Forced by a public outcry to back down from his threat to bomb Syria without congressional authorization, President Obama is calling for a vote of our elected representatives. You can help stop the rush to war, but you've got to act fast. It is urgently necessary for you to call your congressional representatives and tell them to vote no on the authorization of the use of military force – because we don't want to be lied into war again. (Go here for the contact information for your congressional rep.)

The call you make today could stop the disastrous war of tomorrow – so make it asap.

P.S. Yes, our fund drive is still ongoing – we really need to finish this up so we can get $30,000 in matching funds. We aren't there yet: please help us reach our goal so we can get back to the job of keeping this country out of war.
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Updated September 2, 2013 - 11:28 PM EDT
Obama's War Call Faces 'Tough Sell' in Congress
  Obama's Proposal Seeks Broad War Power Despite Vow of Limits
  US Politicians Skeptical as White House Puts Case for Syria Strike
  The 5 Ways That Congress Is Splitting on Syria
  Text of Obama's Syria War Legislation
Kerry: Obama Can Attack Syria Regardless of Vote
  Former Bush Official: Vote Could Authorize Attack on Iran, Lebanon
  Selling War: White House Says Attack Will 'Protect Israel'
  Kerry Likens Assad to Hitler, Claims 'Proof' of Sarin Use
  Experts: US Evidence Against Syria Extremely Weak
US Sends Carrier Strike Group Toward Syria
  US Missile Strikes Could Do More Damage Than West Had Believed
  FBI Increases Surveillance of Syrians in US
Iraqi Troops Attack Iranian Exile Camp, Kill 52
  August: Over 1,200 Killed Across Iraq as Sectarian Violence Continues
NSA Targeted French Foreign Ministry
  Budget Documents Detail Extent of US Cyberoperations
  NSA Spied on Brazil, Mexico Leaders, Communications With Aides
Egypt Junta Bulldozes Homes Near Gaza, Eyes Buffer Zone
Will Congress Endorse Obama's War Plans? Does it Matter?  by Rep. Ron Paul
Credibility Over 'Red Lines' No Reason for War  by Benjamin H. Friedman
What Military Intervention in Syria Means for the US and Iran  by Farideh Farhi
It Takes More Courage to Say There Is Nothing Outsiders Can Do  by Simon Jenkins
Flying Blind in Egypt  by Philip Giraldi
Miranda Detention: 'Blatant Attack on Press Freedom'  by Laura Poitras

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Glenn Greenwald on Obama, Congress, and Syria
Microsoft Joins Google in US Spying Suit
Attackers Torch Saudi Religious Police Building
Bomb Kills 9 Soldiers in Northwest Pakistan
Arab League Fiercely Divided on Syria War
Lockbox Aims to NSA-Proof the Cloud
Morsi to Be Tried for Inciting Violence
Egypt Deports Al-Jazeera English Language TV Crew
Attack on Suez Canal Ship 'Foiled'
Egypt Names Key Constitution Panel With Few Islamists
Copt Killed by Suspected Islamists in Egypt's Sinai
Nigeria's Ruling Party Splinters, in Threat to Jonathan
Two Sudans Hold Summit Ahead of Oil Pipeline Deadline
Libya Oil Output Decline Threatens Public Sector Pay, MP Says
Terrorist Plot Against Jerusalem Mall Foiled by Security Forces
Palestinian President's Meeting With Israeli Lawmakers Postponed
Israel Aerospace Company Launches 'Most Sophisticated' Satellite Into Space
German Bank to Bar Settlers From West Bank Landfill It's Planning
52 Killed in Massacre at Camp Ashraf; 30 Iraqis Killed in Other Attacks
Iraqi Parliament Speaker Condemns Security Measures Against Demonstrators
Thousands Rally for South Yemen Independence
Yemen Dismisses Attack on PM as 'Isolated Act'
Jordan to Reduce Tasks of Powerful Military Court Under Promised Reforms
Official: Afghan Militants Attack US Base
Bomb Kills 8 Afghan Mining Firm Workers
Afghans Find Dumped Bodies of 7 Abducted Soldiers
Afghan Presidential Hopeful Promoted
Protester Killed by Gunfire in Southern Thailand
Vietnam Internet Restrictions Come Into Effect
Target Syria
France Keen on Syria Action Despite US Delay
Marine Ship Joins Destroyers in Mediterranean for Syria Strike
Pope Announces World Prayer Day for Syria
Assad Responds to Obama: Syria Will Defend Itself Against Any Aggression
Hard Trail for Syria Refugees Desperate to Reach Europe
Merkel, German Election Challenger Say Won't Participate in Syria Strike; Call for UN Action
Congress and Syria
GOP Lawmakers Doubt Congress Will Approve Syrian Military Strike
After Classified Briefing, Lawmakers Skeptical on Syria Attack
Reid: Senate to Hold Hearings on Syria Next Week
White House Invites Key Committee Chairmen to Meeting With Obama on Syria War
Rogers: Congress Has Constitutional Responsibility to Attack Syria
Obama Surprised Staff With Decision on Syria
Britain and Syria
UK Government Let British Company Export Nerve Gas Chemicals to Syria
UK Chancellor: More Evidence Would Have Made 'No Difference' to Syria Vote
Israel and Syria
Obama Informed Netanyahu Prior to Speech of Plans to Delay Syria Strike
Netanyahu Implores Ministers Not to Speak About Obama's Decision on Syria
Israeli Leader: Ready for 'Any Possible Scenario'
Israelis Question US Commitment in Syria
McCain Says Israel Shaken by US Dallying
With Syria Attack on Hold, Most Israeli Reserves Soldiers Sent Home
Greek Anti-Terror Prosecutor Escapes Injury in Letter Bomb Attack
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