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Updated August 25, 2013 - 11:27 PM EDT
Poised to Attack Syria, US Moves Naval Forces
  Americans Oppose US Intervention Even if Chemical Weapons Used
  Syria Agrees to UN Inspection of Alleged Chemical Attack
  Obama Will Consult Congress on Syria
  Obama Aides See Kosovo as Precedent for Attacking Syria
Doctors Without Borders Puts Syria Toll at 355
  Syrian Regime Has 'Never Used Chemical Weapons': Minister
  Report: Syrian Soldiers Find Chemical Agents in Rebel Tunnels
  Syria Accuses Rebels of Using Chemical Weapons Against Troops
NSA Deliberately Broke Rules to Spy on Americans
  Eavesdropping on the Whole World
  NSA Officers Sometimes Spy on Love Interests
  NSA Paid Millions to Cover PRISM Compliance Costs for Tech Firms
Karzai Says No Rush to Sign US Security Pact
  Afghan Villagers Unsatisfied by Life Sentence for Bales
Rand Paul Gains in GOP Debate Over Cutting Egypt Aid
UK Snoops to The Guardian: Nice Little Newspaper You Got. It'd Be a Shame if Something Happened to It  by J.D. Tuccille
Making the World the 'Enemy'  by Todd E. Pierce
No, NATO Shouldn't Let Georgia In  by Doug Bandow
The Real, Terrifying Reason Why British Authorities Detained David Miranda  by Bruce Schneier
Don't Fly During Ramadan  by Aditya Mukerjee
Don't Worry About the Peace Treaty  by Paul R. Pillar

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Snowden Suspected of Bypassing Electronic Logs
Clegg Demands Legal Check on Arrest of Reporter's Partner
CIA: Most UFO Sightings in 50s, 60s Were of Spy Planes
Lawyer: Obama Administration Covers Up Benghazi Missile Theft
Army Releases July 2013 Suicide Information
'Too Trapped in War to Be at Peace'
Egypt Widens Crackdown and Meaning of 'Islamist'
Muslim Brotherhood Leaders to Go on Trial in Egypt
Egypt Shortens Curfew as Unrest Over Coup Wanes
Attacks on Police Stations Rattle Neighbors in Egypt
Constitutional Tweaks May Empower Mubarak-Era Politicians in Egypt
5 Days After Closing Border, Egypt Opens Crossing to Gaza
Thousands of Nigerian Muslims Hold Pro-Morsi Rally
Libs Promise Asylum Places for Egypt Copts
Egypt's Interim Premier Says Security a Priority
Tunisia Opposition Starts Week of Protests Calling for Resignation of Islamist-Led Govt
DR Congo
Rocket Lands in Goma, Kills 3 in New Attack
Rwanda Warns DR Congo Forces After Cross-Border Shelling
Karzai Heads to Pakistan to Seek More Taliban Releases
Polish Soldier Killed in Action in Afghanistan, Poland's 42nd Trooper Lost There
Can New X-Ray Vision Technology Defeat the Staying Power of IEDs?
Pakistan Releases Indian Prisoners as It Strives to Improve Ties
Freed Indian Fishermen Cross Border From Pakistan
Pakistani Militants Split on Talks Offer
Four Killed in Karachi, 7 Bodies Also Recovered
Islamabad: 3 Killed in Separate Firing Incidents; Demonstration Shuts Down Traffic
Bo Admits Lapses Led to Top Cop's US Defection Bid
North Korea Angry at Swiss Ban on Ski Lift Sale
Hundreds of Muslims in Western Myanmar Relocated
North Ireland
16 Handguns and 800 Ammunition Rounds Seized in Belfast
Americans Still Dying
Orange (VA) Soldier Dies After Attack in Afghanistan During Fifth Deployment
Helena (AL) Soldier Supporting Operation Enduring Freedom in Kuwait Dies of Illness
Syria Warns US Not to Intervene Militarily
Germany vs. France: Berlin Flexes Diplomatic Muscles on Syria
US Awaits UN Inspection Before Responding to Syria Chemical Weapons Claims
Syrian Victims of Alleged Gas Attack Smuggled to Jordan for Blood Tests
Iran Says Syria Will Allow UN to Inspect Chemical Sites
Despite Turmoil, Syria Regime Feels New Confidence
Al-Qaeda in Syria Warns Western Aid Workers: We'll Kill You
Syrians Depend on Themselves as Aid Dries Out
Al-Qaeda Branch Blames Hezbollah for Lebanese Bombings
Suspect Arrested Over Lebanon Mosque Bombings
Tripoli Bombing Suspects Arrested, Death Toll Rises to 47
Amal Postpones Imam Commemoration After Attack
Palestinian FM: Hopes Low for Peace Talks
Despite Rockets, Israelis Visit North
Venezuela to Sell Oil at 'Fair Price' to Palestinians
Fresh Attacks Leave 29 Dead, 76 Wounded in Iraq
Colombia's Government, Rebels to Resume Peace Talks; 13 Members of Military Killed in Attack
Mass Kidnap, Killing Shakes Image of Mexico City
US Military
Retired US Navy Specialist Found Guilty of Attempted Spying for Russia
Marine Corps to Open Infantry Training to Enlisted Women
Airman Opposed to Gay Marriage Files Complaint After Being Transferred
Trust Betrayed, Book on Camp Lejeune Water Contamination, Due Out in Early 2014
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How I Learned to Start Worrying and Fear the Bomb
United States of Paranoia: How FBI Spied and Lied So Conspiracy Theorists Would Sound Crazy
Occupation Diaries
Cyberwar Is Mostly Bunk
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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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