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Updated September 19, 2013 - 11:29 PM EDT
West Backs Down at UN: No 'Use of Force' for Syria
  US: Syria Might Miss Kerry-Mandated Disclosure Date
  Syria Can Eliminate Chemical Arms Despite War: Top US Officer
  Russia Faults 'Political' UN Report on Syria
  Americans, Europeans Oppose Syria Intervention: Poll
Rebels Clash: Al-Qaeda Seizes Syria Border Town
  Most Reported Deaths in Syria Not Committed by Assad Forces
  Pentagon Proposes Training Syrian Rebels
  Russia Says It Has Proof Rebels Behind Chemical Attack in Syria
Inside Israel's Chemical and Biological Arsenal
  Rohani Reiterates: Iran Will Never Make Nuclear Weapons
Telecoms Silent on Legality of NSA Data Collection
  House Judiciary Chair: Americans Need More Protection From NSA
House Presses Military Chiefs on Sequestration Specifics
Americans Were War-Weary Long Before Iraq  by Michael Kazin
Will Eric Holder Guarantee NSA Reporters' 1st Amendment Rights?  by John Cusack
Counting the Costs of Obama's Libya and Syria Blunders  by Gene Healy
Spying and Lying  by Andrew Napolitano
Syria’s New Game: The Russian Factor  by Ramzy Baroud
Israel Wants Focus on Chemical Weapons, Not Syria's Civil War  by Jonathan Cook

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Court: Facebook 'Like' Deserves Free Speech Protection
Poll: US Sees Russia, Vladimir Putin as Foe
FBI Barred From Making Benghazi Arrests in Libya
Yemen Talks Stumble Over North-South Divide
WAPO's New Jerusalem Correspondent Married to Pro-Israel Propagandist
Syria War
SNC Deal With Kurds Gives a Boost to Anti-Assad Opposition
Assad: Chemical Weapon Disposal Will Take a Year, Cost $1 Billion
Aleppo Prisoners Caught in Deadly Stalemate
Former Gitmo Prisoner Killed After Joining Syria Islamist Brigade
UN Weapons Inspectors to Return to Syria Soon: Chief
UN Says Chemical Arms Report on Syria Attack 'Indisputable'
Syrian Christians in Limbo, Fearing Repeat of Iraq
Syria Drug Shortages Threaten Health Catastrophe
Syria and America
Dennis Kucinich Interviews Bashar Assad
Gates, Panetta Question Obama's Syria Strategy
McCain: 'Not True' That Syrian Rebels Are Mostly Islamic Extremists
US War Crimes Ambassador: Assad 'Absolutely' Should Be Tried for War Crimes
Syria and the World
Russia Says UN Report on Syria Attack Preconceived, Political
Germany Supplied 'Dual-Use' Chemicals to Syria
Security Council Returns to Role in Syria Conflict
Jordan Jails 6 for Trying to Join Syria Jihadists
PA Says Israel Agreed to Release Another 250 Prisoners
Hamas: Egypt Destroying Gaza Tunnels to Tighten Blockade
The High Price of Silence in the Prisoner X Affair
Iraq Blasts Kill 8, Wound 53
Sectarian Violence Reignites in an Iraqi Town
Al-Qaeda Pushing Iraq Toward Civil War, Ambassador Says
Iraq Kurdish Leader Insists on Right to Export Energy
Iraqi Envoy Ducks Iran Exiles Questions in Online Chat
White House: Obama Told Iran He Sees a Way to Resolve Nuclear Issue
Netanyahu to Meet Obama, Urge More Pressure on Iran
Rights Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh 'Among 11 Freed Political Prisoners'
Iran's Sotoudeh Says Will Continue Defending Rights
Tanzania Asks Iran to Police Use of Its Tanker Call Signs
Bahrain Opposition to Boycott National Dialogue Talks After Arrest of Opposition Leader
The War at Home
Navy Ignored Warning Last Month About Shooting Suspect
Hagel Orders Reviews of Security Procedures and Clearances
Navy Yard: SWAT Team 'Stood Down' at Mass Shooting Scene
Navy Yard Shooter Was 'Not Happy With America,' Friend Says
Iraqi Bombing Suspect on Trial in Arizona
Navy Officer, NCIS Agent Arrested in Bribery Case
CUNY Student Group: Six Violently Arrested Protesting Petraeus Await Charges
Spying on Everyone
Same Day It's Revealed Verizon Never Challenged NSA, It Mocks Internet Companies for Doing So
Brazil Data Plan Aims to Keep US Spies at Bay
Will the Supreme Court Stop Cops From Reading Your Text Messages?
Zuckerberg: Trust in Facebook, Google 'Went Down' After NSA Spying News
Taliban Kill Election Official, Then Brag on Twitter
Clashes Among Afghan Police in Helmand, 10 Killed or Injured
Afghans to Receive First C-130 Aircraft From US Air Force
Farah Prisoners Continue Hunger Strike
Afghan Forces Kill 5 Pakistanis at Zhob
Pakistan Lodges Strong Protest Over Afghan Cross-Border Firing
India Releases Nine Pakistanis
India: 96 Ceasefire Violations by Pakistan This Year, Highest in 8 Years
12 Killed in Raid by Security Forces in Western China
Philippine Military Hunts Muslim Rebels
Sri Lanka Editor Flees During Night Raid on Her House
Thailand Court Jails Swedish Man Over Bomb-Making Materials
'War Without Guns': South Korea's Passionate Protesters
North Africa
Egypt's Ousted Leader Talks to Family for 1st Time
Libya to Move Gadhafi's Son to Tripoli, Setting Stage for Trial Over Murder, Other Charges
Report: 150 Islamists Die in Nigerian Attack
Controversy Trails Army, Boko Haram Clash in Maiduguri
Nigerian Politicians Brawl in Parliament Over PDP Split
Central African Republic
Villagers Take Up Arms to Face Down Central African Rebels
Rights Group Calls for Sanctions, Aid to Peacekeepers in Violent Central African Republic
Seleka Fighters Accused of Rights Violations in Central African Republic
Anger After Kenyan ICC Trial Witness 'Outed' Online
Kenya's William Ruto Trial: ICC Judge Warns Bloggers
160 UN Peacekeepers Desert Mali Posts
ICC Calls on US to Arrest Sudan Genocide Suspect Bashir
Niger Would Welcome Armed US Drones: Foreign Minister
Uganda Hauls Back Two Dozen Somalia Peacekeepers Over Scam
Separatists in Zambia Say They Want Out Despite Development Pledges From Central Govt
150 Somali-Owned Shops Looted in South African Rampage
Romania: Camp Commander Accused of 103 Deaths
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