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Updated September 15, 2013 - 11:23 PM EDT
US, Russia Agree on Syrian Chemical Arms Plan
  Obama Welcomes Syria Chemical Deal but Retains Strikes Option
Securing Syria's Arms May Require US Troops
  Syrian Rebels Clash With Each Other Near Iraq Border
  Turkish Prosecutors Indict Syria Rebels for Seeking Chemical Arms
US Public-Elite Disconnect Emerges Over Syria
  Republicans, Independents Unite on Syria Opposition
  Reuters Poll: Americans Unmoved by Obama Speech
  Tough Hill Vote on Syria Fades
  War-Weary Residents Near Norfolk Quietly Oppose Syria Military Action
NSA Disguised Itself as Google to Spy: Reports
  Secret Spy Court Demands Surveillance Transparency From Feds
  Yahoo Fight Among New NSA Court Documents to Be Made Public
Israel Has 80 Nuclear Warheads, Report Says
Senate Panel Approves Bill to Protect 'Real Reporters'
US to Keep 20,000 Troops in Afghanistan: Pakistani Senator
46 Iraqis Killed; Bomber Strikes During Shabak Funeral
You Can Beat City Hall: How We Stopped the US Bombing of Syria  by Robert Naiman
Syria, Credibility, and 'Armchair Isolationism'  by Jerome Slater
Obama's Almost First Act in Office: Spy on Americans for Israel!  by Scott McConnell
So Many Isolationists!  by Jacob Sullum
Rand Paul on the War Path  by McKay Coppins
Why Obama Shouldn't Care About Backing Down on Syria  by Dylan Matthews

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DARPA's Plan to Flood the Sea With Drones, Carrying More Drones
After Edward Snowden's Revelations, Why Trust US Cloud Providers?
Russia Preparing Patrols of Arctic Shipping Lanes
Spain Offers Catalonia Talks, but No Independence Vote
Alabama Jihadi 'Killed in Cold Blood', Says Somali Islamic Center
Syrian Opposition Elects Interim Prime Minister
Syrian Warplanes Strike Damascus: Residents
UN Says Syria to Come Under Chemical Arms Treaty Next Month
Syria Rebel Chief Rejects US-Russia Chemical Arms Deal
US-Russia Syria Deal: Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham Slam Agreement
Syrian Oil Fields, Now in Rebel Hands, Still Play Crucial Role in Nation's Economy
Britain Welcomes US-Russian Agreement on Syria
Canada's Foreign Minister Says Assad Should Not Be Given Time to Hand Over Chemical Weapons
School a Distant Memory for Syria's Displaced Children
Report: Putin to Travel to Iran for Nuclear Strategy Talks
Iran Commander: West Opposes Assad Over Israel
46 Iraqis Killed; Bomber Strikes During Shabak Funeral
Funeral Bombing, Other Attacks Kill 25 in Iraq
MKO Threatens to Assassinate Iraqi, Iranian Officials
Saudi Drone Violates Iraq's Air Space Over Samawa
Gaza-Egypt Rafah Border Crossing Remains Closed Amid Violence
Palestinian Wife's Grief for Her Husband, Killed Fighting for Syrian Pro-Assad Forces
Middle East
Rockets Fired From Syrian Side Injure 2 in Lebanese Border Area
Tribesmen Blow Up Yemen's Main Oil Export Pipeline: Government Official
100,000 Polish Union Workers in Anti-Govt March, Threaten Strike
Putin Once Annihilated a GOP Congressman in an Arm-Wrestling Contest
New Zealand
Kim Dotcom's Mega-Lawsuit Could Make Him a Multi-Millionaire Again
Havana Abuzz Over Singer's Bold Concert Lyrics
US Military
Navy Spent $71 Million on Arson-Damaged USS Miami Before Repair Scuttled
US Soldier Sentenced to 3 Years for South Korea BB Shooting
West Point History Professor Removed for 'Inappropriate Behavior'
Weekend Reviews
An Awesome Book on the Warfare State
Overcommitted: Breach of Trust, by Andrew J. Bacevich
What Do You Buy the Children of the Terrorist Who Tried to Kill Your Wife?
Beyond Tribal Loyalties – Personal Stories of Jewish Peace Activists
3 Afghans Die as Car Bomber Targets NATO Troops
22 Militants Killed in East Afghan Engagement
Bomb Kills Two Government Allies in Pakistan Tribal Region
Madrassa Student Killed in Mastung
Nuclear Hero of Pakistan Dissolves Party
One Killed, Another Hurt During Incident With Frontier Corps Officers in Quetta
Curfew Lifted in South Kashmir, Except Shopian
A Kashmiri's Arrest in Pakistan Sparks New Concern
14 Maoist Rebels Killed in Firefight With Indian Security Forces in Padia Forest
Manipur Capital Imphal Rocked by Deadly Bomb
Four Chinese Ships Enter Disputed Waters: Japan
US Says Hopes China, Japan Push Diplomacy on Isles Spat
56 Dead as Philippine Troops Start to Fight Their Way Into Rebel-Held Villages
Muslim Rebels Holding More Than 100 People Hostage in the Philippines Clash With Troops
China Confirms New Gas Pipeline Through Tajikistan
Talks Fail to End Cambodia Stalemate
South Korea Wins Gold in North Korea
1 Killed in Clashes Between Supporters, Opponents of Egyptian Ousted President
Retrial of Egypt's Former Ruler Hosni Mubarak Postponed
Mubarak Judge Orders Trial Media Blackout
Egypt Detains Turkish Citizen on Charges of Espionage
United Arab Emirates Leads Gulf Front Against Egypt's Islamists
Police: 2 Killed, 22 Wounded in Grenade Attacks in Rwanda
Vigilantes Kill Policeman in Retaliation for Member Shot Dead in North Nigeria, Police Say
Tunisia's Controversial Prosecutor Promoted
US Envoy Meets Sudanese Official Over Land Dispute Between Sudan and South Sudan
Central Africa Leader Dissolves Rebel Group
The War at Home
State Dept. Could Have Fired Employees Over Benghazi Attack, Says Accountability Officer Pickering
FBI Admits It Controlled Tor Servers Behind Mass Malware Attack
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