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Updated August 31, 2013 - 10:31 PM EDT
Obama to Seek Congressional Approval on Syria
  Obama Hypes Case for War, But Won't Talk Strategy
  Kerry Pushes Syria War, Claiming Evidence 'Clear'
  Phony Intel on Iraq WMD Haunting US Claims of Syria 'Threat'
  NBC Poll: 80% Think Congress Should Decide on Syria
Syrian Rebels Also Fear US Attack
  Limiting Action to Missile Strikes Could Prove Difficult, Analysts Say
  Iraqi Shi'ite Group Threatens to Hit US Interests If Syria Attacked
  Syrians in Ghouta Say Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack
Little Global Support for US Attack on Syria
  UN Investigators Leaving Syria, But Results Will Take Time
  UN Rejects Suggestion It's Pulling Out of Syria to Allow Strikes
UK Govt: Seized Greenwald Files 'Endanger Agents'
  Microsoft, Google Say They're Moving Forward With NSA Lawsuit
  Surveillance Spending Vastly More Than Previously Thought
  Black Budget Gives Details of Agencies Beyond CIA, NSA
Drone Strikes in Yemen Kill 6, Including al-Qaeda Official
Obama Should Listen to US and UK Public: Don't Strike Syria  by Mark Weisbrot
Barack W. Bush: Unilateral War in Syria  by Jacob Heilbrunn
Iran, Not Syria, Is the West's Real Target  by Robert Fisk
Syria Dossier: Another Failed Argument  by Virginia Tilley
The Crossroads on Syria  by David Bromwich
Heading to War With Syria and the US Media  by Peter Hart

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Ecuador Tells Assange: Stop Using Embassy to Make Fun of Aussie Politicians
UK Asked NY Times to Destroy Snowden Material
Syria Strike Could Bring Raytheon Payday
Spying on Everyone
US Spy Agencies Mounted 231 Offensive Cyber-Operations in 2011, Documents Show
How the NSA Misleads the Public Without Technically Lying
Surveillance Disclosure Battle Heats Up
NSA: Nobody Could Stop Snowden – He Was a Sysadmin
US Should Re-Evaluate Surveillance Laws, Ex-NSA Chief Acknowledges
UK Took Three Weeks to Act Over Data at New York Times, Says Guardian
The Definitive NSA Parody Site Is Actually Informative
Lebanon Claims Syria Link to Tripoli Bombs That Killed 47
Lebanese Clerics Charged Over Deadly Tripoli Bombings
Lebanese Wary of Malls After Bomb Attacks
Leaked Documents Reveal US Sees Israel as a Spying Threat
Hamas Says Egypt Navy Wounds Two Palestinian Fishermen
Uganda Denies Striking Deal to Absorb African Migrants From Israel
Attacks Against Kurds, Sahwa Leave 22 Dead in Iraq
Street Killings Underscore Iraq's Rising Unrest
Sadr Reconsiders Political Role, Mahdi Army
Iraqi Kurdistan Elections Could Be Turning Point
Iraq Requests 200 Bradley Fighting Vehicles; Saudi Deal in the Works
US: Iran's Oil Revenues Drop 58 Percent Since 2011 as Sanctions Bite
Suicide Bomber Kills at Least 7 Mourners in Afghanistan
Afghanistan District Governor Killed in Suicide Attack at Mosque
Australian Special Forces Unit Faces Allegation of Misconduct in Afghanistan
Pakistan Begins Talks With Taliban
Explosive-Laden Vehicle Seized in Islamabad

