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Updated August 16, 2013 - 11:28 PM EDT
Egypt Junta Defends Massacre as Toll Passes 700
  Friday of Anger: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Calls Mass Rallies
  Angry After Massacre, Egypt Rioters Target Christian Neighborhoods
  Back to 2011? Military Is in Control of Egypt Again
Obama Signals Continued Support for Egypt Junta
  Massacres Add Urgency to Congress' Calls to Stop US Aid to Junta
  Reluctance to Suspend Egypt Aid Exposes White House Rudderlessness
  Al-Qaeda Leader's 'I Told You So' on Egypt
NSA Broke Privacy Rules 1000s of Times a Year
  FISA Court Chief Judge: Ability to Police US Spying Program Limited
  Huge Majority Wants Clapper Prosecuted for Perjury
  Obama's Intel Advisory Board Cleaned Out Ahead of NSA Scandal
  Senators Challenge NSA's Claim Foiling 'Dozens' of Terror Attacks
US General: Military Options Against Iran Improve
  60 Years Ago: US, UK Spies Orchestrated Coup of Iran's Elected Govt
  Iran's Parliament Grills, but Mostly Confirms, New President's Cabinet
US Warns of Rising Threat From al-Qaeda in Iraq
  Baghdad Bombed, Anbar Raided: 78 Killed, 115 Wounded
  US-Backed Maliki Govt Driving Iraq Into Civil War
24 Killed, Hundreds Wounded in Beirut Car Bomb Attack
Veil of Secrecy Over Israel-Palestine Peace Talks
The Army Pulled the Trigger, but the West Loaded the Gun  by Brendan O'Neill
Why Israel Is Obsessed With an Iranian Bomb  by Maysam Behravesh
Story of a Human Being: Who Gets to Be Bradley Manning?  by Natasha Lennard
Cultivating Extremists in Egypt  by Paul R. Pillar
The End of National Security Reporting?  by Jeff Stein
Putting War Back in Children's Culture  by Tom Engelhardt

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Snowden Says Media Being Misled 'About My Situation'
Report: All US Nuclear Facilities Vulnerable to Terrorism
Anonymous' Secret Presence Within US Military
Lebanese President Hints at Israeli Involvement in Beirut Blast
Iran's Parliament Grills, but Mostly Confirms, New President's Cabinet
Spying on Everyone
A Guide to the Deceptions, Misinformation, and Word Games Officials Use to Mislead the Public About NSA Surveillance
Brazil Wants Emails to Have the Same Level of Legal Protection as Standard Mail, Minister Says
What the NSA's Massive Org Chart (probably) Looks Like
With Eyes on Syria, US Turns Warehouse Into Support Hub for Jordan
United Nations Chemical Weapons Team to Visit Syria
33 Lorries of Vital Aid Leave United Arab Emirates for Syria
Washington Post, CNN and Time Websites Hit by Pro-Assad Hackers
Mideast Talks Start After Rocket Fire and Airstrikes
New Court Chief: West Bank Military Courts Systematically Deny Palestinians the Right to a Fair Trial
UN Chief: Settlements Endanger Prospect of Two States
Israeli Govt Distances Itself From Senior Official After Series of Offensive Facebook Posts
20,000 Palestinians Working in Settlements, Survey Finds
Israel MP Sends Bitter Letter to 'Hypocritical' Kerry Over Prisoner Releases
Lavish 'Gaza' Mall Is Actually in Malaysia, Israeli Military Admits
Middle East
Baghdad Bombed, Anbar Raided: 78 Killed, 115 Wounded
Bahrain Protests Meet Security Clampdown
Sightseeing in Yemen's Droneland
Saudi Prince Defects: 'Brutality, Oppression as Govt Scared of Arab Revolts'
Female Member of Afghanistan's Parliament Kidnapped by Taliban
Gunman Demanding Shariah Keeps Islamabad on Toes for Hours
On Anniversary of Japan's Surrender, Issue of War History Remains Touchy
South Korea Holds Secret Drills on Disputed Islands
Taiwan Activists Rally Against 'Japanese Militarism'
The War at Home
FBI Terror Task Force Probes Flier's Indecent Exposure
Pentagon Unveils New Measures to Combat Sexual Assaults in Military
Drone Conference: Industry Worries Word 'Drone' Has Negative Connotations
Egypt Turmoil
Egypt Police Say Will Use Live Bullets
Charred Bodies Lie in Cairo Mosque, Unrecognized by Egyptian State
Video Shows Civilians Gunned Down in Cairo
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Suffered Strong Blow, Anger Beyond Control: Spokesman
Egypt's Brotherhood Vows to Bring Down 'Military Coup'
Egypt's Military Claims Morsi Protesters Were Armed
Islamists Debate Their Next Move in Tense Cairo
Egypt After the Massacre: 'They Are Insulting Us Even in Death'
Working-Class Cairo Neighborhood Tries to Make Sense of a Brutal Day
Egypt Protesters Call New March
Egyptian Militants Kill 4 Soldiers
Egypt Is in Dangerous Territory, Facing Possible Long Bout of Violence
Video Shows How That Egyptian Armored Vehicle Really Fell Off a Bridge
Protesters Torch Cairo Building After Bloodbath
US and Egypt
Obama Signals No Major Shift in US's Egypt Strategy
Obama Cancels US Military Exercise With Egypt in Wake of Violence
Rand Paul, Dems Call a Halt in Aid to Egypt
Ex-Official: Obama Should've Pegged Egypt as Coup at Once
Egyptian Newspaper Interviews 'Republican Senator' Who Is Actually Conservative Political Consultant
Egypt and the World
Egypt's Ambassador to Britain Defends Massacre
UK Warns Egypt's Ambassador Over Cairo Violence
Egypt Recalls Its Ambassador to Turkey in Sign of Tensions After Morsi's Ouster, Crackdown
Israeli Arabs Protest in Front of Egyptian Embassy
UN Security Council Calls Urgent Meeting on Egypt
UN Rights Boss Calls for Credible Probe Into Egypt Killings
North Africa
Libya Threatens Army Action Against Oil Protesters
Tunisia Opposition Threatens More Anti-Government Protest
Somalia 'Gang Rape' Investigated by African Union
More 'Fast and Furious' Weapons Appear at Mexico Crime Scenes
Paraguay's President Horacio Cartes Sworn In
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