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Updated August 2, 2013 - 11:22 PM EDT
US Issues Travel Warning, Shuts Embassies
US Officials Furious at Russia's Snowden Asylum
  White House 'Reconsidering' Russia Summit After Snowden Asylum
  Poll: Most Americans See Snowden as Whistleblower, Not Traitor
Senators Want Advocate for Constitution at FISA
  Heavily Redacted Documents Don't End Criticism of NSA
  NSA Violated Court Orders on Collection of Phone Records: Docs
  Declassified Memos Show Surveillance Was No Secret From Congress
  Americans Are More Worried About Civil Liberties Than Terrorism
Obama to End Pakistan Drone Strikes 'Very Soon'
  US, Pakistan to Re-Establish 'Full Partnership' Ties
Kerry: US Not Withdrawing From Afghanistan
  US Airstrike Mistakenly Kills Five Afghan Police
  Two Year Spike in Afghan Insider Attacks Levelling Off
New Evidence of Benghazi Coverup' Gunrunning?
Iraq: 1,000 Killed in July, Highest Toll in Years
US Drone Pounds Yemen Again as Hadi Visits DC
Mexican Cartels Hiring US Soldiers as Hit Men
Israel: Expelling 1,300 Palestinians Will Save Time, Money
Report: US Sees Israel Likely to Attack Syria Again
Last Hurrah of the Interventionists?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Presenting XKeyscore: What the NSA Is Still Hiding  by Amy Davidson
Our One-Sided War on Terror  by Stephen M. Walt
Obama's Silent Coups  by Ted Snider
Let Snowden Return to America  by Jacob Heilbrunn
America's War on Patriots  by David Sirota

More Viewpoints

UN Narcotics Body Warns Uruguay Over Marijuana Bill
Senate Confirms Samantha Power as UN Ambassador
Welcome to the Homeland, Mexico and Canada!
FBI Report: Couldn't Prevent the Boston Bombings
John McCain Is Furious About Edward Snowden
Chilling 1942 Memo on Fate of Japanese-Americans
Massive Arms Depot Blast in Syria Kills 40
Kurdish Struggle Blurs Syria's Battle Lines
Jordan Says Police Seize Large Arms Cache From Syria on Border, Arrest Group of Smugglers
Assad: We Wouldn't Have Kept Fighting for More Than 2 Years if We Weren't Sure of Victory
Ultra-Orthodox Protesters Attack Buses in Israel After Woman Refuses to Move to Back of a Bus
Hundreds of Protesters Against Bedouin Resettlement Clash With Police; 18 Arrested
Long-Running Battle on Bedouins Comes to a Head as Knesset Debates Resettlement Plan
Outgoing IDF Commander: Volatile Syria Border No Risk for Israel
Iraq Attacks Continue: 21 Killed
Police Officer Assassinated in Fallujah, Assassin Arrested
Iraqi Baquba Cafes Closed Down by Security Threats
Kenneth Pollack: If Only We Could Reinvade Iraq
Iraqiya MP Calls on Political Parties to Renounce Their Differences to Pull the Country Out of the Serious Slider
Middle East
Bahrain's Twitter Army Cracks Down on Dissent
Kurdish Rebels Warn Turkey of War's Resumption
Iran Condemns Tougher US Oil Sanctions Bill Passed by House
John Kerry Says Egypt Army Is 'Restoring Democracy'
Egypt Protesters Defy Cabinet Threat to End Sit-Ins
Ousted Egypt President's Supporters Snub Offer of Protection if They End Protests
Tunisian Army Clashes With Militants: Residents
Tunisia's Ruling Party Says Won't Remove Prime Minister
Libya Army Colonel Shot Dead: Security Official
In Libya, They Really Are Out to Get You
Kenya: Govt to Pay $460k to Rendition Victims
UN Peacekeepers Begin Enforcing Security Zone in Volatile Eastern Congo After Ultimatum
Nigeria: Islamic Extremists Kill 8; Military Warns of Planned 'Massive Attacks' in Maiduguri
Zimbabwe Election Was 'Huge Farce': Morgan Tsvangirai
Spying on Everyone
Twitter: Government Info Requests on the Rise
How to Decode the True Meaning of What NSA Officials Say
NSA Pays £100m in Secret Funding for British Counterpart
NSA and Britain's GCHQ – Too Close for Comfort
The Heroic Whistleblower
Snowden Will 'Build a New Life in Russia': Lawyer
Snowden Gets Job Offer From Russia's Facebook
Snowden Asylum: US 'Disappointed' by Russian Decision
Snowden Thanks Russia for Asylum
Jim Moran: Chuck Schumer 'Overreacting' Over Snowden Asylum in Russia
Edward Snowden Passed Time in Airport Reading and Surfing Internet
WikiLeaks: Statement on Snowden's Successful Russian Asylum Bid
Sarah Harrison, Snowden's WikiLeaks 'Adviser'
US Military
Military Paints Dire Picture From Budget Cuts
Pituitary Damage an Unexpected War Wound
Lightning at Colo. Base Leaves 12 Soldiers Hurt
Months of Planning Led to Pakistan Prison Break That Freed Scores of Terrorists
Zardari Asks US to Prepare 'Marshall Plan' for Pakistan
Imran Asks Kerry to Stop Drone Strikes
Supreme Court to Hear Contempt Case Against Imran Today
Bangladesh Islamist Party Declared Illegal
Chinese Online Game Targets Japanese-Held Islands
1 Dead, 15 Wounded in Sri Lanka Military Shooting on Protest Demanding Clean Water
Android Tablet Gives Rare Glimpse at North Korean Tech
Germany's Defense Minister Evades Blame on Drone Fiasco
France Holds Kazakh Oligarch Ablyazov Wanted in Ukraine
UK Deployed Falklands 'Dazzle' Laser, Documents Show
United Nations
Panel: UN Reliance on Private Military Security Companies Growing, Lacks Transparency
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