Forced by a public outcry to back down from his threat to bomb Syria without congressional authorization, President Obama is calling for a vote of our elected representatives. You can help stop the rush to war, but you've got to act fast. It is urgently necessary for you to call your congressional representatives and tell them to vote no on the authorization of the use of military force – because we don't want to be lied into war again. (Go here for the contact information for your congressional rep.)

The call you make today could stop the disastrous war of tomorrow – so make it asap.

P.S. Yes, our fund drive is still ongoing – we really need to finish this up so we can get $30,000 in matching funds. We aren't there yet: please help us reach our goal so we can get back to the job of keeping this country out of war.
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Updated September 6, 2013 - 11:16 PM EDT
Reports: House Will Reject Syrian War
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Brutality of Syria Rebels Posing Dilemma in West
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  Syrian Rebels Pound Christian Village as Siege Continues
Snowden Leaks Only Tip of the Iceberg
  US and UK Spy Agencies Defeat Privacy and Security on the Internet
Aides Urge Obama to Ditch Egypt Aid, Pentagon Opposed
US Drone Strike Kills Seven in North Waziristan
Neocons Are Back – but Not in the GOP  by Kelley Vlahos
Ten Reasons Why America Does Not Need to Go to War Over Syria  by John W. Whitehead
Syria: A Turning Point Against Empire?  by Bruce Fein
No to US Intervention in Syria  by Sen. Mike Lee
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Palestinian Official: Israeli Proposal for Provisional Borders Unacceptable
Gaza Fuel Shortage May Cause Power Plant Shut Down
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Middle East
Iran's Foreign Ministry to Lead Nuclear Talks With World Powers
UNIFIL Says 'No Information' Italy Sent Warships to Lebanon
PKK Announces Suspension of Withdrawal From Turkey
Yemen al-Qaeda Group Appears to Think Globally, Act Locally
13-Hour Bomb Belt Drama in Dubai Ends as Woman Turns Herself Over to Police
Shi'ite Mosque Attacked in Kabul by Men in Police Uniforms
Indian Diarist Sushmita Banerjee Shot Dead in Afghanistan
Afghan FM Hopeful of Better Cooperation With Pakistan
Afghans Say Pakistanis Behind Mosque Attack
New Report on Camp Bastion Attack Recalls Efforts to Protect Prince Harry
2 Killed in 'Fake' Police Encounter in Lahore
Karachi Police Kill Three Alleged TTP Militants
Pakistan Brushes Aside World Concerns on Nuclear Assets
Pakistan Arrests 'Plotter' in Killings of 10 Foreign Trekkers
Myanmar Jails Muslim for Attempted Rape That Sparked Riot
In the New Myanmar, an Old Junta's Laws Survive and Adapt
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Cambodian Protests Expected to Focus on China
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Philippine Newspaper Editor Becomes Second Journalist to Be Killed in the Country in a Week
Indonesia Jails Eight Soldiers Over Yogyakarta Prison Killings
Egypt's Minister Mohammed Ibrahim Survives Bomb Attack
Minister Warns of Terrorism Wave After Assassination Attempt
Persecuted Coptic Christians Still Hopeful
British Teenager Loses Leg in Cairo Bomb Attack
Kenya MPs Vote to Withdraw From International Criminal Court
Libya PM Warns Time Running Out for Oil Protests
Congo, Rwanda Leaders Meet in Uganda Over Rebels
Malawi to Feed Poor With Cash From Selling President's Jet
South Sudan Makes $1 Billion in Oil Sales, Passes on a Quarter to Sudan
Preparing for War
US Military Has Revised Syria Strike Plan 50 Times, Source Says
White House Launches Taxpayers-Paid Web Site to Push Syria Attack
US Officials: Obama Administration Considers Military Training of Syrian Rebels
Cost of a US Strike Against Syria Could Top Hagel's Estimate
Navy Chief: Cost of Syria Strike Rises as Deliberations Continue
Cost Estimates for Syria Attacks Vary Widely
Congress and Syria
Republican Congressman Withdraws Support for Syria Strike
Chemical Weapons Argument Isn't Enough to Sway Some Lawmakers on Syria
Pelosi Not Sure House Democrats Will Back Syria Resolution
Tea Party Takes Lead on Syria
FreedomWorks to Fight Syria Resolution
White House Lobbied 185 Lawmakers to Back Syria Strike
Nancy Pelosi Enforcers Wobble on Syria
Syria Resolution in Danger of Failing, Says Sen. Lindsey Graham
Kentucky Tea Partiers to Mitch McConnell: Vote to Bomb Syria and You're Toast
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Americans and Syria
Ron Paul: Defeat of Syria Resolution Would Be 'Historic'
Rick Santorum Calls for Syria Plan Defeat
Rumsfeld Concedes Iraq War Influences Syria Debate
Syria War
Syrian Rebels Say They'll Pounce on Assad's Forces if US Attacks
Car Bomb Goes Off Near Research Center in Damascus, 4 Killed
Poll: Syrians See No End to War, Displacement
Syria's Economy Goes Underground as Black Market Thrives
Doctors Without Borders Surgeon Killed in Syria
US Travel Warning: Al-Qaeda-Affiliated Syrian Rebels Have 'Claimed Nearly 600 Attacks'
Russia and Syria
Putin Warns Russia Could Come to Syria's Aid Over US Strike
Russia Gave UN 100-Page Report in July Blaming Syrian Rebels for Aleppo Sarin Attack
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Smiling, Obama and Putin Mask Their Disputes
Russian Warships Cross Bosphorus, En Route to Syria
Syria and the World
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China Joins Russia in Opposing Military Strikes
Iran Says US Will Suffer if Syria Is Attacked
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Protesters Cut Hole in Fence, Enter US Post in Italy
Armenia Rift Over Trade Deal Fuels EU-Russia Tension
Spain Offers Argentina Falklands Support
Venezuelans Skeptical of Power Sabotage Claims
The War at Home
Immigration Officials to Limit Solitary Confinement After Human Rights Outcry
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