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Updated July 28, 2013 - 11:14 PM EDT
120 Morsi Supporters Killed as Police Open Fire
  Egypt Official Warns Anti-Coup Protesters
  'The Injuries Were Very Precise … the Snipers Were Shooting to Kill'
  Impoverished Gather for Morsi, Well-Heeled March for the General
  Egyptian Military Launches Major Sinai Offensive
Syrian Rebels Kill 123 in North, Mostly Civilians
  Reports: Israel Attacked Syrian Weapons Convoy
  Worries Mount as Syria Lures West's Muslims
  UN Says Accord Reached With Syria on Chemical Arms
Judge Begins Final Deliberation on Manning
  Protesters in 40 Cities Take Part in Manning 'International Day of Action'
  Manning Trial: Leakers Julian Assange and Daniel Ellsberg Weigh In
Chris Christie Finds Liberty a 'Dangerous Idea'
  Rand Paul to Chris Christie: You Need to Talk to More Real Americans
Obama: 'Korea Was a Win'
US Allowed Kidnap Prosecution to Shield CIA Higher-Ups
Germans Urge Govt. to Offer Snowden Asylum
Wyden: Talks on NSA Overhaul 'Accelerated' After Vote
1,200 Inmates Escape From Libyan Jail
Big Differences in How Men and Women View Drone Strikes
US Navy Wants to Expand Philippine Presence, Create Base
They Know Much More Than You Think  by James Bamford
Keep Syria's Blood Off America's Hands  by Michael Shank & Kate Gould
What Are the US Plans for Gitmo Prisoner Shaker Aamer?  by Jason Leopold
Playing the Pollard Card  by Raphael Magarik
Eagle in a China Shop  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Putting Spies on a Leash  by Anthony D. Romero

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Germans Protest Against US Surveillance
India: Army 'Mistook Planets for Spy Drones'
Putin 'Determined' Snowden Case Will Not Hurt US Ties
UK Web Filter Censorship: One ISP Is Fighting Back
British Medical Assoc. Urges Obama to Stop Force-Feeding Gitmo Prisoners
NGO: Syria Missile Kills 29, Regime Gains in Homs
Missing Israeli Students Suspected of Infiltrating Syria
Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Face Suspicion
Two 3-Year-Olds Wounded in Syria Evacuated to Israel
Netanyahu Agrees to Free 104 Palestinians
Palestinians Say Talks With Israel to Start Tuesday
Profiting Off War: a Look Into the World of Israeli Arms Dealing
Palestinians Yearn for the Corporate Life
Israeli Navy Grapples With Defending Med Gas Fields
Twenty Killed in Random Iraq Attacks
Iraq's Prime Minister Orders Detention of Senior Security Officials Over al-Qaeda Raid
Iraq Beefs Up Security Around Federal Prisons
As Kurds Grow Stronger, Oil Pulls at Iraq's Continued Unity
Middle East
Fears Over Health of Mehdi Karroubi, Iran Opposition Leader
Setbacks to Bring Quieter Qatar Foreign Policy but No U-Turn
Jailed Turkish Kurd Leader Seeks Retrial
'Anti-Drone' Militant Group Claims Parachinar Twin Blasts
Seven Pakistan Coastguards Shot Dead in Gwadar
Pakistan Army Soldier Killed in Kashmir Border Firing
Violence in Karachi Kills Three
Kidnapped Boy Rescued From North Nazimabad
Hazara Town Residents Shoot Down Suspected Suicide Bomber
7 'Terrorists' Killed in Hangu, Peshawar Clashes
Fresh Attack in Hangu Injures Five Soldiers
Pakistan's Mountain Region, Once Immune, Now the Site of Insurgent Violence
Business Booms for Asylum Middlemen in Afghan Exodus
Afghan Governor, Chief Escape Bombings
'Storm' Anti-Artillery Called on When Rockets Fall on 'Rocket City'
Riding by Night to Keep Afghan Supply Chain Moving
Afghanistan Expands Voter Registration to Insecure Areas
Six Dead, 40 Wounded in Philippines Blast
North Korea Military Parades Through Pyongyang
Merkel Chief of Staff Testifies Before Parliament on NSA Spying
Russian Fleet Refuels Away From Base 'To Avoid Tax'
Americans Still Dying
Afghanistan Bombing Kills Soldier From Colorado Springs (CO)
Soldier From Lagrange (GA) Remembered
Port Arthur (TX) Soldier Dies From Burns in Afghanistan
Egypt Doctor Blames Snipers for Deaths and Injuries
In Pictures: Deadly Egypt Clashes
Egypt Unrest: 'Pools of Blood' on Cairo Streets: Video
With Dozens Dead, US Tells Egypt to Pull 'Back From the Brink'
Rival Groups in Alexandria Standoff: Video
Altered Images: Egypt's Disinformation War
Muslim Brotherhood Outraged by Deaths in Cairo
After Mubarak, Brotherhood Was Triumphant. Now It Is in Crisis
Erdogan Slams EU for Stance on Egypt Bloodshed
Egypt's Morsi Likely to Go to Same Prison as Mubarak: Minister
UN: Egyptian Authorities Increasing 'Anti-Syrian' Hostility
Britain's Hague Condemns Egypt's Use of Force
Egyptians Struggle to Define Their Recent Past
Angry Libyans Ransack Muslim Brotherhood Offices
Libya PM to Reshuffle Cabinet, Cut Ministries After Killings
Blast Rocks Police Station in Tunis Suburb
Police Fire Tear Gas, Disperse Tunis Protesters
Millions Prepare to Vote in Mali Elections
Malian Politicians Warn of Election Fraud
Central African Republic
Raped, Plundered, Ignored: Where Only Killers Thrive
The Central African Republic: A Country Abandoned to Its Fate
Al Shabaab Claim Attack on Turkish Mission in Somalia, Three Dead
Grenade Blast in Rwanda Capital Kills 2 People, Leaves Others Seriously Wounded, Police Say
The War at Home
Russia Begins Inspection Flights Over United States
Obama: In America, No War Should Ever Be Forgotten
Teen Prank in Kentucky Leads to WMD Charge
US Military
Pentagon Spokesman: 'When Bad Things Happen, Americans Should Hear It From US, Not as a Scoop on the Drudge Report'
US Navy Gets in on Drone Action With First Real Carrier Landing
Recordings Are New Perspective on Navy Jet Crash
Navy Probe: Fired Commanding Officer Belittled Sailors
Army Cracking Down on Overweight Soldiers in Face of Budget Cuts
Chile's All-Woman Presidential Race Pits Childhood Friends Divided by Dictatorship
Weekend Reviews
What's in It for Obama?
How Not to Watch Copperhead
The Way of the Knife: The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth
Distortions and Divisions in Turkey
Iran's Coup, Then and Now
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The Battle for the Amash Amendment: Victory in Defeat

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The Lobby Never Sleeps

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Reforms of Domestic Government Surveillance

Kelley B. Vlahos
Paul, Cruz Show Backbone on Military Rape Issue

Nebojsa Malic
The Meaning of Words

David R. Henderson
Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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