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Updated August 26, 2013 - 11:22 PM EDT
US, UK, France to Attack Syria Within Two Weeks
  Inspectors Visit Site of Alleged Attack, First Turned Back by Snipers
  White House Accepts Rebels' Account on Syria, Prepares for War
  Report Says US, Israeli Trained Rebels Moving Toward Damascus
  Russia Compares Syria War Drums to Iraq Invasion
  Americans Oppose US Intervention Even if Chemical Weapons Used
UN Spurns US Call to Withdraw Syria Inspectors
  Expert Casts Doubt on Syria Chemical Weapons Footage
  Nusra Front Threatens to Target Alawites Over Alleged Chemical Attack
Docs Show NSA Bugged UN, European Union
  US Spy Agency Edges Into the Light After Snowden Revelations
  Sen. Corker: Even Congress Doesn't Know Extent of NSA Spying
  NSA Surveillance Threatens US Relations With Germany
Iraq Attacks Leave 76 Dead and 227 Wounded
Israel Announces More Settlement Expansion
AF Removes Nuke Commander Citing 'Loss of Confidence'
Years Later, Flattened Afghan Village Reflects on US Attack
Surveillance and the State: The Debate Goes On  The Guardian
Three Illusory 'Investigations' of the NSA Spying Are Unable to Succeed  by Mark M. Jaycox
To Subsidize Egypt Today Is to Underwrite Murder by Doug Bandow
US Set to Launch 'Iraq, the Sequel,' in Syria  by Daniel McAdams
Playing the Terrorism Card  by Paul R. Pillar
The Right Is Wrong About Defense  by Bart Hinkle

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NSA Surveillance Story Cuts Into Obama's Popularity With Young Voters
Merkel Rival: Suspend Trade Talks Over NSA Scandal
David Miranda's Detention Is a Threat to Press Freedom, Say European Editors
Despite Backlogs, VA Disability Claims Processors Get Bonuses
Eyes on Syrian Border, US Troops Ready to Defend Turkey's Skies
Syria Expert: US Military Intervention in Syria Would Help al-Qaeda
Syrian Rebels Claim Receipt of Major Weapons Shipment
Hama Province Governor Assassinated: Syria State TV
Reed, McCaul Caution Against US Offensive in Syria
Moscow Warns US Against Syria Action
Sens. McCain, Graham Call for Attacking Syria
Israel to US: Respond to Syria
Iran Warns US Over Military Move Against Syria
Amid Concerns Over Syria, US and Jordan to Host Mideast Defense Chiefs
Housing Minister: Settlements Can Continue Since Two State Solution Will Never Happen
Jerusalem Pushes Forth With Settlement Plans
Israel Seeks to Pit Christian Arabs Against Muslims in a Cruel Clash
Abbas: 'Nothing at All' Prevents Me From Meeting With Netanyahu
European Nations: Don't Do Business in Settlements
French FM Questions Details of EU Settlement Guidelines
Iraq Bombings, Shootings Leave 76 Dead and 227 Wounded
Soldiers Shot and Burned in Northern Iraq
Woman Left Family to Serve as Iraqi Translator for US, Still Fears for Life
Middle East
Bus Bombing Kills 6 Yemen Air Force Personnel
Lebanon's Tripoli Still Reeling From Bombing
Support for Muslim Brotherhood Isolates Turkey
Rebels Killed 14 Colombian Soldiers
Colombia Recalls FARC Peace Talks Team
5 Afghan Soldiers Killed, 13 Injured in Military Operations
Karzai Arrives in Pakistan for Peace Talks
NATO-Afghan Post-2014 Discussions Focused on Troop Immunity and Aid
Indian Shelling Kills Two Women in Azad Kashmir
Karachi Heats Up Again; Eight Killed
NATO Tankers Torched in Pakistan; 4 Killed in Nearby Attacks
Terrorist Held, 12 Tons of Explosives Seized in Khyber
Lahore Police Crackdown on Loadshedding Protesters, 20 Held
Government Finally Acknowledges Punjabi Taliban, Says Gilani
Political Staging in Trial of Fallen China Official
Well-Mannered Thai Party Throws Down Its Gloves in Govt Protests
As Egyptians Ignore Curfew, Talk of a US-Brotherhood Conspiracy
Egypt Military Enlists Religion to Quell Ranks
Trial of Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, Muslim Brotherhood Chiefs Adjourned Until Next Month
Trial of Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Political, Says Lawyer
Life Under Martial Law in Egypt
Hamas Denies Setting Up Training Camps With Egypt's Brotherhood in Gaza
Mugabe Vows 'Tit for Tat' Retaliation Over Western Sanctions
Heavy Casualties on Both Sides as Congo Soldiers Fight Rebels Near Eastern City
Misseriya Threaten to Wage War Against South Sudan
The War at Home
US Arrests Man With Uranium for Iran in Shoes
DoD Documents: 'Extremists' Speak About 'Individual Liberties, States' Rights and How to Make the World a Better Place'
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