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Updated September 27, 2013 - 11:01 PM EDT
Obama, Rouhani Talk on Phone, 'Deal Possible'
  Iran Talks 'Substantial,' More Scheduled
  Rouhani Urges Israel to Join Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
UN Security Council OKs Syria Disarmament Deal
  US-Backed Syrian Rebels Form New Alliance With al-Qaeda Affiliate
  US Syria Plans Face Setback as Key Rebels Break From Coalition
Intel Chiefs Urge Congress to Retain Surveillance
  Sen Wyden Hints at Mass NSA Tracking of Americans' Locations
  Sen. Feinstein: Press Must Stop Calling NSA Spying 'Surveillance'
  Operation Minaret: NSA Spied on Muhammad Ali and MLK
71 Missing, Questions Grow on Kenya Mall Attack
  Somalis Fear Youths Leaving US for Terror Group
  Somali President: Al-Shabaab Might Attack US
The Return of Insider Attacks in Afghanistan
  Bus Blast Kills 19 Government Employees in Northwest Pakistan
  Held by Pakistan, Afghan Taliban Commander's Peace Role in Doubt
Baghdad Market Blasts; 58 Killed, 109 Wounded
Abbas: Last Chance for a Just Israel-Palestine Peace Deal
Threat Inflation 6.0: Does Al-Shabab Really Threaten the US?  by Stephen M. Walt
Eight Exceptional(ly Dumb) US Achievements of the 21st Century  by Tom Engelhardt
In Secret, FISA Court Contradicted Supreme Court on Rights  by Yochai Benkler
The Iranian Olive Branch  by Flynt Leverett & Hillary Mann Leverett
American Exceptionalism Revisited  by Gracy Olmstead
Metadata May Not Catch Many Terrorists, but It's Great at Busting Journalists' Sources  by Shane Harris

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Held by Pakistan, Ex-Afghan Taliban Commander's Touted Peace Role in Doubt
Bahrain Stung by Obama Comment on Sectarian Tensions
South Park NSA Surveillance Spoof Gets Big Ratings
Kerry/Zarif Meet; Rouhani Answers Tough Questions
Draft UN Resolution on Syria Chemical Weapons (Text)
Most of Syria's Toxins Can Be Destroyed More Easily Than Officials Initially Thought
Jihadists Torch Statues, Crosses in Syria Churches
Al-Qaeda-Linked Terrorists Destroy Jewish Graves in Aleppo
Russia Says Ready to Help Guard Syria Chemical Weapons Sites
One Killed, Five Others, Including Three Iraqi Women Wounded in Damascus
Belgium Arrests Suspected Top Member of Spanish Group That Sent Militants to Syria
Syrian Conflict Takes a Toll on Palestinian Aid
Palestinian Leader Urges World Powers to Rein in Settlements
Abbas: Most Israelis Back Two-State Solution
Full Text of Mahmoud Abbas's Speech to the General Assembly
Baghdad Market Blasts; 58 Killed, 109 Wounded
Triple Bombing at Market Near Baghdad Kills 23, Wounds 40
Iraq's Kurds Use Oil Deals With Turkey to Boost Independence Moves
Twin Explosions in Yemeni Capital Wound 20
Green-On-Blues Start Up Again
Afghan in Army Uniform Fires on Foreign Troops, Kills One
Spain Hands Over Its Main Base in Afghanistan
Ahead of India-Pakistan Talks, 12 Die in Militant Attack in Kashmir
Pakistan Earthquake Aid Chopper Targeted by Militants
Pakistani General Attacked in Quake Zone
Sikh Activists Seek US Prosecution of Indian PM
Russia Threatens Travel Restrictions for Japanese Officials to Disputed Islands
More Muslim Rebels Surrender in Philippines' South
Colombia Out, Peru In, as Coca King. What's That Mean?
Venezuela's Leader Maduro Blames Axed UN Trip on 'Plot'
Spying on Everyone
NSA Leaks 'Extremely Damaging,' National Intelligence Director Tells Senate Hearing
Secret Cold War Documents Reveal NSA Spied on Senators
After Snowden Debacle, US Eyes Surveillance Reform
Here's How Ron Wyden Wants to Rein in the NSA
White House Open to More National Security Agency Data Limits, Officials Say
A Shaken Kenya Is Hit Again in 2 Deadly Attacks by Militants
Kenyan Authorities on the Spot Over Slip-Ups
At Kenya's Request, Interpol Issues Alert for 'White Widow'
Kenya Govt Defends Intellegence Service Over Westgate Terror Attack
Nairobi's 'Little Mogadishu' Fears Post-Attack Backlash
Shabaab Finances Face Squeeze After Kenya Attack
North Africa
Egyptian Army Warns Hamas Over Sinai Border
Tunisian Rapper Klay BBJ Jailed for Six Months
BP Faces Pressure Over Algeria Gas Plant Attack
Ethnic Tuareg Rebels Suspend Role in Accord Aimed at Talks With Mali's Government
Mali Says Sahel Needs Rapid Reaction Force to Fight Islamists
Sudanese Army Deploys Troops in Capital After Days of Violent Protests Leave at Least 30 Dead
Sudan Cancels President's Appearance at General Assembly; He Faces War Crimes Charges
UN Reports Renewed Fighting Between M23 Rebels, Congolese Army in Country's East
Charles Taylor War Crimes Convictions Upheld
UK MoD Study Sets Out How to Sell Wars to Public
British Poll Highlighting Islamophobia Is 'Deeply Worrying' to Muslim Groups
Al-Sweady Inquiry: Ex-Soldier Retracts Iraqi Abuse Claims
Russia, Belarus Conduct Massive Joint Military Exercise Involving More Than 22,000 Troops
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