Demands for Karachi's Handover to Army Unjustified, Says Zardari

Indian Troops Kill Five Kashamiris
India Mujahideen 'Leader' Flown to Delhi
North Korea
North Korea Cancels US Envoy's Visit
North Korean Leader May Have Replaced Army Chief
Progress on Wider US Military Role in Philippines: Hagel
In Document, Fallen Chinese Official Says He Was Obeying Orders
Denials of Defoliant at Former US Base Site in Okinawa Fly in the Face of Science
Three Killed, 36 Wounded as Morsi Supporters Protest in Egypt
Signs of a Shift Among Egyptian Protesters to Antigovernment, From Pro-Morsi
Egypt's Dragnet Expands, but Officials Mum on Numbers
Police Arrest Muslim Brotherhood Chiefs
Amid Crackdown, Egypt's Protesters Shift Tactics
Army Chief Rules Out Presidential Run, but the Choice May Not Be His
The Dangerous Job of Selling Books in Cairo
Egypt Shoots, Wounds Palestinian Fishermen Off Gaza, Medics Say
Congo's Army Occupies Rebel Positions in Breakthrough
Critics Say Mali Coup Leader Should Face Trial for Abuses, Not Promotion to 4-Star General
Ghana Court Rejects Request to Extradite Ivorian Fugitive
UK PM Vows to Stand Up for Gibraltar in Dispute With Spain
Russia to Fight Space Invaders, Other Threats, With Advanced Missile Defense System
Ukraine Leader Says He Has No Power to Pardon Tymoshenko
Target Syria
Frustrated Obama: I Won't Be 'Paralyzed' on Syria
Syria Says US Accusations Were 'Lies and Baseless'
White House Peeved at Pentagon Leaks
Syria: 'Napalm' Bomb Dropped on School Playground, BBC Claims
Residents of Damascus Brace Themselves for Military Strikes
Obama Says Chemical Weapons Attack Threatens Israel, Jordan
Sixth US Ship Now in Eastern Mediterranean 'As Precaution'
Syrian Strikes Would Battle-Test Chinese Radars
Syrian Army Moves Scud Missiles to Avoid Strike
Syria and the UN
Obama Slams 'Incapacity' of UN Security Council on Syria
UN's Syria Samples to Undergo Meticulous Scrutiny
UN Experts Prepare to Leave Syria, Chemical Probe Needs Time
UN Experts Reportedly Visit Military Hospital on Last Day of Syria Investigation
Syria and the US Congress
Nancy Pelosi the Hawk Tells President Obama to Act on Syria
2007: Pelosi Defiies Bush, Meets With Assad
162 Representatives Call for Debate and Vote Before War
Unclassified Syria Briefing Exposes Rifts Among Key Lawmakers
Rep. Scott Rigell: Let's Be Like the Brits on Syria
Sen. Rand Paul: Obama Trying to 'Save Face' on Syria
Syria Strikes Cannot Be 'Merely Cosmetic' Say McCain, Graham
Rice Quietly Builds Obama's Bridge to Congress on Syria
Syria and Americans
NBC Poll: 80% Think Congress Should Decide on Syria
Markets Close Lower as Investors Wait for Decision About Syria
Jimmy Carter Calls for Syria Peace Summit
George W. Bush: Obama Has 'Tough Call' to Make on Syria
David Koch: Attacking Syria Would Be 'Dead Wrong'
30 Years of US Military Attacks on Other Nations
Syria and Britain
PM Cameron First to Lose War Vote in Parliament Since 1782
Cameron Accused Ed Miliband of 'Siding With Russia' Over Syria
UK-US Special Relationship in Danger, Warns UK DM
Robust Response Needed, David Cameron Says
Syria and Russia
Russian Navy Assault Ships Ready to Evacuate Nationals From Syria
Russia Honors Pre-2011 Contracts With Syria
Syria Pays for Russian Weapons to Boost Ties With Moscow
Syria and Her Neighbors
Middle East 'Crisis of Confidence' in US Dampens Support for Syrian Strikes
Jordanians Live in Fear of Syrian War Spillover
Jordanians Protest Proposed Military Action Against Syria
Amid Syria Tensions, Israel Deploys Iron Dome Battery in Greater Tel Aviv Area
Looming Airstrikes in Syria Pose Test for Egypt's Leaders and the Opposition
Syria and the World
NATO Chief: No Plans for Alliance Action in Syria
France and US Want to Send 'Strong Message': Hollande
Denmark Backs Military Strike in Syria
Germany: No Plans to Join Syria Military Action
Syria Puts Angela Merkel in Bind
Syria Crisis: Where Key Countries Stand
Colombia Troops to Patrol Bogota After Protests
Half of Mexicans Say Drug Violence Worse Under Pena Nieto
Suriname President's Son Dino Bouterse Held in Panama on Drugs and Weapons Charges
The War at Home
Military Practice Bomb Lands in Maryland Parking Lot
New Weapon in the Search for Buried Munitions on Cape Cod
Navy Says Training, Testing May Kill Whales, Dolphins
Accused Chicago Bomb Plotter Indicted for Seeking Murder of FBI Agent
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