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Updated September 24, 2013 - 11:24 PM EDT
Obama to UN: Iran Diplomacy Must Be Tested
  Iran's President, FM Head to New York, Seek Talks
US: Syria's Chemical List 'Surprisingly Complete'
  Assad Welcomes International Experts to Access Chemical Sites
  Local al-Qaeda Leader Killed in Syrian Rebel Infighting
  US, Russia Press Syria, but Slow to Destroy Their Own Chemical Arms
Kenya Says All Hostages Freed in Mall Siege
  Somali Islamist Militants Threaten to Kill Kenya Hostages
  Obama Offers Support to Kenya as FBI Investigates US Involvement
  Kenya Attack Points to Shabaab Hardliners Gaining Influence
Obama's NSA Review Panel Littered With Insiders
  NSA Surveillance Goes Beyond Orwell's Imagination
  These 12 Bills Are the NSA's Worst Nightmare
Egypt Junta Bans Muslim Brotherhood
Sino-Japanese Disputes Could Pull the US into War in Asia
$3 Billion Price Tag to Bring Gear Home From Afghanistan
Sikh Professor Beaten by NYC Mob, Called 'Terrorist'
Another Funeral, Another Bombing in Baghdad; 38 Killed
Christians Protest Across Pakistan After Suicide Bombings
Iran: This Time, the West Must Not Turn Its Back on Diplomacy  by Mohammad Khatami
Why Diplomacy With Iran Is Doomed  by John Glaser
Security Council Begins Writing Syria Resolution  by Barbara Crossette
Is Iran the Fourth Reich?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
How to Seize a Deal With Iran  by Trita Parsi
How the B-52 Became Immortal  by Steve Chapman

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Feinstein: First Amendment Is a Special Privilege, Not a Right!
Gitmo Defense Attorneys Complain of Monitoring of Their Internet Activities
US Military Ending Gitmo Hunger Strike Updates
Former FBI Agent Pleads Guilty in Leak to AP
Snowden Wears Disguise, in Danger: Lawyer
United Nations: EU Says Iran, 6 Key Nations to Hold Nuclear Talks
Kerry to Meet Iranian Counterpart on Sidelines of UN General Assembly
Iran Frees 80 Prisoners as President Heads to UN
Iran's President Rohani Arrives in New York for UN General Assembly
Putin Warns Against 'Aggression' on Syria
Syria's Assad Criticizes US Threat of Strikes: China TV
Hezbollah Denies Getting Syrian Chemical Weapons
Lebanon to Deploy Forces to Hezbollah Stronghold
In Lebanon, Refugee Syrian Children Work to Survive
Israel Army, Palestinians Clash in Hebron After Deaths
Responding to Soldier Killings, Netanyahu Allows Jewish Families to Live in Hebron House
Fatah Official: Israel Responsible for Soldier's Death in Hebron
State Promises Not to Demolish Cisterns, Toilets in Disputed West Bank Villages
Holland Opposes Import Ban on Settlement Products
Another Funeral, Another Bombing in Baghdad; 38 Killed
Bomb Hits Iraq Ambulance Carrying Pregnant Woman
Middle East
Suspected al-Qaeda Militants Kill Yemeni Officer
US Navy Halts Search for 2 Missing Airmen in Red Sea
Suicide Bomber in Russia's North Caucasus Kills Two, Injures 20
Putin Says Syria Violence Could Hit Ex-Soviet Bloc
Russia Sells 49-Per-Cent Stake in Maker of AK-47s
Pussy Riot Punk on Hunger Strike Over Prison 'Death Threats'
Greek Police Generals Resign After Neo-Nazi Killing
Policemen Among Six Killed in Pishin Blast
Karachi: Security Forces Capture 53 Accused, Recover Arms
Farah Raid Kills 27 Insurgents
2 Romanian Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Taliban Kill 11 Border Police Guards
Return of the Lion: Former Warlord Preps for Western Withdrawal
Gunmen Assassinate Intel Official
Young Afghan Militants Ready to Die, Eager to Kill
Bo Xilai: Chinese Ex-Politician to Appeal Against Life Term
China Gains New Friends in Its Quest for Energy
India Soldier Killed in Kashmir Market Attack
North Korea Rocket Engine Test 'Probable'
Israeli Advisers Helping Kenya in Mall Siege: Security Source
Kenyan Police Vow to 'Finish and Punish' Westgate Mall Terrorists
Shebab 'Chief' Says No Foreigners in Nairobi Siege
Samantha Lewthwaite: Is 'White Widow' Behind Kenya Mall Attack?
10 Things to Know About Somali Militants Al-Shabab
Iraq: Somalia Requests Help in Training Its Police Officers
North Africa
Egyptian Students Detained for Pro-Muslim Brotherhood Protests
Tunisia's Islamists Resist Proposal to Step Down
Website Says Al-Qaeda's North Africa Branch Replaces Commanders Killed in N. Mali
Uganda Steps Up Security After Kenya Mall Attack: Army
Central African Repub. Delegation to Assess Reports That Lord's Resistance Army Is Disarming
Policeman Killed, 51 Hurt in Pre-Election Clashes in Guinea
In Miami, Cuban Travelers Get Taste of US Tourism
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