Forced by a public outcry to back down from his threat to bomb Syria without congressional authorization, President Obama is calling for a vote of our elected representatives. You can help stop the rush to war, but you've got to act fast. It is urgently necessary for you to call your congressional representatives and tell them to vote no on the authorization of the use of military force – because we don't want to be lied into war again. (Go here for the contact information for your congressional rep.)

The call you make today could stop the disastrous war of tomorrow – so make it asap.

P.S. Yes, our fund drive is still ongoing – we really need to finish this up so we can get $30,000 in matching funds. We aren't there yet: please help us reach our goal so we can get back to the job of keeping this country out of war.
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Updated September 3, 2013 - 11:21 PM EDT
Obama Faces Uphill Battle in Congress on Syria
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Intel Agencies Spend Millions on Insider Threats
  DEA Partners With AT&T for Access to 'Vast Database' of Call Records
  Brazil, Mexico Demand US Explanation of Surveillance Against Them
Car Bombs Across Iraqi Capital Kill 60
US Intel Files Show New Levels of Distrust of Pakistan
Israel Comes Up With Excuses to Destroy Palestinian Villages
Which Syrian Chemical Attack Account Is More Credible?  by Jim Naureckas
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Warped Motives on Syria  by Paul R. Pillar
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Stray Police Rocket Kills Six Swimming Children in Baghlan
$100 Million Agricultural Project Launched in Helmand
Polio Breaks Out Amid Militant Threats in Pakistan
Murder Case Registered Against Musharraf Over Lal Masjid
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Iran's Chemical Weapon Survivors Show Twin Horrors of WMD and Sanctions
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