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Updated August 10, 2013 - 10:31 PM EDT
Obama Unveils Non-Reforms on Surveillance
  Justice Dept. Memo: All US Phone Calls 'Relevant' to Terrorism
  Loophole Allows Warrantless Search for US Citizens' Emails and Calls
  Lavabit, Silent Circle Email Shutdown: What's Next?
  NSA to Curb Leaks by Replacing Workers With Machines
Obama to 'Pause and Reassess' Russia Relations
  Russia Foreign Minister: US Needs to Act Like Grown-Ups
18 US Embassies to Reopen in Next Few Days
  Yemen: Seven Saudi Militants Among Slain in US Strikes
Egypt Now Denies Israeli Drone Strike in Sinai
  Anti-US Hostility Ramps Up in Egypt
  Egypt's 'Liberals' Urge Military to Tighten Grip on Power
Car Bombs Target Iraq Festivities, Kill 80
Israel Rejects Deal on EU Grants Over Settlement Opposition
Bradley Manning to Testify at Sentencing Hearing Next Week
How Secrecy Has Already Corroded Our Democracy in Concrete Ways  by Conor Friedersdorf
Dear Lawrence O'Donnell, Don't Mansplain to Me About Russia  by Julia Ioffe
The Politics of AIPAC's Anti-Iran-Diplomacy Letters  by Marsha B. Cohen
A Defiant Obama Press Conference  by Jacob Heilbrunn
NATO's Georgia Nightmare  by Doug Bandow
Obama's Abuse of the Espionage Act Is Modern-Day McCarthyism  by John Kiriakou

More Viewpoints

Yemen Terror Boss Left Blueprint for Waging Jihad
Report: US Military Schools Not Ready for Cyber Age
New Film Explores Fallout From Weapons Testing
Fed Plot Terrorist: 'I Love Americans'
Spying on Everyone
German Web Firms to Launch Encrypted Email as Standard Following NSA-Snooping Furor
Another Secure Email Service, 'Silent Circle,' Is Shutting Down Over Govt Pressure
Edward Snowden Not in Moscow, Say Russian Authorities
Matt Damon Drops Support for Obama Over Drone Strikes, NSA
Sigurdur Thordarson: Icelandic WikiLeaks Volunteer Turned FBI Informant
US Warns on Pakistan Travel, Pulls Lahore Diplomats
10 Killed, Dozens Injured in Attack Outside Pakistan Mosque
Yesterday's Quetta Bomb Killed Much of Local Police Leadership
Dicing With Death for a Moustache in Pakistan
Three Chinese Citizens Killed in Afghanistan
Clashes at Rallies Backing Ousted Egypt President
Morsi Supporters Insist on His Return to Power
Libya Army Deploys in Tripoli
Libya Al-Hurra TV Presenter Qusad Shot Dead in Benghazi
Aid Group: Bodies Tossed in River in N. Central African Republic
2 Rebel Factions From Northern Mali Reach Agreement Following Clashes Earlier This Year
Somalia: Ethiopian Air Force Plane Crashes in Mogadishu
DR Congo to Open National Dialogue Next Week
In Surprise Reversal, Danish Muslim Leader Regrets Role in Rage Over Muhammad Cartoons
Eiffel Tower Reopens After Bomb Scare
WWII Explosives Scuttle North Sea Windfarm Opening
Eight British Police Officers Hurt in Northern Ireland Violence
Weekend Reviews
Vietnam: A War on Civilians
Book Provides Probing Analysis of US Attitudes in Aftermath of 9/11
New Film Explores Fallout From Weapons Testing
Against Their Will: Secret History of Medical Experimentation on Children in Cold War America
Nagasaki Anniversary
Nagasaki Bombing: Remembering – and Starting to Forget – Its Legacy
Nagasaki Mayor Attacks Abe for 'Betraying' World Over Nuclear Weapons
US, Russia Agree to Prepare for Syria Peace Talks
Turkey Alert After Syria-Linked Pilots' Kidnap in Beirut
Kremlin: No Deal Discussed With Saudi Arabia on Changing Syria Stance
Jordan Lets Rebel Leader Cross Border Into Syria, in Show of Support for Opposition
Journalists in Syria Face Dangers of War and Rising Risk of Abduction
Video Shows Off-Duty Cop Shooting Palestinian
US Speaks to Israel Over Its Approval of 147 New Settler Homes and Plans for 949 More
Merkel: Germany Will Never Be Neutral on Israel
Kerry Tells US Jewish Leaders He Fears for Israel's Future if No Peace Deal
The Israel Defense Forces Is Supposed to Be the Tie That Binds Israel but Is There Trouble in the Ranks?
11 Killed Across Iraq
Security Remains Top Risk for Iraqi Journalists
Iraqi Police Stop Explosives-Laden River Boat
Middle East
Britain to Sell Typhoon Jets to Bahrain, Despite Human Rights Record
Khamenei: US Not Good Mideast Mediator
US Says No Charges for Border Agent Who Shot Mexican Teen
Mexico Drug Kingpin Caro Quintero Ordered Released
The War at Home
Bangladeshi Man Imprisoned for Plotting Fed Bomb Attack
Younger Male Vets May Be at Raised Risk for Incontinence
Rep. McKeon: Immigration Policy Needs to Center on How Much Mexicans Look Like Arabs
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