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Updated August 1, 2013 - 11:29 PM EDT
Snowden Gets Asylum in Russia, Leaves Airport
Obama to End Pakistan Drone Strikes 'Very Soon'
Govt Quietly Prepares for NSA Power to Be Curbed
  US Senators Rail Against NSA Practices
  Feds Declassify Court Order on NSA Surveillance as Pressure Builds
  For Congress, 'It's Classified' Means 'None of Your Business'
NSA Collects 'Everything a User Does on Internet'
  NSA's XKeyscore Presentation From 2008 – Read in Full
  NSA Surveillance Had Multiple Compliance Problems
General Tries to Hype Manning 'Damage'
  Manning Leak Didn't Result in Deaths by Enemy Forces, Court Hears
NATO Strike Mistakenly Kills 5 Afghan Police
  Civilian Casualties Increase 23% in Afghanistan
  NATO Admits Its Left Unexploded Munitions in Closed Afghan Bases
Senate Panel Classifies Vote on Syria Rebel Arms
  Syrian al-Qaeda Fighters Take 200 Kurds Hostage
House Overwhelmingly Votes More Iran Sanctions
  US Hedge Funds Paint Argentina as Ally of Iranian 'Devil'
Hagel: US Army Could Cut 15 Percent of Troops
  Senate Won't Consider Ending Egypt Aid
  Pentagon: Guantanamo Tab $5.2 Billion and Counting
  US Deploying Jets Around Asia to Keep China Surrounded
More Iraq Bloodshed: 49 Killed, 83 Wounded
Israel's Secret Settlement Deal Leaves Talks in Doubt
Egypt Junta Orders Police to Crush Cairo Sit-In Protests
The Danger of American Apathy on NSA Surveillance  by Elizabeth Goitein
Manning Guilty Verdict Designed to Intimidate Future Whistleblowers  by Paul McGeough
In NSA Leaks, Edward Snowden Performed a Service  by Eugene Robinson
Liberty’s Backlash  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Vietnam: A War on Civilians  by Chase Madar
With His Foreign Policy, Obama Is Turning Hypocrisy Into an Art Form  by Doug Bandow

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Al-Qaeda: We Will Try to Free Guantanamo Inmates
Guards Are Sexually Assaulting Me, Says Last Briton in Guantanamo
Declassified UK Files Show Speech Drafted for Queen in Case of Nuclear War
No Sanctions for FBI's Evasive Court Tactics
Christie, McCain Have Rand Paul in Their Crosshairs
Syrian Opposition Plans New Government in August
Why Fewer Ground Reports Are Emerging From Syria
Some Syria Missiles Eluded Israeli Strike, Officials Say
UN Says Chemical Weapons Inspectors to Visit Three Syrian Sites
A Fearful Ramadan for Syria's Civilians
Jesuit Priest Likely Kidnapped in Syria
Syrian Rebel Fatwa Bans Croissants as a Symbol of Western Colonial Oppression
Naftali Bennett: 'I've Killed Lots of Arabs in My Life and There's No Problem With That'
Israel, Palestinians Deeply Divided Despite Renewed Peace Talks
Palestinians Rap Bennett Over 'Kill Arabs' Remarks
Rights Group Urges Probe of Palestinian Beatings
Will Netanyahu Nix Lucrative Economic Project Over New EU Settlement Guidelines?
