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Updated September 30, 2013 - 11:25 PM EDT
NSA Compiles Social Connections of US Citizens
  Officials: Qaeda Plot Leak Has Undermined US Intelligence
  Greenwald, Scahill Vow to Unmask NSA's 'Assassination Program'
Iran Open to Direct US Talks on Nuclear Program
  Netanyahu Heads to US to Push Against Momentum of Diplomacy
  Hawkish Senators Slam Iran Diplomacy, Vow New Sanctions Push
  Iranian Hardliners Silent on Rouhani's US Diplomacy
  Iranian Foreign Minister: The Holocaust Is No Myth
Syria's Assad Vows to Comply With UN Resolution
  Inspectors Set to Destroy Syria Chemical Warfare Capacity
Pakistan Bazaar Blast Kills 42, Wounds 100
  US Drone Strike Kills Six in North Waziristan
Monday: Car Bombs Kill 65 in Baghdad
  Sunday: Kurdish Forces, Funeral Among Iraq Attacks; 93 Killed
44 Killed as Nigerian Militants Hit College Dorm
Kerry: Despite Syria, US Will Continue to Use Military Abroad
Millions in Advanced US Weaponry Stolen by Libyan Jihadis
Demonizing Russia and Hiding US Duplicity  by Brandon Huson
The Mystery of Washington's Waning Global Power  by Dilip Hiro
Failing Upward: Elizabeth O'Bagy's New Gig With McCain  by Ryan Evans
Neville Chamberlain Was Right  by Nick Baumann
The Trouble With Homeland  by Reid Smith
Obama's Flip-Flop on Spying  by Jacob Sullum

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Guardian Guide to NSA Releases
House GOP Moves to Protect Military Pay in a Shutdown
Africa Desert Helps Breed Radicals, From Al Shabab to Boko Haram to Mr. Marlboro
Nigeria Attack: Students Shot Dead as They Slept
Philippine Standoff Ends, but Fighting Goes On
Two Former Gitmo Detainees Have Left El Salvador
Iran: More Needed Than Obama Call for Full Ties
Iranian FM: Israel Can't Kill All Our Scientists
US-Iran Relations: A Brief Guide
Students Reported Killed in Syria Air Attack
Inspectors Explain How They Plan to Halt Syria's Ability to Manufacture Chemical Weapons
Syrian Journalist Killed in Deir Ezzor
France Was Ready for Syria Strike When Obama Decided to Seek Congress's Approval
Kurdish Forces, Funeral Among Iraq Attacks; 93 Killed, 183 Wounded
Rare Bomb Attack in Iraqi Kurdish Capital Kills Six
Jewish Vandals Smash Tombstones in Jerusalem Christian Cemetery
Haiti, Grenada Recognize Palestinian State
Israel Says It Has Caught Alleged Iranian Spy
Bahrain Unrest: 50 Shia Muslims Sentenced to Up to 15 Years
Egyptian Students Clash as Morsi Turmoil Spreads to Campuses
Egypt Extends Detention of Two Canadians Another 45 Days
9 Killed, 6 Wounded in Apparent Drug-Related Attacks Amid Fears of Mexico Violence Resurgence
Rev. Jesse Jackson to Keep Working for Retrieval of US Man Captured by Colombian Rebels
Edinburgh University Ends Funding for US Drone Component Maker
UK to Create New Cyber Defense Force
Court of Appeal to Rule in Terror House Seizure Case
Kenya Terrorists Used New Tactic to Spare Some Muslims
Kenya's Westgate Siege: Security Chiefs to Be Quizzed
Death Toll Unclear as Sudanese Protesters Return to the Streets of Khartoum
Authorities Censor Sudan's Largest Newspaper
Tuareg Separatists, Malian Army Clash in Northern Town
Explosion Rocks North Mali Town of Kidal
Africa Desert Helps Breed Radicals, From Al Shabab to Boko Haram to Mr. Marlboro
China Ban on Items for Nuclear Use to North Korea May Stall Arms Bid
Dempsey, Hagel Arrive in South Korea to Discuss Regional Security
Hagel: No Decision on Extending US Wartime Command of South Koreans
India and Pakistan 'Will Work Together Over Kashmir'
Sectarian Tensions Flare in Myanmar Town; 2 Muslim-Owned Homes Set on Fire
Tibetan Man Immolates Self in Ngaba, Toll Rises to 121
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