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On Top of the World?

Yes, the military-industrial complex is right up there on top of the world, along with their friends the War Party and the Surveillance State. But pride cometh before a fall. The recent exposure of their global spying apparatus has shaken them to their core – and the backlash is threatening to topple them from their high perch.

We here at Antiwar.com waited for this day all of the 17 years we’ve been in existence. A popular movement is rising to throw out the snoops, defang the War Party, and restore the Constitution, and the liberty movement is on the ascendant.

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Updated August 21, 2013 - 11:29 PM EDT
Bradley Manning Sentenced to 35 Years
NSA Can Cover 75% of US Internet Traffic
  Secret FISA Court Opinion Finding NSA Surveillance Unconstitutional
Guardian Told to Destroy Files for Nat'l Security
  UK Defends Miranda Detention on National Security Grounds
  Guardian Has Advantages in Battle With Government Over Secrets
  No. 10 Contacted Guardian Over Edward Snowden Secrets
Obama Asks High Court to OK Cellphone Searches
  White House: US Govt Wouldn't Force Reporters to Destroy Computers
White House Denies Military Aid to Egypt Is Cut
  Poll: Americans Criticize Obama on Egypt, Want Aid Cut Off
Egypt Court Orders Mubarak Freed From Prison
  Egypt Crackdown May Not Crush Brotherhood
  Muslim Brotherhood Leader Held as Govt Intensifies Crackdown
  Egypt to Prosecute ElBaradei for Resigning as VP to Protest Massacre
Syria Rebels Claim 100s Killed in Chemical Attack
  Syrian Rebels Threaten to Attack UN Troops in Golan
  Heavy Fighting as al-Qaeda Attacks Kurdish Villages in Syria
  'What's the Point of Winning This War if There's No Syria Left?'
Musharraf Indicted Over 2007 Bhutto Assassination
UK to Renew Iran Sanctions After Supreme Court Rejection
Israel's Livni Predicts 'Dramatic Decisions' in Peace Talks
South Iraq Bombed; 62 Killed, 146 Wounded Across Country
Breaking the Rules Thousands of Times at the NSA  by Amy Davidson
The Snowden Effect, Continued  by Charles P. Pierce
The Surveillance State Is Corrosive: The Case of Pamela Jones  by Conor Friedersdorf
Are Manning and Snowden Patriots? That Depends on What We Do Next  by Andrew J. Bacevich
The Nationalist Left Rises  by Sean Scallon
Storm on the Nile  by Eric Margolis