Israeli Military Lawyer: 5-Year-Old Palestinian Was 'Security Threat'
Livni Urges Israel Coalition to Support Peace Talks
In Gaza, Iran Finds an Ally More Agreeable Than Hamas
Temple Mount Shut to Non-Muslims Till After Ramadan
More Iraq Bloodshed: 49 Killed, 83 Wounded
Girl Killed, 8 Civilians Wounded in Mosul
Iraq Seeks to Promote Tourism Despite Violence
Family of Military Policeman Killed in Iraq Sues UK Ministry of Defence for Negligence
Yemen's President Meets Senators as US Grapples With Guantanamo Detainee Issue
Noted Yemeni Journalist Appeals for Release of Kidnapped Dutch Colleague
Middle East
Islamists Now in Power Find It Hard to Hold
Shadow of Syria Takes Toll on Lebanon's Tourist Appeal
Google Yet to Explain Iranian TV YouTube Block
Senior Kurdish Rebel Warns Turkey to Progress Reforms by September
Afghanistan, US Near Agreement on Post-2014 Force
In Sign of Hope, Brutal African Warlord Who Uses Children Loses Grip as His Fighters Defect
Karzai Backers Seek Delay in Afghan Vote
Despite West's Efforts, Afghan Youths Cling to Traditional Ways
US: India, Pakistan Will Play Significant Roles in Afghanistan
Taliban Jailbreak Prompts Fears of More Attacks on Pakistan Prisons
Pakistan Jailbreak: '47 Prisoners Rearrested'
Pakistani Prison Attacked by Taliban Lacked Guards
Kerry in Pakistan to Discuss Drones, Afghanistan
Philippines to Use Info Gathered by US Surveillance Plane in Case vs. China
US Raises Military Assistance to the Philippines
Cambodian PM Says Ready for Talks With Opposition
PM Says He Welcomes Any Election Fraud Probe
Panama Postpones UN Weaponry Review of Seized North Korea Ship
Telangana: Protests Over New State in Southern India
Dissident Kazakh Oligarch Ablyazov Held in France: Sources
18 Indicted Over Taiwan Conscript's Death
US Ups Duration of Non-Immigrant Visas for Cubans
Cuba Reports Highest Outflow of Citizens Since 1994
Spying on Everyone
No One Fired at NSA Over Snowden
US Shifts Course on NSA Data in Fla. Terror Case
Sen. Ron Wyden Rips Administration on NSA Data Mining Claims
Obama, Lawmakers to Huddle on NSA
NSA Chief Asks a Skeptical Crowd of Hackers to Help Agency Do Its Job
Glenn Greenwald to Jeffrey Toobin: 'You're Calling for the End of Investigative Journalism'
Overseas Companies Reluctant to Use US Cloud After Snowden NSA Leaks
MIT Did Not Target Aaron Swartz Before Federal Prosecution, Review Finds
The Heroic Whistleblowers
Defense Seeks Merger of Some Manning Verdicts
Manning Sentencing: WikiLeaks 'Strained' US-Afghan Ties
Congress Responds to Bradley Manning Conviction With Satisfaction or Silence
Jeremy Scahill on the Manning Verdict and Obama’s War on Journalism
Snowden's Dad Declines FBI's Moscow Offer
Edward Snowden's Father Thankful to Putin
Letter From Edward Snowden's Father and His Lawyer, Bruce Fein, to President Obama
Edward Snowden, Broccoli and Roses
The War at Home
Watchdog: TSA Misconduct Cases Grew 26% in Three Years
TSA Workers Breach Security, Sleep on the Job: Report
House, Senate Differ on Merits of Proposed East Coast Interceptor Site
Navy's Plan for 306-Ship Fleet Fading Away
Authorities Say Afghanistan War Vet Killed Fiancee's Mom, Self
US to Go Ahead With Joint Military Exercise in Egypt
Egypt's Cabinet Orders Police to End Pro-Morsi Sit-Ins
Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood Intensifies in Egypt
Egypt's Military Keeps Morsi's Whereabouts Secret
Vanishing Treasures: Tomb Raiders Exploit Chaos in Egypt
In Tunisian Protest Square, Barriers Reflect Deeper Divide
Jihadis Threaten Tunisia's Arab Spring Transition
Car Bomb Defused Outside Hotel in Libyan Capital
Gadhafi Minister Sentenced to Death
Sudan in Rebel Ambush Kills 9 Soldiers Transporting Fuel to UN Troops in Abyei
Sudan Says Thaw in Relations May Prevent South Sudan Oil Halt
South Sudan: Two Ugandan Journalists and Local Fixer Freed After Four Days
Nigeria Approves Opposition Political Coalition
Suspected Islamists Steal 125 Kg of Dynamite in North Nigeria
DR Congo
UN Warns It Will Disarm Congo Rebels
DR Congo Unrest: Rwanda 'Recruiting for M23 Rebels'
Somali Envoy: Eritrea Continues Support to Al-Shabaab
Helicopter Heading for UN Use Crashes Near Ethiopia's Capital; Injuries Reported
Zimbabwe Election: Queuing Voters Given More Time
New Cemetery in Russia: Germany Still Burying Eastern Front Dead
No Release in Sight for Tymoshenko
Greek Police to Seek Terror-Related Charges for 6 Arrested Over Turkish Arms Shipment
UK: Summit Planned to Help Military Personnel
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