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Updated August 24, 2013 - 11:22 PM EDT
Pentagon Preps Cruise Missiles to Attack Syria
  Syria Accuses Rebels of Using Chemical Weapons Against Troops
  Syrian Soldiers Enter Rebel Tunnels, Find Chemical Agents
  No Proof, but Western Officials Convinced of Syria 'Chemical Attack'
  Obama Feigns Opposition to Syria War as Military Readies Strikes
  Obama Aides See Kosovo as Precedent for Attacking Syria
NSA Deliberately Broke Rules to Spy on Americans
  Obama Keeps Lying on NSA: Insists Violations 'Inadvertent'
  NSA Paid Millions to Cover PRISM Compliance Costs for Tech Firms
  UK Government Leaking Fake Snowden Documents About Itself
  NSA Officers Sometimes Spy on Love Interests
Lebanon Car Bombs Kill 47, Wound Over 500
  Lebanon to Complain to UN Security Council Over Israeli Attack
Jury: Life in Prison for Afghanistan Massacre
Major Hasan Found Guilty in Fort Hood Killings
45 Killed, Including Children in Baghdad Park Massacre
Yemen President Details Phone Call That Sparked US Panic
US Selling $641 Million in Cluster Bombs to Saudi Arabia
UK Snoops to The Guardian: Nice Little Newspaper You Got. It'd Be a Shame if Something Happened to It  by J.D. Tuccille
Making the World the 'Enemy'  by Todd E. Pierce
No, NATO Shouldn't Let Georgia In  by Doug Bandow
The Real, Terrifying Reason Why British Authorities Detained David Miranda  by Bruce Schneier
Don't Fly During Ramadan  by Aditya Mukerjee
Don't Worry About the Peace Treaty  by Paul R. Pillar

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DoJ Wants Bush, Senior Cabinet Members Exempt From Iraq War Trial
National Security Reporter Joshua Foust Outed as Government Contractor
Guantanamo War Crimes Tribunal in 'Hot Mess' Over Computer Problems
Defense Seeks to Dismiss Some of the Charges in 9/11 Case at Guantanamo
Koreas to Resume Family Reunions Next Month
UN Pushes Syria for Chemical Probe, Activists Send Samples
Russia: Syrian Rebels Preventing Probe Into Alleged Chemical Attack
Hagel Suggests US Moving Naval Forces Closer to Syria in Case Obama Orders Military Strike
Materials Implicating Syrian Govt in Chemical Attack Prepared Before Incident – Russia
FBI Director: Some US Citizens Fighting in Syria, Could Pose Future Threat
UK, Sweden FMs Say Syria Perpetrated Chemical Attack on Ghouta
Vatican Urges Caution Over Syria Chemical Arms Claims
Syrian Kurds Find More Than a Refuge in Northern Iraq
Syria Struggles to Tap Frozen Funds for Food Tenders
UN Envoy Moves Base to Geneva Ahead of Syria Talks
Syria Crisis: Child Refugees Reach 'One Million'
Hamas Official: Palestinian Tamarod Group Was Trained by Egyptian Intelligence
Gaza in a State of Shock After Egypt Upheaval
Pressure Rises on Hamas as Patrons' Support Fades
Gaza: Hamas Urges Egypt to Reopen Rafah Crossing
Palestinian Arrested in West Bank for Selling 'Morsi Perfume'
Middle East
45 Killed, Including Children in Baghdad Park Massacre
Lebanon to Complain to UN Over Israel Attack
Sanctions Biting but Iran Not Budging
Thousands of Bahrainis March Peacefully for Democratic Reforms
Colombia FARC Pause Talks to Study Referendum Proposal
Colombian Rebels Say They Share Blame for Decades of Bloodshed
Fiery Battle Among Inmates in Bolivian Prison Leaves 30 Dead, Including Child
Mexico Finds Corpses of Youths Abducted From Club in Mass Grave
Honduras to Form New Police Force to Battle Mexican Drug Cartels
Weekend Reviews
How I Learned to Start Worrying and Fear the Bomb
United States of Paranoia: How FBI Spied and Lied So Conspiracy Theorists Would Sound Crazy
Occupation Diaries
Cyberwar Is Mostly Bunk
Globalization of NATO and Its Catastrophic Failure in Libya
Spying on Everyone
Guardian Partners With New York Times Over Snowden GCHQ Files
New Zealand Police Affidavits Show Use of PRISM for Surveillance
Thirteen Things the Government Is Trying to Keep Secret From You
David Miranda: 'I Feel Invaded'
UK Government Given Tuesday Deadline Over David Miranda Data
Lockdown by Government Smothers Day of Planned Protest in Egypt
Mubarak Exit From Jail Stirs Little Interest in Egypt
Muslim Brotherhood Leadership Fading Amid Government Crackdown
How Hamas Helped Morsi Escape
Looters Shatter Museum of Ancient Egyptian Treasure
Libya Losing Control of Oil Fields to Jihadist Groups
Gunmen in Libya Kill Senior Criminal Investigator in Latest of a String of Targeted Killings
Libya Oil Port Blockade Reflects National Disarray
Jihadist Groups Unite, Threaten France Over Mali Offensive
UN's Mali Task Is State-Building as Much as Peacekeeping
DR Congo
UN Troops Fight in DR Congo After Four Civilians Killed
South Africa to Send Troops to Congo
Congo Blames Rwanda for Mortar Attacks on Goma
Suspected Nigerian Islamists Kill 44
Interior Minister Says Nigeria Has Deported 22,000 People to Neighbors in War on Terror
Central African Republic
Central African Republic Rebels Accused of Massacres
Bo Xilai Rejects 'Insane' Wife Gu Kailai's Testimony
Trial Shows Greed, Machinations of China's Elite
Sectarian Clashes Between Sunni and Shiite Muslims Kill 9 People
Kerry Telephones Nawaz, Assures US Support in War on Terror
2 Kidnapped Foreign Aid Workers Freed in Afghanistan
The War at Home
Florida Imam Gets 25 Years in Prison for Aiding Pakistani Taliban
Sierra Leone Man Lured to NY, Caught in 'Uranium for Iran' Sting
CIA Acknowledges Area 51 Exists, but What About Those Little Green Men?
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