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Updated September 25, 2013 - 11:25 PM EDT
Obama: USA 'Exceptional' Because of All the Wars
  Poll: Americans Have Negative View of Obama on Syria, Iran
  The Handshake That Never Happened
  Poll: Americans' Belief That Govt Is Too Powerful at Record Level
Rohani to UN: Iran Poses No Threat to the World
  Hawks Quick to Spurn Iranian President's Diplomacy Push
  Senior Israeli Minister Criticizes Boycott of Iranian Leader's UN Speech
  Sanctions Did Not Prompt Iran’s New Diplomacy
  Rohani's New Tune, and Netanyahu's Broken Record
Syrian Christian Nuns, Orphans Trapped by Rebels
  Syrian Rebels Spurn Coalition, Call for Islamist Leadership
  Cracks Widen Among Syrian Rebels
  UN Syria Resolution Stalled Again, US Back to Seeking Military Action
Kenya Claims Victory, Mall Death Toll Still Rising
  Mall Attack Terrorists Included 'Two or Three' Americans: Kenyan FM
  History of Al-Shabab Recruiting in Minnesota
Breaking UN Protocol, Brazil Slams US Spying
  NSA Reforms: Senate Split on Plan
  EU Threatens to Suspend Deal With US on Tracking Terrorists' Funding
Israel Silent on Chemical Weapons
Pentagon Rejects Money to Overhaul Gitmo
US Blocks Drone Victims' Lawyer's Congressional Testimony
The Kenyan Massacre's Roots in America's Somalia Policy  by Sheldon Richman
For US-Iran, It's All in the Timing  by Trita Parsi
President Rouhani's Overtures to the West Are Genuine. Iran Voted for Change  by Narges Bajoghli
Is Iran Just Fooling Us?  by Ted Snider
Obama's New Victory in War on Freedom of the Press  by Norman Solomon
A Deceptive Letter to the NSA's Spy Family  by Gene Healy

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Full Text of Obama's UN General Assembly Speech
9 Years On, Libya Still Not Free of Chemical Weapons
Obama's Favorite General Stripped of His Security Clearance
'Get a Boat!' Venezuela Flights Booked for Months
Kerry to Sign Small Arms Trade Treaty
Spying on Everyone
Top Senator Calls for Scrapping Key Snooping PATRIOT Act Section
Judiciary Chairman Takes Aim at NSA
Unleashed and Unaccountable: ACLU Report on NSA Spying
Mall Attack Follows Internal Power Struggle Won by Hard-Liners Among Somali Terrorists
British Islamist in Kenya Had 'Explosive' Chemicals
Kenya Attack Unfolded in Multiple Twitter Feeds as Somali Group Offered Live Litany of Terror
Before Kenya Attack, Rehearsals and Planting of Machine Guns
Somali Prime Minister Calls for Aid to Combat Al Shabaab
Kenya Mall Attackers Must Be Held Accountable: Somali PM
Mall Attacker Reportedly Apologized To Freed British Boy, 4, Who Called Him 'A Very Bad Man'
Egypt Warns Hamas of 'Harsh' Response if Security Threatened
Senior Brotherhood Member Says Ban Is Political
US Troops Trying to Turn Afghan Soldiers Into Medics
China Bans Several Weapon-Related North Korea Exports
Sri Lanka Army 'Harassed Tamil Voters', Observers Say
Russia Accuses Greenpeace Crew of 'Piracy' in Arctic
Pussy Riot's Nadezhda Tolokonnikova Moved to Isolation
Convicted 'War Criminal' Urges Peace in Bosnia
The War at Home
F-35 Maker Hires Ex-General Who Led NATO Libya Mission
Empty F-16 Jet Tested by Boeing and US Air Force as a Drone
Iran's Rouhani Calls for 'Consistent Voice' From US on Nuclear Issue
Obama Tells UN That Diplomatic Path Must Be Tested With Iran
Full Text of Iranian President Rohani's Address to the UN
Israel Accuses Iran's Rouhani of Playing 'Game of Deception'
Netanyahu Orders Walk Out of Israeli Delegation During Iranian Leader's UN Address
UN Chemical Weapons Inspectors 'To Return to Syria'
UN Chief Urges Leaders to Stop Fueling Syria War
Syrian Christians May Get Pulled Into Civil War
Aid Group: Syrian Children Face Food Shortages
Veteran Spanish War Correspondent Marc Marginedas Kidnapped in Syria
US Pledges $8.7 Million for Lebanese Army
Lebanon President Laments Burden of Syria Refugees
Lebanon Calls for 'Safe Zones' in Syria
Obama to Palestinians: Peace Won't Be Easy
Israel 'To Act' Over West Bank Diplomats Scuffle
Israel Pledges Not to Raze Toilets in Disputed West Bank Villages
Dozens of Militants Attack West Iraq Towns; 35 Killed
Ahead of Final Count, PUK Accepts Defeat in Kurdistan Polls
High Turnout Reported in Elections in Kurdish North of Iraq
US Prisoner in Bahrain Gets 10 Years in Jail: Lawyer
Bahrain FM Slams Hezbollah Chief as 'Criminal'
Officials: Militants Free 21 Yemeni Soldiers
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