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Updated August 29, 2013 - 11:28 PM EDT
Parliament Revolts, Brits to Stay Out of Syria
US Intel Officials: Weapons Charge No 'Slam Dunk'
  Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross: Syria Intervention a Big Mistake
  State Dept Admits It Doesn't Know Who Ordered Chemical Strike
  US: Assad to Blame for Chemical Attack Even If He Didn't Do It
  Syria: Three Other Chemical Attacks by Rebels in Same Area
US Says Past Point of No Return on Syria Strike
  Obama Sends Mixed Signals on Eve of Syria War
  More in Congress Demanding Vote on Syria Intervention
  Antiwar Left Stays Quiet on Syria
US Ready to Go It Alone Against Syria
  UN Urges US to Wait as Arab League Opposes Attacking Syria
  Growing International Opposition to Syria War
  Former UN Weapons Inspector: West Has 'No Authority' in Syria
Syria Strikes Could Worsen War, Analysts Say
  Proliferation of Armed Groups in Syria Points to Long War
Attacks Stoke Fears of Violent Plunge in Iraq
  99 Killed, 266 Wounded in Wednesday Iraq Attacks
Afghanistan: 35 Killed in Coordinated Attacks
NYPD Designates Mosques as Terrorist Groups
IAEA: Iran Still Not Close to Israel's 'Red Line'
France Launches Probe Into US Spying Scheme
Fort Hood Shooter Hasan Sentenced to Death
Israeli Lobby Looks to 2008 Law To Request for More US Aid
Does Obama Know He's Fighting on al-Qaeda's Side?  by Robert Fisk
Bombing Syria: War as Therapy  by Brendan O’Neill
Pundits Say Syrian 'Intervention' Won't End Well, Push for War Anyway  by Joshua Holland
The WMD Excuse, Again  by Alan Reynolds
The Ugly American Telegram  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Attack on Syria Will Only Spread the War and Killing  by Seumas Milne

More Viewpoints

Glenn Greenwald on His Ongoing NSA Work
Watchdog Group Suit Seeks Rationale Disclosure on Drones and Surveillance
Fidel Castro Angry at Accusations That Cuba Snubbed Edward Snowden
Cyber-Attack Downs NY Times Site for Second Day
Militants in Afghanistan Launch Multiple Attacks Against NATO
Taliban Breach International Base, Killing at Least 7
Suicide Car Bombing Kills 4, Wounds 15 in Afghanistan Coalition Convoy Attack
'Afghan Women's Writing Project' Enables Women in Afghanistan to Read, Write in Secret
Leftist Leaders Accused of Trying to Overthrow South Korean Govt
US Rejects Link Between North Korea Nuclear Diplomacy, Jailed American
Panama's Govt Say UN Experts Determined North Korean Ship Violated Weapons Sanctions
Pakistan's Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry Suffers Public Backlash
Anti-Muslim Monk Stokes Myanmar Religious Tensions
Laos Accused of Lying Over Sombath Somphone Abduction
99 Killed, 266 Wounded in Wednesday Iraq Attacks
UK: Chilcot Report Into Iraq Conflict Will Not Be Released Until 2014
Middle East
Iran Moves to Sue US Over 1953 Coup
Israeli Troops Disciplined After Partying With Palestinians
Bahrain Dialogue Restarts After Two-Month Break
Egypt Backs Away From Plan to Dissolve Muslim Brotherhood
Hagel: No US Plans to Cut Off Egypt Military Aid Yet
Egyptian Soldiers Will No Longer Swear Loyalty to President
Egypt Arrests 12, Including American, for Sinai Attack
DR Congo/Rwanda
UN Helicopters Fire on M23 Rebels in East Congo
UN Soldier Killed in Eastern Congo Fighting
Rwanda Blocks Proposed UN Sanctions for Two Congo Rebels
20 Killed in Kenya Clan Violence, Governor Says; Automatic Weapons Used in Clashes
Agreement Ends Fight Over Leadership of Somali Port City Near Kenya
Libya Oil Exports at 20 Percent of Pre-War Level
Nigeria al-Qaeda Suspect to Be Extradited to US
Ethiopia's Falash Mura Repatriated to Israel
Colombia President Says Government Ready for Peace Talks With ELN Rebels
Target Syria
Citing Russian Logjam, US Says It Will Attack Syria Without UN Green Light
Strike on Syria Would Lead to Retaliation on Israel, Iran Warns
US: NATO Allies Dismiss UN on March Toward Syria
Turkey on Alert, Hints at 'Engagement' With Allies on Syria Attack
Marine Expeditionary Unit's Role in Potential Syria Strike Unclear
UK Said to Examine Short Syria Submarine, Air Ops
Syria Evacuates Most Army Buildings in Damascus: Residents
Syrians in Damascus Hoard Food, Seek Shelter as Foreign Strike Looms
Syria and the World
Oil Surges, Syria Concerns Drive Up Demand for Gold, Dollar
Arab League Stance Muddies US Case on Syria
Fears of Western Strike on Syria Spread in Mideast
Hezbollah Mulling Response to Syria Strike
Law Enforcement Keeping an Eye on Syria Amid Security Concerns at Home
France's Ex-FM Warns Against 'Conscience-Clearing' Syria Strikes
Jordan: No Attack on Syria From Our Soil
Egypt Rejects Military Intervention in Syria
Poland Will Not Join Any Military Strike on Syria, Saying It May Not End Bloodshed There
China Urges Restraint Over Syria Tensions, Calls for Calm
UK Labour Party Could Oppose Government Over Action
Israel Calls Up Reservists Over Syrian 'Threat'
Syria and Congress
US Intelligence Committees Say They're Not Properly Consulted on Syria
116 House Members Say Obama Needs Approval From Congress on Syria
Congress Sharpens Argument That Syria Attack Violates War Powers Resolution
Sen. Inhofe Opposes Syria Action Without Budget, Regional Strategy
Sen. Rand Paul: Syria Lacks Security Connection
McCain: Administration Leaks on Syria Are 'Crazy'
Sylvie Beghal Loses UK Airport Questioning Legal Challenge
Thousands From Chechnya Seek Refuge in Germany
Gibraltar's Chief Minister Meets Hague in London
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