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Updated October 3, 2013 - 11:08 PM EDT
Intel Chief: Shutdown Damages Spying Programs
  Pentagon to Award Contracts During Shutdown, Won't Announce Them
NSA Chief: Surveillance Foiled '1, Perhaps 2' Plots
  NSA Chief Admits Tracking Cellphone Locations in Secret Tests
  Democrats Split Sharply on NSA Call-Tracking Program
  Purse-Snatching Led to Legal Justification for NSA Domestic Spying
  Snowden E-Mail Provider Defied FBI Demands to Turn Over CryptoKeys
Israel Forming New Gulf Alliance to Attack Iran
  West May Drop Demand for Iran to Halt Civilian Enrichment
  Is Israel Derailing US-Iran Diplomacy With More Assassinations?
  US-Iran Ties Improve, but Congress Likely to Impose New Sanctions
  Netanyahu Stakes Out Maximalist Position on Iran
Syria Alawite Region Sees 'Massacres' by Rebels
  Al-Qaeda Fighters Advance on Rival Syria Rebels Near Turkish Border
  CIA in Syria: Train Moderate Rebels, but Not So Many That They Win
State Dept: Govt Shutdown Threatens Military Aid to Israel
US Push for Counterterror Ops Threatens Afghan Pact
Government Looking for Witches Will Find Them  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Like David Miranda, I Was Interrogated at a British Airport  by Baraa Shiban
Bibi's Gang: All the Prime Minister's Men (and Women)  by Marsha B. Cohen
Can Iran Trust the United States?  by Sheldon Richman
America's Nation-Building at Gunpoint  by Gian Gentile
The Visit and the Phone Call  by Murray Polner

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Glenn Greenwald Q&A on NSA Issues
Tech Firms Pledge to Keep Fighting NSA Secrecy
Cruz Warns Shutdown Could Lead to Terrorist Attacks
Germany Asks US Why NSA Critic Was Denied Entry
Obama Cancels Trip to Philippines and Malaysia
The War at Home
NSA Hiring Civil Liberties Watchdog
Marine Corps: Whistleblower Could Be Potential Navy Yard-Like Shooter
Watchdog Report Deals Another Blow to F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
Small Drone Crash Lands in Manhattan
Girlfriend of Alleged Tsarnaev Accomplice Arrested in Florida
Lawyers Ask Officials to Lift Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's 'Overly Harsh' Conditions
UN: More Civilian Casualties So Far This Year Than Last
Afghan Soldier Arrested in Pakistan Over Rogue Attack on Australian Troops
Afghan Salafi Leader Announces Presidential Bid
Will a Woman Follow Hamid Karzai as Afghanistan's President?
Efforts to Teach Afghan Troops to Read May Be NATO's Lasting Legacy
Suicide Bomber Kills Eight at Pakistan-Afghan Border
Pakistani Taliban Insists US Drone Attacks Must Stop Before Talks
Pakistan Bomb Kills Three Troops in Quake Area
Indian Army Claims Killed Pakistani Infiltrators in Kashmir
Suburban Detention for Pervez Musharraf
Imran Khan: Pakistan Must Talk to Taliban to Achieve Peace
Myanmar's Rakhine Clashes Kill Five as Thein Sein Visits
Muslims Hide as Deadly Sectarian Clashes Rage
Unanswered Questions Surround Kenya Mall Attack
Somalis in Nairobi Face Backlash After Mall Attack
ICC Seeks Journalist's Arrest for Kenya 'Witness Tampering'
Uganda President Dares Exiled General to Try to Remove Him by Force
Gambia to Leave the Commonwealth
Mali Frees 23 Prisoners as Part of Peace Deal
Congo Hopeful Peace Talks With Rebels Ends Next Week
Israel 'Angry' With New Iran-West Logic: Rouhani
Israel No Longer Certain Obama Would Attack Iran, Likud MP Indicates
Iranian President Engages With Twitter's Chairman
Israel Hits Back Over Threat of Iran-US Rapprochement
Iranian Cyber Warfare Commander Shot Dead in Suspected Assassination
Hardliners in Iran See Latest Diplomacy With US as a False Dawn
Iran's Jewish Community Reflects a Complicated Relationship With Israel
Clashes Erupt as CW Inspectors Begin Mission in Syria
In Europe, Young Muslims Head to Syria to Fight
The Wave From Syria: Flow of Refugees Destabilizes Lebanon
Putin: World Powers on 'Right Track' on Syria Chemical Arms
Missed Opportunity in Syria Haunts UN Official
In Aleppo, Schools Reopen Despite War
Israeli Rightists Bash J Street and MKs Who Attended Conference
Israeli Ministers No-Show at Anti-Peace Conference
Poll: Majority of Palestinians Expect Third Intifada if Peace Talks Fail
Gaza Tunnels Idle Amid Egypt Crackdown
Kissinger: If Israel Took Out Its Nukes in 1973, US Neither Knew nor Reacted
28 Killed, 98 Wounded in Bombings Across Iraq
Iraqi Kurdistan Opposition Party Beats PUK in Elections
Militants Shoot Down Military Helicopter in Northern Iraq
North Africa
Russian Embassy in Libya Comes Under Fire, Attack Repelled
Egypt: Disrespecting Flag Can Lead to Prison
Greenpeace Activists Charged With Piracy in Russia
Anna Chapman Cuts Off Interview Over Snowden Marriage Question
Violent Gangs Recruit Kids From Age 6 in Guatemala
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