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Updated August 23, 2013 - 10:29 PM EDT
Pentagon Preps Cruise Missiles to Attack Syria
  No Proof, but Western Officials Convinced of Syria 'Chemical Attack'
  US Holds Spate of Syria Talks Over Chemical Weapons Claims
  France, Turkey Push for Intervention After Latest Syria Allegations
UK Govt Leaking Fake Snowden Docs About Itself
  Miranda Wins Partial Court Victory in Data Seizure
  British Police Defend Miranda Detention, Say He Had 'Injurious' Data
NSA Reveals More Secrets After Court Order
  Review of US Surveillance Programs to Be Led by Intel Insiders
  Brazil FM: NSA Violates Sovereignty of Targeted Nations
  Key House Dems Seek to Limit NSA Powers After Latest Revelations
  Spying Scandal Engulfs Other US Agencies
Lebanon Car Bombs Kill 42, Wound Over 500
  Israel Strikes Lebanon After Rocket Fire
Palestinians: Israel Pushed US Team Out of Talks
  Israel Forced to Apologize Over Offensive Hiroshima Comments
Jury: Life in Prison for Afghanistan Massacre
Major Hasan Found Guilty in Fort Hood Killings
Washington's Worries Grow Over Saudi Ties
US 'Encircling China With Military Bases'
CIA Confirms Role in 1953 Iran Coup: Documents
54 Iraqis Killed as Bombers Attack Security Posts, Wedding
Two More Pakistani Soldiers Killed as Clashes Grow
White House Lies Underscore the NSA's Indefensibility  by Jason Ditz
Chemical Weapons Use in Syria Is Irrelevant  by John Glaser
The Inescapable Reality of Blowback  by Anthony Gregory
Lessons From the Anti-Petraeus  by Kelley Vlahos
Rand Paul: Barry Goldwater 2.0?  by Kyle Kondik
Payback in London  Washington Times

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Ron Paul: Manning 'Should Be Released'
Yemen Asks US for Drones to Fight al-Qaeda
Apology, No Explanation, for Massacre of Afghans
Hasan: 'Illegal War' Provoked Fort Hood Rampage
They Said It: Verbatim From the Nixon Tapes
Source: Pentagon Cuts F-35 Operating Estimate Below $1 Trillion
The War at Home
WikiLeaker Manning Says Is Female, Wants to Live as a Woman
Rep. Clyburn Likens Internet-Based Media to Nazi Propagandists
This Homeland Security Employee Is Preparing for a Coming Race War
Report: Michael Hastings Feared His Car Had Been Tampered With
Retiring FBI Director Says Threat of Attack on US Still Exists
Pakistani Soldiers Killed in Kashmir Firing
US Concerned Over Violence Along LoC
India Says Pakistan Fires at Indian Posts in Poonch, 2 Women Injured
Pakistani Taliban Commander Welcomes Peace Talks
Bomb Leaves Civilian, Soldier Dead in Karachi
Indian Soldiers Were 'Sitting Ducks' in August 6 Ambush Due to 'Tactical Lapses'
Taliban Senior Commander Killed in East Afghan Air Raid
Special Forces Soldier Killed in Combat in Afghanistan
Farah Intelligence Chief Survives Explosion, 16 Killed or Injured

Fewer IED Attacks on US Troops but Still Deadly

Bo Xilai Is Surprisingly Combative During Trial in China
China Luxury Hotels Leap Over Great Firewall to Access Twitter and Facebook
Japan Accuses Russia of Air Space Intrusion; Moscow Denies
Koreas Family Reunion Talks to Be Held at Border

Fewer IED Attacks on US Troops but Still Deadly

Hagel Heads for Meeting With Asian Defense Ministers
Fear of New Showdown on Egypt Streets in 'Friday of Martyrs'
Mubarak Taken to Cairo Military Hospital After Leaving Prison
Egyptian Prime Minister Says He Does 'Not Fear Civil War'
Unrest Delivers Huge Blow to Egypt Tourism
North Africa
Algerian Militants 'Merge' With Mali's Mujao
Libya Resumes Oil Exports From One Eastern Terminal
DR Congo
5 Civilians Wounded in Eastern Congo Violence
UN's Congo Chief Orders Troops to Protect Civilians After Border Town Shelled
France Arrests Congolese General for Alleged 1999 Massacre
Boko Haram Threatens Nigeria Even if Leader's Death Is Confirmed
Nigeria's Borno State to Train Youths to Stop Radicalization
Mexico Officials Find Mass Grave East of Capital
These Walls Speak, Recalling Victims of Violence
Spying on Everyone
Lavabit Founder: 'My Own Tax Dollars Are Being Used to Spy on Me'
Lawyer: UK Mounts Criminal Inquiry Into NSA Leaks
US Intelligence Services Go 'On the Record' With New Tumblr Blog
UK Terror Law Watchdog Promises Rapid Report on David Miranda Detention
The CIA Is Closing the Office That Declassifies Historical Documents
Snowden NSA Files: Secret Surveillance and the Guardian's Revelations So Far
'I Was Spied On': Author Was FBI's Unabomber Suspect
FBI Wiretaps DC Reporter in Councilman Sting
State Dept. 'Unable' to Determine if Syria Used Chemical Weapons in Recent Attack
Syrian Official Blames Rebels for Deadly Attack
UN Chief Dispatches Top Official to Syria, Seeks Access to Site of Alleged Chemical
Images of Death in Syria, but No Proof of Chemical Attack
Syrian Forces Bomb Area of Alleged Chemical Attack
Suffering in Syria Is Clear, but Cause and Culprits Are Murky
Turkish Foreign Minister Says 'Red Line Crossed' in Syria
American Tells of Odyssey as Prisoner of Syrian Rebels
Hezbollah Activist, Policeman Killed in Syria-Related Shootout
US Blacklists 4 Senior Hezbollah Officials
Palestinians Warn They'll Turn to UN Over Settlement Construction
Four Rockets Fired Into North Israel by al-Qaeda-Inspired Group in Lebanon
Abbas: We'll Renounce Claims to Jaffa, Haifa for Peace
Iran's New Foreign Minister Says Western Sanctions Can't Force Change on Nuclear Program
Iran Oil Minister Vows to Revive Output, Eyes Price War
Sanctions Against Iran Mean a Tennis Referee Can't Work at the Open
54 Iraqis Killed as Suicide Bombers Attack Security Posts and Wedding
Iraqi Forces Defuse an IED Placed in a Watermelon
Middle East
Web-Based Apps Pose Tricky Problem for Saudi Monitors
Jordan, Israel in Advanced Talks on Water Deal
Yemen Discusses Development Issues With UN Leader
Bahrain Opposition Says Will Hold Pro-Democracy Protest Friday
Huge Russian Military Hovercraft Ploughs Into Crowded Beach
Northeast Passage: Russia Moves to Boost Arctic Shipping
Germany Lends Real Value to Bitcoin Virtual Money
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