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Updated September 17, 2013 - 11:26 PM EDT
Syrian Rebel War Crimes Fueling Faction Split
  Report: Saudis Sent 1,200 Death-Row Inmates to Syria to Join Rebels
  Jane's: Half of Syria Rebels Are Jihadists
  Russia Says May Be Time to Force Assad's Foes to Talk Peace
Focus Turns to Israel's Chemical Arms Program
  UN Syria Report Confirms Chemical Arms Use, Doesn't Assign Blame
  Syria's Disarmament Shines Light on Israel's Chemical Arms
  Plan for Syria's Chemical Weapons to Be Initiated Within Days
Turkey Urges US to Keep Preparing Syria Attack
  Turkey Downs Syrian Helicopter in Tense Border Region
Report Denied of Iran Plans to Offer Fordo Closure
  US Sanctions Force Closure of Iranian Opposition Leader's Website
  Israeli NGO Threatens Facebook, Demands They Ban Iranian Officials
Suspected DC Shooter Had 'Secret' Clearance
NYT Public Editor: Paper Should've Covered Israel, NSA
ACLU Calls on Obama, Congress to Rein in Power of the FBI
Has the Tide Turned Against the Warmongers?  by Ron Paul
Threats of Force Don't Always Help  by Paul R. Pillar
The Other American Gulag: Bagram's Legal Black Hole Locks Detainees in Nightmarish Limbo  by Samira Shackle
Lindsey's Plan for War on Iran  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Listen to General Dempsey  by Gian Gentile
Obama's Rogue State Tramples Over Every Law It Demands Others Uphold  by George Monbiot

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Al-Qaeda Leader Issues Jihad Guidelines
CIA Won't Disclose Lobbying Reports
Miss America Rejects Terrorism Allegations
Canada Orders NSA-Style Spying for Cell Firms
New US Envoy Arrives in Brazil Amid NSA Tensions
Defendant Disrupts Gitmo Hearing in 9/11 Case
Egypt Army Storms Islamist-Held Town
Nine Egyptian Policemen Wounded in Sinai Blast
Islamist Nour Party Walks Out of Egypt's Constitution Talks
North Africa
Libya's Biggest Western Oilfield Restarts, East in Stalemate
Tunisia Frees Jailed Journalist Ahead of Media Strike
Uganda Suspends Officers Sent to Somalia on AU Mission
Somalia 'New Deal': EU Pledge at Brussels Conference
Sudan President Seeks US Visa for UN Visit
Election-Related Clashes in West African Nation of Guinea Close Down Market in the Capital
Website Says West Africa Islamic Extremists Have Released Video Showing 7 Foreign Hostages Alive
Kenya Cases Stir African Backlash Against ICC
Mali Reconciliation on Track Despite Protests, Minister Says
Helicopters Fire Rockets on Muslim Rebels
Rebel Rifts on Island Confound Philippines
Pakistan: Imran Calls for Ceasefire to Hold Talks With Militants
Afghan Policewomen Report High Levels of Sexual Harassment
South Korea Shoots Dead a Man Trying to Swim to North
China Rejects Interference in Hong Kong, 'Thoughtless' British Remarks
Cambodia Talks After Election Protest Clashes
Chin Peng: Malaysia Communist Guerrilla Dies in Thailand
US and Cuba Resume Talks on Direct Mail Service
Haiti a Step Closer to Restoring Abolished Army as Trainees Return to Repair Roads
UN Syria War Crimes Team Checking 14 Alleged Chemical Attacks
UN Report on Chemical Attack in Syria
UN: Libyan Weapons Being Smuggled Into Syria
Israel Denies Netanyahu Urged Kerry to Back Syria Deal
Jordan: Syria Refugee Influx Surges Nearly Tenfold
Spain Arrests Ceuta Man Accused of Sending Fighters to Syria
What Syria Looks Like to Red Cross Workers on the Ground
Brigadier General Wounded in Attacks That Also Leave 24 Dead
210 MKO Members Transferred From Iraq to Albania
Judge: Iran-Backed Company Behind NYC Office Tower
Iran Restores Blocks on Facebook, Twitter
Iran Mulls Persian Cat as Next Animal Astronaut
Middle East
2012 West Bank Settler Population Growing Almost Three Times as Fast as National Rate
Yemen Receives Its First US Reconnaissance Aircraft to Aid in Fight Against al-Qaeda
China Pledges Support for Bahrain's Efforts to Safeguard Stability
Suicide Bomber Kills Three Police in Russia's Chechnya
Authorities Say No Radiation Leaked in Russian Sub Fire
Belgium's Telecoms Firm Belgacom Hacked; Officials Suspect State-Sponsored Cyber-Espionage
EU Preparing Sanctions for New Member Croatia
Pirate Party Launches Protest Drone at Merkel Rally
In Other News
Russian Lawyer: NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Still Expects Visit From Father, Perhaps Mother
Pakistan's Malala, US Leaker Snowden Among Nominees for EU's Top Human Rights Prize
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We Should Praise, Instead of Condemn, Dennis Rodman's Return Visit to North Korea

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