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Updated August 6, 2013 - 11:16 PM EDT
US Prepares 'Preemptive Strikes' on al-Qaeda
  US Drone Strike Kills Four in Yemen Amid Signs of Escalation
  Yemen on 'High Alert' Over Warning of Imminent al-Qaeda Attack
Speculation Over 'Imminent' Terror Plot Grows
  Embassy Closures Used to Bolster Case for NSA Surveillance
  US: Al-Qaeda Intercepts Are Just Part of Intelligence for Plot
  Does Terror Alert Threaten US Soil? White House Won't Say
  Embassy Closure Extended, But Are They Even the Target?
  White House: Some Embassies Could Stay Closed for Another Month
TSA Expands Duties Beyond Airport Security
US Covers Up Program That Investigates Americans
  Is the FBI a Criminal Organization?
  Obama Indefinitely Detains, Not Just at Gitmo
Egypt Claims Assassination Plot on Coup Leader
  Egyptian Government Offers Muslim Brotherhood Ministerial Posts
Syrian Rebels Seize Alawite Villages, Capture 400 Civilians
  Key Dem Presses Joint Chiefs Chairman for More Syria Attack Options
Taliban, Karzai Government in Secret Talks
Bombings, Security Raids Leave 49 Dead Across Iraq
Source of Rohani's Distorted Israel Comments Revealed
Somalia's Puntland Breaks Off Relations With Central Govt
Embassy Closures Earn Little Respect for a US That's Lost Benefit of the Doubt  by Richard Norton-Taylor
Rohani and US Strategic Suicide in the Middle East  by Flynt & Hillary Leverett
Newt Gingrich (sort of) Abandons Neoconservatism  by Jacob Heilbrunn
Why Christie Is Wrong  by Peggy Noonan
Al-Qaeda in Perspective  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Stay Out of Syria to Avoid Turning War Into Another Federally Funded Entitlement  by Doug Bandow

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Yemen Home to al-Qaeda's Most Active Local Franchise
South American Ministers Tell UN Chief of Alarm at US Spying in Region and World
Home Depot Founder Funds Ultra-Hawk Thinktank
Tamerlan Tsarnaev Had Right-Wing Literature
Egypt's Government Won't Find It Easy to Clear Pro-Morsi Encampment
Egypt's Brotherhood Rejects Appeal to 'Swallow Reality'
US Official Visits Senior Egypt Islamist in Jail
2 US Senators in Cairo Over Egyptian Political Crisis
ElBaradei Hopes for Reconciliation in Egypt
Egyptians Flock to White House Petition to Designate Muslim Brotherhood a 'Terrorist Group'
Libya Swears in New Defense Minister
Libya Resumes Output From Western Oilfields
35 Dead in Clashes Between Nigerian Army, Boko Haram
International Prosecutor Accuses Nigerian Islamist Group of Possible Crimes Against Humanity
Embassies in Sub-Saharan Africa Added to Closures Amid Security Fears, Bombing Anniversary
Tsvangirai Supporters Claim Attacks in Wake of Robert Mugabe Win
Ethiopia Sees Muslim Anti-Government Violence During Holy Period; Threats of Protests on Eid
Ivory Coast Releases Allies of Former President
Tunisia's Ennahda Chief Offers Poll to End Political Crisis
One Sudanese Soldier Killed in Clash With South Sudan
Sierra Leone Deports Former Taylor Associate Ahead of Court Hearing
South Africa 1999 Arms Deal Inquiry Starts
Pakistan: Indian Troops Cross Border, Kidnap Four Civilians

One Killed, 13 Injured in Shalimar Express Blast

Uk's First Muslim MP Now Pakistan Governor
India MPs Protest Against Creation of Telangana State
Assam Strike Over Separate State
Afghan Market Blast Kills Four in Kandahar
US Military Helicopter Crashes in Japan's Okinawa
Syrian Rebels Push Into Assad's Alawite Mountain Stronghold
Rebels Capture Military Airport Near Turkey
Assad Says War Is the Only Way to Crush Terrorism
Rebel 'Moles' Wage Battle From Underground Tunnels
New Iran Leader Offers Glimmer of Hope to Moderates and the West
Rohani's Cabinet Picks
Iran's Rouhani Pulls Off Cabinet Balancing Act
How Much Influence Will Iran Have in Post-US Afghanistan?
Bennett: Israel Will Renew Construction in Jerusalem in Coming Days
B'Tselem Video Shows Settlers, Palestinians Clashing
Israeli Decree on West Bank Settlements Will Harm Peace Talks, Palestinians Say
Bombings, Security Raids Leave 49 Dead Across Iraq
Cafes Shut, Sports Fields Empty as War Returns to Iraq
Iraqi Forces Kill 11 Militants in Security Crackdown
Peshmerga Visit to Baghdad Comes to Strengthen the Cooperation in Security Field
Middle East
Turkish Court Hands Down Sentences in Coup Plot
Yemen Releases Names of 25 Wanted al-Qaeda Men
The War at Home
Father of Slain Chechen Plans to Sue FBI for Son's Wrongful Death
Rep. Gohmert: Closing Embassies Made US Look 'Like a Bunch of Cowards'
Senators Call for End to Afghan Helicopter Deal
Spain 'Must Follow EU Law' on Gibraltar Border Checks
Gibraltar Accuses Spain of 'Saber-Rattling' in Diplomatic Row
Honduras: Army Takes Over Prison After Outbreak of Fighting
Honduran Officials Say 10 Killed in Gunbattle Between Rival Gangs Fighting Over Drug Business
Argentine Gov't Agent Held in Opposition Candidate Burglary
Chile Judge Drops Inquiry Into Pinochet's Millions
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