?  by Nat Hentoff

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Guardian Guide to NSA Files
US Navy on Great Barrier Reef Bomb Drop: Don't Worry, No Harm Done
Great Barrier Reef Boss Wants US Bombs Removed
Panama Finds 1950s Soviet Fighter Jets on North Korean Arms Ship
Small Explosive Found Near Brazilian Sanctuary Before Pope's Visit
UN Envoy Warns Syrian Fighters, Govt They Will Face Justice for Crimes Against Children
Russia Says Assad Is Ready for Peace Talks
Dutch Woman Arrested for 'Recruiting Syria Jihadists'
Russia Considering Loan to Damascus
Pakistan Condemns Attacks on Holy Sites in Syria
4 Killed, Dozens Injured in Clashes Around Cairo
EU Calls on Military to Stand Aside in Egypt
Morsi's Family Lashes Out at Egypt's Military
EU Blacklists Hezbollah – Sort Of
EU Terror List: Hezbollah Unlikely to Feel Sanctions
Bennett Conditions Support for Budget on West Bank Referendum
US: Palestinians Agreed to Talks; Indyk Reports Premature
EU Welcomes Kerry Efforts but Stays Away From Mentioning the Settlements
Netherlands: Retailers Ban Goods From Settlements
Bloody Iraq Monday: 105 Die in Multiple Attacks
Suicide Bomber Attacks Iraq Army Convoy, Killing 25
Iraq Jailbreak Highlights al-Qaeda Affiliate's Ascendancy
Gen. Mattis: Military Alone Can't Stop Iran's Nuclear Program
Iran Signs Major Deal to Export Gas to Iraq
German Defense Minister to Face Grilling Over Euro Hawk Debacle
Deadliest Catch: Dutch Tourist Reels in Anti-Tank Weapon
Mystery of Missing WWI German Subs Uncovered After Remains of 41 U-Boats Found Off UK Coast
Colombian Rebel Movement Offers to Arm Coca Growers Protesting Government Eradication Campaign
5 Killed, 7 Wounded When Gunmen Attack Vigilante Members on Town Plaza in Western Mexico
Agent Orange Legacy
As Parents Die, Vietnamese Worry Who'll Care for Agent Orange Disabled
Makers of Agent Orange Followed Formula Dictated by US Government
Spying on Everyone
'What Is That Box?' — When the NSA Shows Up at Your Internet Company
German Intelligence Worked Closely With NSA on Data Surveillance
Surveillance Claims Cast Cloud Over Merkel's Campaign
German Govt Can't Remain Passive on Surveillance, Experts Warn
The War at Home
Report Questions Costs of Villas and Mansions for Top Military Brass
CIA Backs $630,000 Study Into How to Control Global Weather Through Geoengineering
Homeland Security Official Faces Abuse, Nepotism Accusations
Air Force Aims to Land More Top Guns Amid Pilot Shortage
US Top General Seeks Afghan Troops Deal by October
Afghanistan's Parliament Votes to Fire Interior Minister
South Koreans Ask US to Reconsider Timing of Military Handoff
Radical Myanmar Buddhist Monk Unhurt in Bomb Blast
In Mali, Glitches Threaten Legitimacy of Election
Protest Halts Libya's Zueitina Port's Oil Exports for 6th Day
British National Kidnapped at Gunpoint in Nigeria
Uganda Police Arrest Opposition Figure to Prevent Rallies
After Latest South Sudan Violence, a Mystery: Where Are Wounded Murle Warriors?
South Africa's Jacob Zuma Silences Envoy on Zimbabwe
Pirates Release Oil Tanker Hijacked Off West Africa
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The United States Should Quit Meddling in Egypt

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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