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Updated September 18, 2013 - 11:19 PM EDT
West Backs Down at UN: No 'Use of Force' for Syria
  Russia: No Proof of Assad's Guilt in Chemical Attack
  Syria Accuses Western Powers of Forestalling Peace Negotiations
  In Public Shift, Israel Calls for Assad's Fall
Obama Waives Ban on Arming Terrorists
  Seven Killed in Syria-Turkey Border Car Bombing
  Syrian Rebel War Crimes Fueling Faction Split
Iran Seesawing on Policies May Reflect Infighting
  Reports Denied of Iran's Plans to Offer Fordo Closure
IAEA Dubs Nuclear-Free Mideast Talks a Failure
  Israel Lifts Major Restrictions on Gaza Imports
FISA: No Telecoms Challenged Records Orders
  Brazil's President Cancels White House Visit Over NSA Spying
US Troops Under Siege in Sinai as Egypt Battles Islamists
Bombers Return to Baghdad: 69 Killed, 151 Wounded
Demonizing Putin Endangers America's Security  by Stephen F. Cohen
Next Step for Peace in Syria – Stop the 'Lethal Aid'  by Norman Solomon
I Hope Syria Won't Suffer Western Intervention – I've Lived It  by Jasmina Tesanovic
Dropping Their Pens and Waving Guns  by Chase Madar
Letter to an Unknown Whistleblower  by Tom Engelhardt
A Spy's Regret  Washington Times

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Navy Yard Shooting: White House Orders Review of Security Procedures
IG Report: 52 Felons Gained Routine Access to Military Facilities
Pentagon Orders Global Security Review After Shooting
Military's Background Check System Failed to Block Gunman With Arrest History
Pro-Opposition Syria Analyst Admits She Was Never Enrolled in Ph.D. Program
UN Has Allegations of 14 Other Gas Attacks in Syria by Both Regime and Rebels
Report: First Israeli Fighting Alongside Syrian Rebels Killed
Syrian Rebels Demand Response After UN Report
Five Big UN Powers to Meet on Syria Draft on Tuesday: US
Libya Wants UK Help to Halt Syria Arms Smuggling
Why Is France Pushing So Hard on Syria?
Ambassador Oren: Israel Has Wanted Assad Ousted Since Syria War Began
Palestinian Killed During Israeli Raid in West Bank
Angry Muslim Worshipers Expel Senior Fatah Official From Temple Mount
Lapid Urges West to 'Carry a Big Stick' When Dealing With Syria, Iran
Bedouins Slam Israel's Desert Development as 'Nakba in the Negev'
Hamas to Produce Film About Gilad Shalit
Iran's Supreme Leader: We'll Be Flexible in Nuclear Talks
Iran Restores Blocks on Facebook, Twitter
US to Seize Manhattan Skyscraper Secretly Owned by Iran
Netanyahu to Meet Obama on Iran
Bombers Return to Baghdad: 69 Killed, 151 Wounded
Iraq's Latest Surge: State Executions
HRW Evidence of Bahraini Child Protesters Abused, Threatened With Rape and Electrocution
Bahrain Opposition Leader Summoned by Police
Group Urges Yemen to Protect Women's Rights in New Constitution
Clash Kills at Least 16 at Prison in Venezuela
Guatemala Arrests Alleged Trafficker Sought by US
3 Vigilantes Killed in Clash With Mexican Soldiers
Gunmen Kill Egyptian Army Officer and Soldier in Nile Delta
Detainees Kill Frenchman in Egypt Police Custody: Security Sources
Police Hunt Veteran Islamist in Southern Egypt
Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Arrested in Continuing Egypt Crackdown
Chaotic Libya Appeals for Help to Restore Security
Car Bomb Kills Head of Libya's Criminal Investigations Unit in East in Latest Attack on Police
Rwanda Election: Ruling Party Wins Parliamentary Landslide
Congo Soldier Held for 2 Days in Rwanda Freed After Case Sparked Tension Between the Countries
Critical Moroccan Editor Detained for Posting al-Qaeda Video
China Finds Resistance to Oil Deals in Africa
Afghanistan Presidential Race Kicks Off, but 1st Day of Registration Draws No One
Afghan President Says No Rush for US Security Deal
Pakistan Has Low Expectations From New York Talks
Pakistan Yet to Decide Details on Freeing Former Taliban No. 2
China Communist Party Investigators Tried Over Drowning
China Beijing Airport Explosion Suspect Tried
North Korea: UN Rights Probe Shows 'Unspeakable Atrocities'
Troops Free Civilians in Philippine Rebel Stand-Off
Bangladesh: Abdul Kader Mullah Gets Death Penalty for War Crimes
Lib Dem Activists Back Calls for Fewer Trident Submarines
7th Parachute Regiment Soldiers in Positive Drug Tests
Snowden Among Nominees for a European Human Rights Prize
311 McDonald's Across Poland Evacuated Due to False Bomb Alert
Putin: Russia to Reopen Soviet-Era Arctic Military Base
Close Ally of Kosovo PM Cleared of War Crimes for Third Time
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