More Viewpoints

American al-Qaeda Urges Attacks on US Diplomats
Groklaw Shuts Down, Citing NSA Surveillance
Greenwald Invited to Appear Before Brazilian Congress
Autopsy Report Details Death of Rolling Stone Journalist
40 Journalists, Staff Killed in First Half 2013: Report
Malaria Drug Overused on Guantanamo Prisoners?
A Visit to Guantanamo's Secretive Camp 7
Assad's Forces Counter Rebel Gains in Syria's Deir Al-Zor
Syrian Kurds' Flight Drags Iraq Deeper Into Neighbor's War
Christians, Other Minorities in Syria Fear 'Ethnic Cleansing'
Iraqi Kurdistan Sets Quota for Syria Refugees: Aid Groups
French Brothers Seek Jihad in Syria
Nearly 190,000 Syrian Refugees Seek Shelter in Iraq: UN
Car Bombs, Rocket Attacks in Hezbollah Territory Shake Group, Test Supporters' Resolve
Lebanon Charges 13 in Case of Turks' Kidnapping
Israeli Counter-Terror Bureau: Issues Warning, Citing 'Concrete, Very High' Threats in Numerous Countries
Palestinian Killed in Israeli Raid in West Bank
Abbas: Knesset Could Approve Peace Deal by 'Huge Majority if Netanyahu Wants It To'
Rights Group Urges Gaza's Hamas to Halt Executions
Israeli Deputy Minister: Demand for Settlement Freeze Is Anti-Semitic
Israel Apologizes to Japan Over Offensive Facebook Comments
Archaeologists Race to Save Gaza's Ancient Ruins
Southern Iraq Bombed: 62 Killed, 146 Wounded Across Country
Iraq MP Accuses Political Parties of Supporting al-Qaeda
Iran Hints Nuclear Talks Could Include New Official
Iranian School Kids Will Now Learn 'Drone-Hunting' Skills
Stepped-Up US Drone Strikes in Yemen Spark Massive Protests
Yemen: New al-Qaeda Generation Out of Sight
Middle East
Political Islam on the Defensive Across the Middle East
North Africa
Libyans Fear Standoff Between Muslim Brotherhood and Opposition Forces
Tunisian Activist Quits Topless Protest Group Femen, Calling the Group Anti-Islamic
Several Police Officers Are Killed in Shootout at Police Headquarters in Nigeria
Violence Against Civilians Peaks in Central African Republic
Africa's Deadliest War Enters New Phase in DR Congo
Sierra Leone Says Arrests Soldiers Planning Presidential Protest
Mozambique Plans for Vote Despite Boycott Threat
Canada: Drone Attacks Frighten Geese Away From Petrie Island
Former Chilean Army Chief Admits Handing Over to Nuns the Child of Slain Left-Wing Activists
Cemetery in Mexico Holds Remains of 750 US Soldiers Killed During Mexican-American War
Egypt Turmoil
Has Egypt Brought Back Mubarak's Police State?
Muslim Brotherhood Names New Chief as It Struggles to Rally Supporters
Islamists Step Up Attacks on Christians for Supporting Morsi's Ouster
Egypt Security Forces Kill Journalist After Curfew Starts
Egyptian Court to Hear Mubarak Release Appeal Wednesday
At Cairo Morgue, Families Face Menace From Nameless Men
Morsi Supporters Humiliated After Death
Egypt and the World
Cairo Military Firmly Hooked to US Lifeline
With Gulf Aid, Egypt Economy Can Limp Through Crisis
Egypt Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawi: Cutting Aid 'Bad Sign'
Turkey's Erdogan Sees Israel's Hand in Egyptian Overthrow
US Condemns Erdogan's Comments on Israel, Egypt
US-Afghanistan Security Deal Talks Could Resume Soon
Suicide Bomber Kills 3 in Eastern Afghanistan
Afghanistan's Circus Gives Children Fun With a Future
Pakistan Again Calls for End to Drone Strikes
Pakistan's Ganj Madrassa Blacklisted by US Treasury
North Korea Criticizes South Korea-US Drills in Milder Tone
UN Panel Hears North Korea Abuse Testimony
US Looking for 'Strategic Defensive Investments' From South Korea
South Korea's Army Carries Out Terrorism Training Exercise on Subway
In Indian Kashmir, Angry Youth Flirt With Armed Militancy
Chinese Ships Depart for Rare Drills With US Navy
Bangladesh Charges US-Based Rights Group With Contempt
Muslim Rohingya Asylum Seekers Escape Thai Detention Center
Britain: Businessman Jailed Over Fake Bomb Detectors
Russian Police Kill Nine Suspected Militants in Dagestan
Russia Sends a Bitter Trade Message to Ukraine – With Chocolate
Swedish Women Don Headscarves After Assault on Muslim
The War at Home
Michael Hastings' Autopsy Report: Read Full Text Here
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Sustained Multiple Gunshot Wounds to Face and Extremities
Afghans at Court-Martial Describe Pain From Massacre by US Soldier
Doctor: Fort Hood Suspect Didn't Want Deployment
Judge Denies Some Evidence in Fort Hood Shooting Trial
Blast Leaves Eight Injured in Boathouse at US Navy Base
No, This Isn't a UFO — It's Eerie Footage of One of the Government's Newest Weapons
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