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Updated September 22, 2013 - 11:15 PM EDT
Pakistan Christian Church Suicide Attack Kills 81
Bombers Attack Iraq Funeral, Police; 109 Killed
68 Dead in Kenya Mall Attack; Hostages Still Held
Afghan Soldier Kills 3 NATO Special Forces
  Afghan Troop Deaths Hit Record Amid US Exit
US Nearly Detonated Nuke Over North Carolina
  How US Almost Nuked North Carolina: Declassified Document
Major US Security Company Warns of NSA Link
  Brazil's Controversial Plan to Extricate the Internet From US Control
Officials: Donations Give Edge to Syria Islamists
Hard Times for Iran Hawks
Make Trade, Not War  by John Stossel
NBC's News on Iran and Nukes Is Old News  by Peter Hart
Eliminating Nuclear Weapons Is Just as Important as Eliminating Chemical Weapons  by Lawrence Wittner
40 Years of the 'Fighter Mafia'  by Kelley Vlahos
Rouhani's Message  by Paul R. Pillar
Bomb Syria to Intimidate Iran: Recycling a Bad Idea  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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Snowden Leaks Help NSA Critics in Government Surveillance Lawsuits
Sri Lanka's Main Tamil Party Wins Landslide Victory
Conspiracy Theories Abound After Navy Yard Shooting
Yes Scotland: Thousands in Independence March
The Time a Cleveland Newspaper Divulged the Manhattan Project
The War at Home
New FBI Director James Comey Defends Obama's Surveillance Program
Same Private Company That Vetted Snowden, Cleared Navy Yard Shooter
Afghan Troops Kill Taliban Shadow District Governor, 10 Colleagues
Lawmaker: Taliban Abduction Left Her 'Even Braver'
Pakistan Releases Senior Taliban Figure
Pakistan Army, Government at Loggerheads Over Taliban Talks
Pakistan Supreme Court Orders Arrest of 33,000 Over Arms in Karachi
Without Government Support, Balochistan Chief Minister Strives to Negotiate With Militants
Three Injured in Mach Blast
Suicide Bomber Killed in Grenade Blast in Pakistan
Three Balochistan Doctors Released by Taliban
Pakistan to Raise Objections Over Four Indian Power Projects in Kashmir
Pakistani Lawyers to Visit India for Cross-Examination of Mumbai Attack Witnesses
Several Injured in Clashes in Kashmir
Former Indian Army Chief Slams Allegations of Secret Unit
North Korea
North Korea Postpones Reunions of War-Divided Families
Russia Says North Korea Fired Shots in the Path of Russian Boat
China's Ousted Politician Bo Xilai Gets Life in Jail
Russia Warns Ukraine Against EU Deal
Britain: Gordon Brown 'Discussed Troops on Streets' in Crisis
Americans Still Dying
National Guardsman From Indianapolis (IN) Dies in Afghanistan
Army Soldier From Fontana (CA) Dies of Wounds Suffered in Afghanistan in April
Assad's Forces Kill at Least 15 in Sunni Muslim Village
Russia 'Could Drop' Support of Assad
Car Bomb Blast on Turkey-Syria Border Shows No Retaliation: Turkish PM
Police, Army to Secure Southern Beirut Suburbs
Azaz Fighting Sparks Beirut Protest Over Hostages
West Targets Hezbollah Financing, Ties in Africa
Suicide Bombers Attack Iraq Funeral, Police; 109 Killed, 173 Wounded
Iraq's Kurds Vote Amid Rows, Regional Tensions
'Damning Evidence' Becomes 'No Clear Evidence': Much-Delayed Report on Congenital Birth Defects in Iraq
EU Tells Israel to Explain Seizure of Palestinian Aid
Israeli Soldier Found Murdered in West Bank
Jews Challenge Rules to Claim Heart of Jerusalem
Yemen Ex-Leader Slams South Over Push for Autonomy
North Africa
Roadside Bomb Wounds 2 Egyptian Soldiers in Sinai; 16 Suspected Militants Arrested
Egyptian Arrested for Naming Donkey After General
Tunisia Talks End in Stalemate After Assassination
Somalia Al-Shabab Claims Nairobi Westgate Kenya Attack
Al-Shabaab: The Rise of a Youth-Led Islamist Movement
Americans Injured in Kenya Mall Attack: State Department
Nairobi Mall Attackers Targeted Non-Muslims With AK-47s and Grenades, Says Witness (video)
Gunfire From Nigerian Forces Kills Squatters
Cuba, US Reach Maritime Rescue Agreement
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