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Updated August 9, 2013 - 11:26 PM EDT
Obama Unveils Non-Reforms on Surveillance
  Email Firm Used by Snowden Shuts Down in Anti-Spying Protest
  Another Secure Email Service, 'Silent Circle,' Is Shutting Down
  NSA Searches All Messages To and From US
  NSA's Overreach Weakens US Diplomatic Position With EU
  IRS Manual Detailed DEA's Use of Hidden Intel Evidence
  Apple's Cook, Tech Execs Meet With Obama to Talk Surveillance
Egypt Now Denies Israeli Drone Strike in Sinai
US Drones Pound Yemen: 34 Killed as Plot 'Foiled'
  US Drone Strikes Fueling Backlash in Yemen Over Civilian Deaths
  Yemenis Fearful as US Attacks on al-Qaeda Grow
Iranian Political Prisoners Beg Obama to End Sanctions
Over 50 Killed in Major Bombings in Afghanistan, Pakistan
Hearing: No Evidence Qaeda Benefited From WikiLeaks
Syria Rejects Claim Assad Motorcade Was Hit in Shelling
Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the US Terror State  by Anthony Gregory
The US Empire Provokes Terrorism  by Sheldon Richman
Snowden, Greenwald and WikiLeaks Are Winning  by Mark Weisbrot
Do We Really Want a Cold War II?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Osprey Aircrafts in Okinawa  by Allen Mendenhall
Bureaucratic Security  by Steve Chapman

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In Wishing Bush Well, Putin Has Message for Obama
White House Rejects Calls for US Boycott of Olympics
John Lewis: 'I Never Praised' Snowden
Britain: Privacy International to Challenge Telecoms Firms Over GCHQ Cooperation
The War at Home
With NSA and NYPD Under Scrutiny, Is Tide Turning on Surveillance?
NSA to Cut System Administrators by 90 Percent to Limit Data Access
Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect's Friends Indicted for Obstruction of Justice
Fears Over NSA Surveillance Revelations Endanger US Cloud Computing Industry
Judge in Ft. Hood Military Trial Says Nidal Hasan Can Continue to Represent Himself
US Army General Improperly Accepted Gifts in South Korea
Federal Judge: Bitcoin, 'A Currency,' Can Be Regulated Under American Law
172 People Killed in Ramadan, Including 13 Cops
Firing Injures Pakistani Civilian at Kashmir Border
India Accuses Pakistan of Kashmir Attack
Killing of Three Top Security Officials by TTP: Operation Under Way in Chilas to Arrest Militants
US, Philippines to Open Troops Talks
Taiwan Lifts Philippines Sanctions After Shooting Apology
Vietnam War Victims Found in Jungle
Xu Zhiyong: Activist Speaks From Chinese Jail
Thousands Mark Myanmar Anniversary
New Letter From American Held in North Korea Points to Poorer Health
Scotland Yard Counter-Terrorism Unit Investigate Dubai Abduction
Gibraltar Row: Warship Deployments Routine Says Downing Street
Latvia Puts Extradition of Suspected Hacker to US on Hold
2 Mexican Teens: Van Sold by US Govt Had Cocaine
Ecuadorean Soldier Killed in Firefight With Band of Colombian Rebels Along Border River
Bolivia Reduces Coca Crop for Second Year: UN Report
6 Venezuelan Sergeants Detained After College Student Shot to Death by Troops on Crime Patrol
Colombia's Santos Says FARC Faces Jail, Death Without Peace
Nearly 4,500 Killed in Syria During Ramadan: Activists
Syrian Opposition Visits Deraa in Challenge to Assad
Israel Gives Preliminary Approval for 800 New Settler Homes
Israel Shuts Airport at Egypt Border, Citing Security
US Air Force Chief Ends Secretive Week-Long Visit to Israel
Seven Killed as Ramadan Winds Down in Iraq
Iraqi Prison Escapee Led Revenge Attack That Killed His Brother and 10 Others
Iraq's New Provincial Law Could Threaten Foreign Businesses
Desert Trench for Kirkuk Draws Arab Ire
Iraqis Seek Places to 'Breathe' Amid Deadliest Summer in Years
Middle East
Two Arrested in Saudi Arabia on Suspicion of Planning Attacks
Lebanon President Urges Expanded Probe Into Israeli Incursion
At Least 5 Killed in Sectarian Conflict in North Yemen
Iran's Press TV Switches to New YouTube Page After Ban
Turk Leaders Seek Distance From Life Terms Imposed Over Coup Plot
Backers of Egypt's Morsi Defy Calls to Clear Streets
Egypt Crisis: Coptic Pope 'Fears Attacks on Christians'
Wave of Political Killings Hits Libya
Saif Al-Islam Gadhafi's Lawyer Calls for UK Intervention Over Execution Fears
Zimbabwe Electoral Commission: 305,000 Voters Turned Away
Is Zimbabwe Preparing Its Own Version of Apartheid?
Ethiopian Muslims Stage Eid Protests, Some Are Arrested
Two British Women, 18, Attacked With Acid in Zanzibar
Families of Hostages Beg Somali Pirates to Free Relatives for Eid
President of Tiny Benin Dissolves His Government
Oil Majors to Stay Onshore Nigeria Despite Grumbles
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