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Updated July 29, 2013 - 10:51 PM EDT
Bradley Manning Verdict Set for Tuesday at 1PM
  Opponents of NSA Surveillance Emboldened by Close Vote
  Wyden Calls FISA Court 'Anachronistic'; Pressure on Senate to Act
  Greenwald: Even Low-Level NSA Analysts Can Spy on Americans
Israel, Palestinians Set 9-Month Timeline for Talks
  Prisoner Release: Fate of Israeli Arabs the First Sticking Point for Talks
  Israeli Cabinet Passes Referendum Bill, Complicating Peace Talks
White House on Egypt Massacre: No Comment
  Egypt Junta Threatens More Crackdowns as Protests Continue
  Insurgency Takes Root in Egypt's Sinai
Obama Sees Korea as 'Lesson' for Afghan War
Syria Rebels Attracting Young Foreign Islamists
House Set to Approve Yet More Iran Sanctions
US Drone Strike Kills Eight in North Waziristan
US Drone Strikes Kill Eight in Southern Yemen
Iraq: Wave of Car Bombs Targets Shias, 51 Dead, 200 Injured
A House Divided Over NSA Spying on Americans  by Ron Paul
Manning and Snowden Light Path for US to Return to Its Better Self  by Yochai Benkler
The Perennially 'Unusual' Yet Somehow Ubiquitous Left-Right Alliance  by Sam Husseini
Now You See Him, Now You Don't  by Tom Engelhardt
Puttin' the Pressure on Putin  by Ray McGovern
Who Are We at War With? The Answer Is Classified  by Robert Golan-Vilella

More Viewpoints

Edward Snowden's Lawyer Comes With High Profile and Ties to Kremlin
Rand Paul Targets Egypt Aid
POW Bowe Bergdahl's Absence Has Changed Friends, Town Forever
US Spy Agencies Spied on New Zealand Journalist
Greenwald: 'Amazing' That Clapper Still Employed
PA Welcomes Israeli Decision to Free Prisoners, Vows to Work for Release of All Inmates
Palestinians Insist: If Release Not Certain, Plans Will Change
Hundreds Protest PM's Decision to Release Palestinian Prisoners
Shin Bet Chief: Peace Talks Will Improve Security on the Ground
Palestinian Journalists Seek to Impose Limitations on Their Israeli Peers
PM Defers Decision on Release of Arab Israeli Prisoners
Surprise Drill Simulates Attack, but Airport Fear Is Real
Syrian Army Advances Into Key Homs District
A Link to Syria's Ancient Past Endures as War Creeps Closer
Attacks Against Iraq Security Forces Leaves 21 Dead
US Warns of Increased Risk of Terrorist Attacks in Iraq
Suicide Bomber Kills Eight Kurdish Security Forces Personnel in Iraq
Blast Halts Iraq Oil Exports to Turkey
Kuwait Election: Shia Candidates Suffer at Polls
Liberals, Smaller Tribes Win Seats in Kuwait Vote After Boycott
Middle East
Turkish Police Detain Seven Protesters Around Istanbul Park
Google Disables Iran's Press TV YouTube Account
Bahrain Orders Tougher Penalties Ahead of Protests
Qatar Learns Money Only Buys Cooperation Within Its Borders
Debate Intensifies Over Hezbollah's EU Blacklisting
Two American Troops Killed in IED Attack in Afghanistan
British Soldiers Return to Sangin to Tackle Taliban
Afghan President Accepts Invitation to Visit Pakistan in an Effort to Improve Tense Ties
Afghan Eyes Iran Deal to Boost Trade to Europe, India
North and South Korea Mark 'World's Longest Ceasefire'
North Korea Rolls Out Missiles for War Anniversary
Cambodia Election: Hun Sen's Ruling Party Claims Victory
Japan Says No Schedule Set for Japan-China Summit
Fidel Castro Complains of Manipulation, 'Slander' Over Seized Weapons Shipment to North Korea
Gunmen Ambush, Kill Mexican Navy Vice-Admiral, Escort Officer in Violent State; 2 Others Hurt
Venezuela Prosecutor Asks for Freeze on Assets of Editor of Critical Newspaper
Hospital Floor Slick With Blood After Egypt Security Forces Open Fire on Morsi Supporters
Egypt Interior Minister Issues Warning as Morsi Supporters Continue Sit-Ins
New Clashes Kill 2 in Egypt as Ousted Leader's Supporters Defiantly Hold Their Ground
Video and Witness Accounts of Attack on Islamist Protesters in Cairo
Egypt: PM Has Right to Give Military Arrest Powers
Prosecution Orders Arrest of Brotherhood Supreme Guide, Again
Egypt: Ten 'Terrorists' Killed in Sinai, 20 Arrested
A Familiar Role for Muslim Brotherhood – Opposition
Egypt's Brotherhood: Zionists Destabilize Arab Countries
Explosions Rock Libya's Benghazi, Protesters Take to Streets
Grenade Attack on UAE's Libya Mission Was an Attempt to Undermine Relations
Report: Lockerbie Bomber Was Released by Britain Because of £400million Arms Deal With Libya
Mali Votes for President; Few Go to Polls in Kidal
Mali Elections: High Turnout Reported in Presidential Vote
Main Contenders in the Race for Mali's Presidency
Somalia Prime Minister Says a Turkish Official and Somali Student Died in Car Blast Attack
Bomber Kills 1 in Somali Hospital Attack
Tunisian Opposition May Set Up Rival 'Salvation Government'
Clash Between Vigilantes and Extremists Kills at Least 25 in Nigeria
Thousands Protest New Burkina Faso Senate
After Zimbabwe Election, Mugabe Needs a Way Out
Canadian, Jailed in Mauritania for Terror Link, Reported Back Home
Colombian Peace Talks Resume in Cuba as Conflict Rages
The War at Home
Researcher Wins NSA Cyber-Security Prize, Says Freedom Is Incompatible With the NSA 'in Its Current Form'
Protesters in 40 Cities Take Part in Bradley Manning 'International Day of Action'
Unisex Uniforms Debut as Army Opens Units to Women
Air Force, Facing Fighter Pilot Shortage, Offers Retention Bonuses of Up to $225,000
Aftershocks of War: One Iraq War Veteran's Search for Peace
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