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Updated August 17, 2013 - 10:31 PM EDT
Egypt Turmoil Continues: Three-Day Toll at 800
  More Egypt Protests Called After Bloody Crackdown on Friday
  Israel Keeps a Wary Eye on Turmoil in Egypt
  Egypt Expert: 'The Old Guard Is Back in Power'
  Egyptian Media Silences Protests
US Credibility 'in Tatters' Over Egypt Crisis
  What Does the American Public Want in Egypt? Not Much.
Concern Over NSA Violations Unites Dems, Reps
  NSA Doc: What to Say, and Not to Say, to 'Our Overseers'
  House Panel Withheld Document on NSA Surveillance From Members
  Senate Dems Warn Reported NSA Violations Only 'Tip of the Iceberg'
  NSA-Backers in Congress Already Feeling the Backlash
Yemen Drone Strikes Didn't Eliminate 'Threat,' Officials Admit
US Officials: Syria War Fueling al-Qaeda in Iraq Resurgence
Hezbollah Vows Revenge on Syria Rebels After Beirut Bomb
Obama's Egypt Address: A License to Kill  by Jacob Heilbrunn
Think Again: Neoconservatism on the Decline  by Eric Alterman
Let's Give Every NSA Employee an Anonymous Whistleblowing Opportunity  by Conor Friedersdorf
What We Lose if We Give Up Privacy  by Peggy Noonan
How al-Qaeda Succeeded Last Week  by Philip Giraldi
Total Hawk, Total Tosh  by Will Wilkinson

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Manning's Leaks 'Wanton and Reckless', Judge Says
Area 51's Existence Acknowledged by CIA in Declassified Documents
US Trolls Knock al-Qaeda Off Twitter
Ecuador Restates Support for Julian Assange on Asylum Anniversary
Assange: 'I Am a Big Admirer of Ron Paul'
Spying on Everyone
Surveillance Court Relies on Whatever the Government Tells It, Says Chief Judge
Right Before Snowden Leaks, Obama Fired Nearly All Members on Key Intel Advisory Board
NSA Calls Violations of Privacy 'Minuscule'
Sen. Leahy Calls New Hearing on NSA, Wants 'Straight Answers'
Nancy Pelosi Calls NSA Privacy Revelations 'Disturbing'
Syria Airstrike Leaves at Least 15 Dead and Dozens Wounded
Al-Qaeda Affiliate Executes Two Teenagers in Aleppo
Syrians Flooding Into Iraqi Kurdistan: UN
Beirut Bomb May Have Been Suicide Attack: Minister
Beirut Blast Seen as Omen of 'Dark Era' for Lebanon
Peres Says 'Surprised' Lebanon Blamed Israel for Blast
Hezbollah's Nasrallah Says Ready to Fight in Syria Himself
Fatah Threatens 'Painful Decisions' Against Hamas
Livni Sees Peace Talks Aiding Arab World Alliance Shift
Israel Vying to Supply Weapons to Poland
Bibi to Ban: Settlement Is Not the Main Issue
Jonathan Pollard Breaks His Silence: Israeli 'Democracy' Pays No Heed to the Will of the People
Soccer Fans Targeted Again, 20 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq Seeks Assistance From US Amid Resurgence of Violence and a Renewed Threat From al-Qaeda
Mosque's Imam Assassinated in Mosul
Iraq FM: US Surveillances Drones May Be Requested
Chalabi Calls on Maliki to Resign
Turkey Plays Big in Kurdistan's Energy Game
Reclusive Preacher Holds Sway Over Turkish Politics
Middle East
Bahrain Detention Center Riot Leaves 40 Hurt
Iran's Telling Ministerial Confirmation Hearings
Abu Qatada's Family Leave UK for Jordan
The War at Home
CIA Training of NYPD Leading to Domestic 'Counter Insurgency Mentality'
Why Are SWAT Teams Answering Routine Police Calls?
Area 51 Does Exist and There Were Strange Goings on, Admits CIA
Obama Gets a Personal Osprey He's Not Allowed to Use
Producer of Anti-Muslim Film Released From Los Angeles Prison
Alice Walker Says Was Disinvited From University of Michigan Event Over Anti-Israel Views
MRAP No Good for Korea, US Second Infantry Decides
Egypt Turmoil
Resentment Towards Brotherhood Fuels Crackdown Support
Gunfire as Egypt Security Forces 'Surround Protesters in Mosque'
Attacks on Protesters Were Calculated to Provoke, Some Say
Eight Protesters Killed in Egypt's Damietta: Emergency Service
Four Protesters Killed in Egypt's Ismailia
Clashes Kill Five, Wound 70 in Egypt's Fayoum: Hospital
Egypt's Christians Face Unprecedented Attacks
Egypt's Tourism Faces Meltdown as Security Fears Mount
Egypt and the World
International Companies Halt Operations in Egypt
Hollande, Merkel Call for Egypt Talks
Turkey, Egypt Recall Envoys Over Crackdown
Turkey Denies 'Meddling' in Egypt Affairs as Tensions Rise
Reactions to Developments in Egypt
Palestinians Protest Egypt's Bloody Crackdown
Suspected Islamic Militants Kill 13, Burn Homes, in Raid Near Mosque Attack in Nigeria
German Troops Ready Malian Army for Combat
Libya's Unarmed Revolutionaries
Killing of Strikers Alters South Africa Politics
DR Congo: 82 Children Freed From Militia, Says UN
Poland to Cut Number of Troops in Afghanistan in October
Afghan Female Stars Defy Clerics' Pressure
Pakistan Says Indian Troops Wounded 6 Civilians
US Troop Pullout Affects India-Pakistan Rivalry
TTP Militant Killed in Shootout With Karachi Police
Rocket Attack on Train in Pakistan Kills 2
Chinese Ships Enter Disputed Waters: Japan Coastguard
China to Probe IBM, Oracle, EMC for Security Concerns
Southeast Asia
Cambodia Opposition Says Mass Protests Last Resort
Vietnam Activists 'To Form Multi-Party Democracy'
London's Heathrow Airport on Red Alert After Terror Threats: Report
Srebrenica War Crimes Suspect to Face Trial in Bosnia After Extradition From Israel
Weekend Reviews
All in the Family: America's Big Brother
Umpire Strikes Out
Russia's 19th-Century Effort to Colonize the US
Afghanistan Mission Stuck in 'Little America'
Memories of Japan's War Victims, Victimizers
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