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Updated July 24, 2013 - 11:29 PM EDT
Narrow Defeat for Amash Bid to Curb NSA
  Amash NSA Amendment Fact Sheet
  White House in Fear of Amash Amendment
  NSA Calls Secret Briefing to Block Measure Curtailing Its Power
  Russia Hits US Over Extradition Double Standard
  Snowden Asylum Still Under Review, Stays in Airport for Now: Lawyer
Al-Qaeda in Iraq Prison Break Frees 500
  40 Killed, 118 Wounded as Sunni Mosques Get Targeted
  Al-Qaeda Raids on Iraqi Prisons Raise Fears of Return to Civil War
US Arms Deliveries to Syria Will Be 'Slow Process'
  At Least 49 Syrian Rebels Killed in Ambush Near Damascus
  Dempsey: Syria Intervention 'Could Inadvertently Empower Extremists'
  Israeli General: Syria War Creating Jihadist Hub On Our Border
Gunmen Kill 11 Anti-Coup Protesters in Egypt
  US 'Democracy Aid' Bankrolled Egypt's Coup
  Tales of Witnesses to Cairo Massacre Back Pro-Morsi Version
  Hamas: Egypt Is Trying to Restore Sovereignty Over Gaza
Contractor Fraud Got GIs Killed by Afghan Bombs
  Three US Soldiers Among 8 Killed by Afghan Suicide Donkey Bomb
Obama’s Other Secret War…in Somalia
Chuck Hagel Warns: Troops Are 'Close to Breaking Point'
Obama Should Just Pardon Bradley Manning  by John B. Judis
Kafka's America: Secret Courts, Secret Laws, Total Surveillance  by John W. Whitehead
The Smart Way to Cut Pentagon Spending  by Christopher A. Preble
The Truth Is Out, and Americans Are Angry  by Senator Ron Wyden
John Kerry's 'Breakthrough'  by Scott McConnell
Faith Over Experience  by Stephen M. Walt

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Bradley Manning Trial Transcripts
Guardian Guide to NSA Files
Al-Qaeda Growing, but Less Focused on US, Study Finds
Samantha Power Gets Nod for UN Envoy Post
US Navy Offers to Help Recover Bombs From Great Barrier Reef
NSA Says It Can't Search Its Own Emails
Official Tabbed for No. 2 Homeland Security Post Probed by Watchdog
Syrian Rebels Target Regime Supply Lines in North
Opposition Gets UN Meeting, Rebel Chief Won't Attend
Syria Opposition: Hezbollah Must Stand Trial
In Syria's South, Fears of a New Humanitarian Crisis
Iraqi FM: Only Full-Scale War Can Unseat Assad
Lindsey Graham Wants War With Iran at the End of the Summer
US Congress Mulls 'Hard-Hitting' New Sanctions Against Iran
Al Jazeera Accuses Authorities of Intimidation Campaign
Explosion at Egypt Security Building Wounds 19
EU Calls for Release of Morsi, Speedy Elections
Pressure Mounts for Morsi Release
Was It Four Killed? or Nine? in Egypt, Deaths No Longer Have Any Meaning
Palestinians Match Israeli PM's Peace Deal Referendum Pledge
Israel Beefs Up Rocket Defenses on Egypt Border
Israel's Military Exports Totaled Some $7.5 Billion in 2012
Quiet Settlement Freeze: PM Denies, Ariel Thinks Otherwise
Bennett Pledges to Continue Settlement Construction
Americans Born in Jerusalem Can't List 'Israel' as Place of Birth
40 Killed, 118 Wounded as Sunni Mosques Get Targeted
Iraq Jailbreak Highlights al-Qaeda Affiliate's Ascendancy
Sadr Describes Escape Operation of Prisoners as 'Beginning of Sectarian Terrorist Attacks'
64 Journalists Under Arrest, Main Opposition Announces
72 Journalists Forced Out for Covering Protests, Union Says
Middle East
Diluted Hezbollah Terror Listing by EU Is Largely Symbolic
Fort Carson Soldiers Training Kuwaitis, Battling Heat
One Death in Yemen Shows How Far the US Will Go to Kill
Abdulelah Haider Shaye, Yemeni Journalist, Freed From Prison
Despite Promises to Talk, New Pakistan PM Gets Tough on Insurgents
Peace Activist Gunned Down in Swat
Arms-Laden Truck Seized in Karachi
North Korea Is Said to Halt Upgrades at Rocket Launching Site
CIA Closing Bases in Afghanistan as It Shifts Focus Amid Military Drawdown
Philippines Pushes Back Against China
Remembering Sri Lanka's Black July
Myanmar Frees a Further 73 Political Prisoners
South Sudan
South Sudan's President Sacks Cabinet Amid Party Power Struggle
South Sudan Starts Closing Oil Wells in Unity State
Mali Interim President Meets With Tuareg Rebel Leaders
Rocket Attack in Libyan Capital Near Tower Housing Embassies
Ugandan Police Crack Down on Opposition
Report: Rwandan Support for Congo Rebels Continues
Dutch Court Blocks Extradition of Terror Suspect to US
The War at Home
McCain Will Not Block Dempsey Nomination
After 40 Years, Return of Military Draft Not in Sight
ACLU Urges Inquiries in Shooting of Man Tied to Boston Suspect
DHS Secretary Discusses Cooperation With Mexican Security Chief at Border Meeting
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