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Updated August 8, 2013 - 10:11 PM EDT
Email Firm Shuts Down in Anti-Spying Protest
Obama Cancels Moscow Summit With Putin
  Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Praises Snowden's 'Civil Disobedience'
  Former NSA Chief Warns of Cyber-Terror Attacks if Snowden Caught
  150 Press, Human Rights Groups Call for End to Snowden Prosecution
US Drones Pound Yemen: 34 Killed as Plot 'Foiled'
  Broad US Terror Alert Mystifies Experts
  Obama: Al-Qaeda 'On the Way to Defeat'
  Yemen Plot the New Excuse for Not Closing Gitmo
Army Won't Nix al-Qaeda-Tied Firms' Contracts
  Pentagon: Those Unhappy With Foreign Policy Might Be 'High Threat'
Iran's Pro-Diplomacy Prez Fuels Israeli Threats
  Indictment of Iran for '94 Terror Bombing Relied on MEK
Syrian Troops Ambush al-Qaeda Rebels, 62 Killed
  Bidding on Syria: Saudis Offer Russia Billions for Policy Shift
  Israeli Troops Raid Lebanon, Four Injured in Explosion
Egypt Junta: 60 'Terrorists' Killed in Sinai Offensive
Manning Judge Rejects US Claim Leaks Had 'Chilling Effect'
Google Chrome Security Flaw Offers Unrestricted PW Access
On Obama's Cancellation of Summit With Putin and Extradition  by Glenn Greenwald
Domestic Spying Is Dangerous to Freedom  by Andrew P. Napolitano
The Courage of Bradley Manning Will Inspire Others  by John Pilger
Give Snowden Immunity  by Robert Zubrin
Shades of the Old Soviet Union?  by Eric Margolis
NSA: Keeping US Safe From… Dope Pedddlers  by Julian Sanchez

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Benghazi Suspect Says He's 'Having a Normal Life,' Denies Charges
Ft. Hood Gunman 'Wants Execution': Lawyer
NSA Appears to Be Tracking the Anonymous Internet
Can NSA Director Keith Alexander Explain His Contradictory Claims?
NFL Adopts TSA-Like Security, Bans Backpacks From Games
'War on Terror'
Obama Pushed for Tighter Regulation of NSA Surveillance as a Senator
Officials: Al-Qaeda Conference Call Intercepted by US Officials Sparked Alerts
Obama on Recent Threats: 'We Don't Get Terrorized'
Dutch Embassy in Yemen Was Potential Terror Target: Foreign Minister
Yemeni Former bin Laden Aide Pledged to Fight for Generations
Caustic Light on White House's Reaction to a Terrorist Threat
Yemen's Anxious Residents Shop for Eid Festivities Amid Buzz of US Planes
State Dept. on Yemen Embassy: It's Not an 'Evacuation,' It's a 'Reduction in Staffing'
Teens Playing Soccer Among 11 Killed as Bomb Explodes in Pakistan Market
Official: Bomb Kills 13-Year-Old Girl in Pakistan
Two Shot Dead in Balochistan
Three Killed in Pakistan Landmine Blast
Myanmar Releases 68 Children From Military Service
US Updates Myanmar Sanctions to Maintain Gem Import Ban
Taliban Wound Afghan Female Senator in Ambush
India MPs Decry Government Response to Kashmir Violence
Kaesong Complex: Two Koreas to Hold More Talks
Cardinal Slams Sri Lanka Army for Attack Inside Catholic Church
Mining the Gobi: The Battle for Mongolia's Resources
Tight Security for Thai Amnesty Bill Debate
Britain and Spain Agree to Try to Defuse Gibraltar Row
The War at Home
Obama Nominates Defense Contractor Executive as Air Force Secretary
Tampa Socialite Jill Kelley: The Saga Continues
The Heroic Whistleblower
Snowden's Father Says Focus Should Be on NSA
Assange Attorney to Snowden: Stay Out of the US
Moscow: Kremlin Disappointed Over Obama Canceling Visit
Top IDF Officer: Hezbollah Marked Our Artillery Guns
Who Is in Charge of Israel's Home Front, the Govt or the IDF?
Amnesty: Syria's Aleppo 'Utterly Devastated'
Jordan Foils Alleged Syrian Arms Smuggling Attempt
US Adds $195 Million in Food Aid to Syria
Ex-Turkish Minister: Ankara May Not Get Better Chance for Kurdish Peace
'Terrorist' Trial Reveals Turkish Political Tensions
Middle East
Iraq Bomb, Gun Attacks Leave 39 Dead, 111 Wounded
Bahrain Bans Protests in Capital Ahead of Major Anti-Govt Protest
Iran's Proposed Cabinet: The Old Guard Is Back in Charge
Germany Boosts Arms Exports to Qatar
Wheat Drops as Iraq, Egypt Shun Grain From US; Corn, Soy Fall
Egypt Talks to Resolve Standoff With Muslim Brotherhood Collapse
Clashes Sparked by Pro-Morsi March Kill 1 in Egypt
Egypt's PM Warns Decision to Clear Sit-Ins Is Irreversible, Hinting Crackdown Is Likely
Sisi Is Stumped – a Massacre on Eid Would Bring Too Much Infamy
Will Sissi Run for President? Many in Egypt Wonder
Tunisia Eyes 'Egypt Scenario' After Assembly Freeze
Uganda Demands Permits for Three or More People Wanting to Talk Politics
Central African Republic Asks Soldiers to Return
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Rejects West's Criticism of His Re-Election
Venezuelan High Court Upholds Election Results
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