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Updated October 1, 2013 - 11:17 PM EDT

Calif. Governor Signs Ban on NDAA Detentions

Obama Defends 'Social Mapping' of Americans
  The One Leak With Bigger Fallout Than Snowden's Combined
  NSA Spying Creates a New Data Haven Industry
Downplaying Talks, Obama Threatens Iran Attack
  Poll: 76 Percent of Americans Favor Direct Talks With Iran
  US Faces Pressure From Israel, Saudi Arabia to Rebuff Iran Overtures
  Revolutionary Guard Chief: Rouhani Should've Refused Obama's Call
Syria Chemical Disarmament Begins Tuesday
  US Arming Syrian Rebels, but Refugees Aiding Them Are 'Terrorists'
  Free Syrian Army Holding Talks With Assad's Senior Staff
  Syrian FM Accuses US, France of Blocking Chemical Weapons Probe
Hundreds Killed in Last Few Days in Iraq
  Syrian Jihadists Wreak Havoc as Violence Spreads Into Iraq
  65 Killed, 203 Wounded as Baghdad Suffers More Bombings
Pakistan Slams US as Pace of Drone Strikes Grows
Two US Generals Ousted Over Failure to Secure Afghan Base
Police State Programs Not Affected by a Government Shutdown  by John W. Whitehead
The NSA Deserves a Permanent Shutdown  by Norman Solomon
This £100bn Armageddon Weapon Won't Make Us One Jot Safer  by Simon Jenkins
It's Time to Retire 'Isolationism'  by Michael Ostrolenk & John Isaacs
How the Surveillance State Was Born  by Jeffrey Rosen
It's Official: NSA Wants to Suck Up All Americans' Phone Records  by Robyn Greene

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Marine Corps Assigns Elite Units to Pacific, Middle East, Africa
Whistleblowers vs. Newspapers: The Bias on Disclosures
Militarization Creep: Texas Cops Get Army Tanks
Russia Says to Push for Mideast Free of WMD
Swiss War Game Envisages Invasion by Bankrupt French
Syria Chemical Weapons Inspectors to Start by Disabling Production
UN Security Council May Demand Humanitarian Relief Corridors in Syria
Syria Claims US, UK, and France Blocked Naming of Perpetrators of Chemical Weapons Attacks
Syria FM Tells UN Regime Fighting 'Terrorists' Who Eat Human Hearts, Dismember People Alive
Syria Neighbors Plead for International Help
Syria Urges Israel to Sign Non-Nuclear Treaty
Israeli PM Relieved With Obama Assurances of Hostility Toward Iran
Israel's President Peres: All Options Open on Iran
Iran Staggers as Sanctions Hit Economy
Biden Tells J Street: Nuclear Iran Would Pose Existential Threat to Israel
Iran to Explore Renewal of Direct Flights With US
65 Killed, 203 Wounded as Baghdad Suffers More Bombings
Remember Bibi's Wisdom on Iraq 11 Years Ago
Gaza Official: Israeli Army Kills 1 on Border
Israeli Troops Shoot Palestinians Near Fence in Gaza Strip
Transcript of Remarks Made by Obama and Netanyahu After Bilateral Meeting
Middle East
Yemeni Forces Recapture al-Qaeda-Seized Army HQ
Turkey to Lift Headscarf Ban, Boost Kurdish Rights
Clashes in Herat Leaves 9 Dead, Including Civilians
Release of Decades-Old Death Lists Stirs Anger and Grief
Pentagon Chief Hagel Seeks Deal on US Forces in Afghanistan
Aussie Soldiers Told Not to Buy Afghan Loot
Iowa Troops Fight to Get Afghan Interpreter to US
Another Day of Violence Leaves 15 Dead in Karachi
Drone Strike in North Waziristan Kills Two, Injures One
One Big UN Handshake: India and Pakistan Meet
Myanmar Says Won't Allow Political Opening to Spur Sectarian Violence
Romania's Spy Agency: We Have Monitored Protests at Planned Canadian Gold Mine for Years
Spying on Everyone
NSA Stores Metadata of Millions of Web Users for Up to a Year, Secret Files Show
Ex-Microsoft Privacy Adviser: I Don't Trust Company After NSA Revelations
Former NSA Contractor Designs 'Surveillance-Proof' Font
Fugitive Snowden Short-Listed for European Rights Prize
Red Cross: 39 Still Missing After Mall Attack
Traders Say Kenyan Forces Looted Mall During Siege
Somali Militants Mixing Business and Terror
Officials Struggle With Tangled Web of Financing for Somali Militants
Shebab Says No Woman Involved in Mall Attack
Mali Fights Rebels in North as Army Officers Protest in South
Al-Qaeda's African Branch Claims Mali Suicide Bombing: Report
Disgruntled Mali Troops Fire Weapons, Kidnap Officer
Malian Army Clashes With Tuareg Rebels for Second Day in Kidal
Sudan Security Fires Gas at University Protest
Faced With Protests, Sudan's Al-Bashir Digs in Against Calls for Reform
Amid Heavy Media Blackout, Sudanese Protesters Resort to Smartphones to Defy Authorities' Ban
Sudan Arrests 700 People in Week of Deadly Anti-Government Unrest
North Africa
Westerners' Smuggled Letters Offer Glimpse of Egyptian Prisons
Armed Men Shut Down Libya Gas Facility in Berber Region
Cameroon Opposition Criticizes Legislative Poll as President Hails Democratic 'Maturity'
UN Reports Refugees From Congo War Swelling
France Selling Ships – and Maybe Arms – to Mozambique in Unusual Deal
Guinea Opposition Says 'Appalling' Fraud Committed During Long-Awaited Legislative Elections
Venezuela Says It Expelling Three US Diplomats for 'Stirring Violence'
Argentine Judge Seeks to Put Franco Officials on Trial
Thousands March in Haiti's Capital to Protest Government, Some Clash With Riot Police
The War at Home
Militarization Creep: Texas Cops Get Army Tanks
Sneaker Makers Want Pentagon to Buy American
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