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Updated August 27, 2013 - 11:27 PM EDT
Syria Strike Due in Days, West Tells Opposition
  Obama to Strike Syria as Early as Thursday to 'Send a Message'
  War on Syria Imminent, US Won't Seek UN or NATO Vote
  Obama Decides to Attack Syria, Will Congress Act?
  Warplanes Spotted in Cyprus as Tensions Rise in Damascus
  Syrian Rebels Seize Key Northern Town, Kill Dozens of Soldiers
No Proof, Kerry Insists Syria Charges 'Undeniable'
  UN Spurns US Call to Withdraw Syria Inspectors as War Looms
  Syrian Kurdish Leader Says Assad Not to Blame for Attack
  Russia Slams US War Plans: No Proof of Syria Allegations
Syrian Rebels Demand Israeli Support for US War
  Saudi Prince With Close Ties to US at the Heart of the Push for War
  AP Source: US-Russia Meeting on Syria Canceled
CIA Files: US Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran
  Iraq Opposes Use of Airspace to Strike Syria
UN Says It Will Contact US Over Spying Report
  NSA Having Flashbacks to Watergate Era
  ACLU Reveals FBI Hacking Contractors
Palestinians Cancel Meet After Israel Attacks Refugee Camp
How America Spies on Europe and the UN  by Laura Poitras, Marcel Rosenbach, & Holger Stark
Iran, Egypt, and American Double-Standards  by Ted Snider
Obama Pick for NSA Review Panel Wanted Paid, Pro-Govt Shills in Chat Rooms  by Andrea Peterson
Congress Should Veto Obama's War  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Waging War in Syria 'To Make a Point'?  by John Glaser
The NYPD Division of Un-American Activities  by Matt Apuzzo & Adam Goldman

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Is the NYPD Worse Than the NSA?
Report: Cuba Nixed Snowden Flight From Russia
Colombia, Rebels Resume Peace Talks After Pause
Bitcoin Lobbyists Meet US Authorities Amid Growing Scrutiny of Digital Currency
Libya in Deep Crisis 2 Years Since Rebels Took Over
Spying on Everyone
Holder Pressed on US Drug Agency Use of Hidden Data Evidence
Why Did NSA Spy on UN? Not to Counter Terrorism, Secret Documents Show
Propublica Partners With Guardian on NSA
NSA Leaks: David Cameron's Response Is Intimidation, Says World Press Body
Reporting the NSA Spying Revelations: Q&A With Guardian Editors
The Heroic Whistleblowers
Edward Snowden's Digital Maneuvers Still Stumping US Government
Snowden Stayed at Russian Consulate While in Hong Kong, Report Says
People Who Got Shorter Sentences Than Manning: Spies Selling Secrets to Russians and Active Terrorists
Karzai Urges Pakistan to Set Up Taliban Talks
Afghan Newspapers Skeptical on President Karzai's Visit to Pakistan
Landmark Chinese Copper Deal With Afghanistan at Risk
Pakistanis Flee Indian Fire in Azad Kashmir
650 Cops Deployed at 60 Checkposts in Islamabad
Pakistan Reportedly Testing URL Filters, May Lift YouTube Ban
Over News of Clash, a Shroud of Silence in Xinjiang
US to Sell Helicopters to Indonesia in $500m Deal
Myanmar Violence: Rioters Burn Muslim Homes and Shops
Cambodian Opposition Leader Threatens Protests Over Poll Irregularities
Ex-Maoist Fighters Join Army in Nepal but Challenges Remain
Egyptian Islamist Groups Seek Truce
Egypt's Police State Resurgent in Sinai Tourist Haven
In Egypt, Life Begins Returning to Normal After Turmoil
Gulf Islamists Irked as Monarchs Back Egypt's Generals
Egypt Sees 50 Percent Decline in Passengers, With Numbers to Fall Even More
DR Congo
Congo Army Battles M23 Rebels Near Eastern City of Goma
EU Urges Rebels to Lay Down Arms in Eastern DR Congo
UN Investigates Goma Protest Deaths
Woman Taken Hostage in Mali Back in Timbuktu
Multiple South Africa Strikes Fan Fears of New Violence
Assad Says Chemical Weapons Claims 'Insult to Common Sense'
UN Inspectors Visit Site of Alleged Attack, After First Being Turned Back by Sniper Fire
Syria Rebels Seize Strategic Town, Execute Alawite Cleric
Fearing a US Strike, Syria Warns of Global 'Chaos'
Aleppo Christians Fear Iraq-Style Ethnic Cleansing
Hezbollah Fighters Exposed to Rebel Chemical Agents in Syria
Syria and the US
On Hill, Deep Skepticism About Syria Entanglement
Congress Expected to Look the Other Way During Syria Attacks
Engel: Obama Should Attack Syria Before Congress Gets Back in Session
Hagel: US Looking at Intelligence in Syria Attack
Syria's Neighbors
Syrian Official: Israel 'Will Come Under Fire' if Syria Attacked
Israel's Peres Calls on UN to Stop Syria Bloodshed
Syrian Kurds Trek to Iraq Over Parched Hills
Deadly Raid Could Derail Israeli-Palestinian Talks
Funerals Held for 3 Palestinians Shot Dead by Israeli Troops
Netanyahu Snubs French Minister – Until Jewish Leader Steps In
Kurd Rebels Claim to Have Killed 7 Iranian Soldiers
Once an Outcast, Iranian Minister Carries Hope of Easing Tensions
Iran's Khamenei Blames Outsiders for Middle East's Woes
Random Attacks Leave 14 Dead Across Iraq
Iraq Calls on Citizens and Drivers of Vehicles to Inspect Their Vehicles Before Driving
Iraq Blames Shell Oil for $4.6 Bn Lost Income
Head of Anbar Council: Crackdown in Tharthar Area Witnessed Arbitrary Arrests
Iraq Police Seize 7 Bombs Hidden Among Children's Toys
Thousands of Bahrainis March Peacefully for Democratic Reforms
Amnesty Slams UN 'Failure' to Probe Kosovo Missing Issue
Mexican Official: 12 Taken From Bar Were Killed in Revenge for Drug Dealer
US Military
Unmanned Now Undermanned: Air Force Struggles to Fill Pilot Slots for Drones
Court Rejects Military Contractor's Attempt to Avoid Trial for Human Trafficking
Trapped in Trauma: Male Victims Confront Sexual Assault in Military
United Tech, Pentagon in $1 Billion-Plus Deal for F-35 Engines
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