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On Top of the World?

Yes, the military-industrial complex is right up there on top of the world, along with their friends the War Party and the Surveillance State. But pride cometh before a fall. The recent exposure of their global spying apparatus has shaken them to their core – and the backlash is threatening to topple them from their high perch.

We here at Antiwar.com waited for this day all of the 17 years we’ve been in existence. A popular movement is rising to throw out the snoops, defang the War Party, and restore the Constitution, and the liberty movement is on the ascendant.

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Updated August 20, 2013 - 11:27 PM EDT
UK Govt Destroyed Guardian's Snowden Docs
  US Official: Greenwald’s Partner Was Detained to Send a Message
  Greenwald's Partner Threatened With Jail
  Britain, US Face Angry Backlash Over Miranda Detention
  How Snowden Led Journalist and Film-Maker to Reveal NSA Secrets
CIA Admits Role in 1953 Iranian Coup
  Iran's Civilian Use of Uranium Frustrates Hawks
  Stuxnet Leaks Came Straight From White House, Documents Show
White House Denies Military Aid to Egypt Is Cut
  Allies Thwart Washington's Agenda for Egypt
  Saudi Arabia Will Cover Any Western Aid Cuts to Egypt Junta
Egypt Junta Poised to Release Mubarak
  Sinai Militants Ambush, Execute 25 Police
  A Military Dictatorship Takes Shape on the Nile
  Islamist Mob Parades Nuns in Cairo as Prisoners of War
Syrian Kurd Exodus to Iraq May Lead to Cross-Border Action
  Presence of al-Qaeda-Linked Groups in N. Syria Complicates Rebellion
Prosecutor Demands Manning Get 60 Yrs to Intimidate Others
Are US Drones al-Qaeda's Strongest Weapon in Yemen?
Afghan Attorney Gen. Fired for Attending Taliban Peace Talks
The NSA: 'The Abyss from Which There Is No Return'  by John Whitehead
How Obama Is Tacitly Supporting Egypt's Military Government  by John Glaser
Investigating Journalism Under 'Terrorism' Laws Is a Hallmark of Authoritarian Regimes  by Trevor Timm
UK's Shameful Detention of Greenwald's Partner  by Jacob Heilbrunn
Time for Answers From the NSA  by John Fund
David Miranda and the Danger That All Reporters Face  by Alan Rusbridger

More Viewpoints

Manning's Trial Transcripts
Guardian Guide to NSA Files
Top Iran Adviser Reaches Out to West
Army: Soldier, Wife Laughed About Killing Charges
Lawyer in 9/11 Case Questions Whether Gitmo Interrogation Was Voluntary
US Sees Improving China Military Ties
Egypt Turmoil
Egypt Arrests Muslim Brotherhood's Top Leader
In Egypt, Flickers of a New Islamist Insurgency
Cairo Threatens to Ban Muslim Brotherhood
Egypt's Media Openly Embrace Political Bias
Egypt's Devastating Museum Looting of 1,000 Artifacts Is the Latest Casualty Amid Turmoil
Who Is Who in Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood
Coptic Church Cancels Sunday Mass for 1st Time in 1,600 Years
Egypt and the World
European Union Sets Emergency Session on Suspending Aid to Egypt
Sympathy for the Devil: Israel's Efforts on Behalf of Cairo's Generals
Hagel: US Has 'Limited' Influence Over Egypt
Egyptian Police Ambush Adds to Israeli Concern Over Sinai
Egyptian Official Says Understands Israel's Fear of Spillover
US 'Troubled' by Egypt Prison Killings, Says Muslim Brotherhood Shouldn't Be Banned
Israel Boosts Ties With Egyptian Army as US Mulls Cuts
US-Egypt Military Relationship Built to Last
Only Essential Travelers Remain, Warily, in Egypt
Syrian Army Routs Rebels From Assad Home Province
Almost 30,000 Syrian Refugees Enter Iraq Since Thursday: UN
Iraq Executes 17; 26 Killed in Attacks
3 Members of Free Syrian Army Captured in Iraq
8 Gunmen Killed South of Kirkuk
Iraq Hangs 17, Mostly for 'Terrorism'
Reports of Muqtada Al-Sadr's Political Demise May Be Greatly Exaggerated
Brother of Protesters' Leader Arrested in Samara
UN Pays Tribute to 22 Staff Killed in Iraq Blast
British Embassy in Yemen Reopens After Security Concerns
US Says Zimbabwe Vote Flawed, Won't Lift Sanctions
Abubakar Shekau of Nigeria's Boko Haram 'May Be Dead'
Supporters of Barred Madagascar Candidate Threaten Protests
Detaining Journalism
David Miranda Detention Prompts Outcry Over 'Gross Misuse' of Terror Laws
US Told in Advance About Airport Detention
White House: US Had No Role in Detention of Greenwald's Partner
White House Won't Condemn Detention of Glenn Greenwald's Partner
David Miranda's Detention at Heathrow 'Extraordinary', Says MP Keith Vaz
UK Terrorism Law Watchdog Calls for Explanation of Miranda Detention
Amnesty International Condemns Detention of Glenn Greenwald's Partner
Spying on Everyone
EU Privacy Watchdogs Seek Details on NSA Spying
Greenwald to Publish UK Spy Secrets
US Government Tracks Your Snail Mail, Too
New Utah NSA Center Requires 1.7m Gallons of Water Daily to Operate
Afghan Officials Say 32 Dead in Clashes in West
Afghan Educators Struggle for Funding as US Aid Budget Shrinks
India Says Pakistan Testing Its Restraint in Kashmir
Pakistan PM Calls for Peace With India Amid Rising Kashmir Tension
Report: Al-Qaeda 'Targeting European Rail Network'
EU Warns Spain Against Imposing Gibraltar Tax, Brits Send Warship
Colombian Govt, Rebel Negotiators Return to Table for New Round in Havana Peace Talks
Paraguay Deploys Troops to Country's North After Guerrilla Attack Kills 5 Security Guards
Town Vigilante Force Demands Mexico's Govt Free 44 Members Arrested on Weapons Charges
Showdown Looms in Venezuela Over Decree Powers Plan
Spain Asked to Probe Death of Cuba Activist Oswaldo Paya
The War at Home
Al Jazeera America Promises a More Sober Look at the News
California to Force-Feed Hunger-Striking Prisoners
NASA, US Military Practice for Orion Space Program Rescues
Air Force Says B-1B Bomber Crashes in Montana, Four Crew Members Survive
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