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Updated September 16, 2013 - 11:14 PM EDT
12 Killed in Shooting at at Wash., DC Navy Yard
Jane's: Half of Syria Rebels Are Jihadists
  UN Report Confirms Chemical Weapons Use in Syria
  Syria Jihadists Claim They Killed Homs Village Alawites
  Qaeda Tells Syria Fighters to Shun Secularists Rebel Rift Deepens
Kerry: Attacking Syria Remains an Option
  Pentagon: No US Troops Will Be Involved in Syria's Disarmament
  Syria Hails US-Russia Deal on Chemical Weapons
  French President Still Pushing 'Military Option' Against Syria
  Intel Minister: Israel Can See if Assad Is Moving Chemical Weapons
Obama, Kerry Reiterate Threats of Attacking Iran
  Iran Praises US on Syria Deal, Calls for 'Mutual Trust'
Secret Spy Court Demands Feds' Transparency
McCain Op-Ed Confusion: The Wrong 'Pravda'
90 Killed, 227 Wounded in Iraq Bombing Spree
Inside the Mind of NSA Chief Gen. Keith Alexander  by Glenn Greenwald
Israel, Syria, and American Moral Hazard  by Leon Hadar
Bush Admin. Reaches Through Time to Mind-Control Obama Into Setting the NSA Loose  by J.D. Tuccille
Why Americans Love Bombardment  by Michael Vlahos
The People Say No to War  by Sheldon Richman
What's the Evidence Behind the Case for War?  by Philip Giraldi

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Obama: 'I Don't Think That Mr. Putin Has the Same Values That We Do'
UN Chemical Inspectors Submit Syria Report
Former NSA and CIA Director Says Terrorists Love Using Gmail
Nearly 100 Philippine Rebels 'Killed or Captured'
UK Use of Terrorism Act to Be Debated After David Miranda Detainment
Did Netanyahu Propose Resettling Gazans in Sinai?
Jerusalem Is First Stop as Kerry Seeks Support of Allies
Even Amid Syrian Crisis, Kerry Insists His Eye Still on Palestinian Track
Former EU Leaders Urge Ashton: Stand Firm on Israeli Settlement Guidelines
82 Killed, 205 Wounded in Iraq Bombing Spree
Diyala Governor's Home Blown Up
Middle East
Iran's Rouhani May Meet Obama at UN After US President Reaches Out
Yemen Jails Three Qaeda Members for Plot to Kill President
Senior Afghan Policewoman Shot, Hospitalized
The Monumental Task of Packing Up a War
Spain Must Decide Fate of 24 Afghan Translators
Pakistani Taliban Seek Prisoner Release, Army Withdrawal From Tribal Areas Ahead of Peace Talks
Pakistan General, Colonel Slain in Taliban Border Strike
NATO Tankers Attacked in Hub
Pakistani 'Father of Taliban' Keeps Watch Over Loyal Disciples
India Test-Fires Agni V, the Missile Capable of Reaching Chinese Cities
Will Anyone Heed an Indian Fatwa Against Photography?
Protesters Clash With Police as Tension Rises Over Cambodia Poll
Tropical Storm Swamps US Bases in Japan
US Foreign Policy Looms Over German Election
Camera Drone Has Rough Landing at German Election Event Just in Front of Angela Merkel
Syria War
Obama Hails Syrian Pact, Calling It a Crucial Step
Syrian Opposition: Chemical Arms Plan Gives Assad More Time
Interview: Syria's New Opposition PM Faces Daunting al-Qaeda Challenge
How Syria Media Advisers Decided Who Would Speak to Assad
How Much Would the Defense Industry Make From a Missile Strike Against Syria?
Senate Foreign Relations Chair Wants to Try Assad for War Crimes
Syria and the World
Israel Cautiously Welcomes Syria Deal, Says Implementation Is Key
Iran and UN Sign Agreement on Syria Assistance
Syrian Official Thanks Russia
Iraqi Kurds Seek Funds From Oil Companies for Syria Refugees
Iran Lauds US for Using 'Rationality' in Syria Deal
Kerry Tells Israel That Syria Accord Is No Prelude to Iran Deal
Egypt Secures Gaza Border, Presses Sinai Campaign
Military Court Begins Trying Egyptian Journalist
Egypt Says Militants Booby Trap Border With Gaza
Egypt Arrests Two Gaza Fishermen: Hamas
In Sensitive Case, Egypt Acquits Alleged Killers of 2011 Protesters
American Jihadist Gets Eulogy From Somali Islamic Center
Why Barclays Wants to Cut Somalia's 'Money Transfer' Lifeline
Mali Ministers Met by Hail of Stones in Tuareg Stronghold
More Peacekeepers Head to Central African Republic
Blasts in Rwanda Capital Kigali Kill Two Ahead of Vote
4 Boko Haram Members Die in Custody After Vigilantes, Military Arrest 11 in Northeast Nigeria
Archbishop Ignatius Kattey Freed by Nigerian Kidnappers
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Justin Raimondo
Obama’s Contras: The Syrian 'Rebels'

Philip Giraldi
Defeating AIPAC Starts with Syria

Ivan Eland
We Should Praise, Instead of Condemn, Dennis Rodman's Return Visit to North Korea

Kelley B. Vlahos
Refugee 'Mess' Is Ours, and Getting Worse

Nebojsa Malic
Yet Another Evil Little War

David R. Henderson
Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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