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Updated October 4, 2013 - 11:29 PM EDT
$5B Pentagon Shopping Spree Before Shutdown
  Pentagon to Award Contracts During Shutdown, Won't Announce Them
  Intel Chief: Shutdown Damages Spying Programs
Feinstein's NSA Reform Bill Actually Adds Powers
  NSA Reveals More About Its Spying Efforts at Home
  Edward Snowden Should Be Put on Kill List, Joke US Intel Chiefs
  NSA Chief: Phone Surveillance Foiled 'One, Perhaps Two' Plots
Kerry, Hagel: US Won't Be 'Fooled' Into Iran Deal
  State Dept.: Government Shutdown Hampering Iran Sanctions
  Hopes for US-Iran Deal Threatened by Opposition in Congress
Syria Disarmament Experts Report Early Progress
  Syria War Stalemated, But Talks Still Seem Distant
  Rebel Groups Urge al-Qaeda and US-Backed Rebels to End Infighting
Egypt May Attack Gaza Strip
US, Japan Team Up to Spy on China With Drones
US Gives Child Soldier 'Waivers' to Allies to Bypass Sanctions
The Pentagon's Italian Spending Spree  by David Vine & Tom Engelhardt
If the Foreign-Policy Staff Were Cut in Half, What Would Happen?  by Stephen M. Walt
Shut Down the Nonessential National-Security State  by Jacob G. Hornberger
US, Syria, Iran: What Just Happened?  by Jack A. Smith
The Military's Prescription Drug Addiction  by Kelley Vlahos
Too Many Secrets  Zach Weissmueller interviews Mark Rumold

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Lithuania Refuses Probe Into CIA 'Black Site' Allegations
State Dept. Warns Shutdown Risks Post-Benghazi Security Upgrades
US and Japan Agree to Broaden Military Alliance
In a First, Saudis Cancel a Speech at the UN
Israel Gunboat, Troops Enter Lebanese Territory
NATO Warms Up for Europe Role After Afghan Pullout
Spying on Everyone
Greenwald: 'The Objective of the NSA Is Literally the Elimination of Global Privacy'
In Tribeca, NSA Billboard Watches You
Meet the Arab-American Lawyer Who the NSA Spied On – Back in 1967
Lon Snowden Praises Glenn Greenwald, ACLU After Split With Legal Team
UK Liberties Groups to Take GCHQ to Court Over Web Privacy
The War at Home
Mary Landrieu Calls for Relief of Boeing, Lockheed – Clients of Her Husband's Business Partner
US Indicts 13 Suspected Members of Anonymous Hacking Collective
Army to Close 13 ROTC Programs
Al-Qaeda Fighter Extradited to US From Belgium
Tunisian Man Extradited to US in Suicide Bomb Plot
In Leaked Video, Egyptian Army Officers Debate How to Sway News Media
Egypt to Take Over Banned Muslim Brotherhood Assets
Teenage 'Pro-Morsi Supporter' Killed in Suez Clashes
Egypt's Brotherhood Compares Army Rule to Hitler's Third Reich
Egypt's 'Revolution' Is Over as People Accept Imposition of Military Rule
North Africa
Russian Embassy in Libya Evacuated After Attack
Tunisian Government and Opponents to Start Talks Saturday
US Youths Recruited for Somali Terror Group Al-Shabaab, Hearing Told
Somali Leader Vows Never Again on 'Black Hawk Down'
Fallout From Somalia Still Haunts US Policy 20 Years Later
Sudan's Turabi Warns of Civil War and Calls on Bashir to Step Down
UN Rights Monitor Condemns Deadly Sudan Crackdown
Scores of Islamic Militants Killed in Air Raids in Northeast Nigeria
Nigeria School Attacks Force Thousands to Quit Studies
Despite Local Agendas, Al-Shabab and Other Islamic Militant Groups in Africa Develop Ties
Kenyan Soldiers Looted Stores Before Nairobi Mall Attack Was Over: Report
Madagascar Mob Kills Europeans Over 'Organ Trafficking'
France Moves in UN to Stabilize Central African Republic
Putin Says Russia Will Expand Its Arctic Presence
Russia Marks 20 Years Since Yeltsin Shelled Parliament
Iran Claims Cyber Warfare Expert Not Assassinated, as Israel Remains Cagey Over Involvement
Iran Authorities Studying US Direct Flights Idea
Netanyahu to BBC Persian: Iran's Nukes Will Spell Slavery for Iranian People
Refugees Inside Their Own Country – Syrians Continue to Suffer
Syrians, Lebanese Job Competition Adds to Tensions
Syria Refugees Protest in France, Seek to Go to Britain
Israel, PA Negotiations Set to Resume
EU's Relations With Israel Sink to New Low After Aid Row
In Rare Case, Palestinians Reclaim Settlement Land
No Such Thing as 'Israeli Nationhood,' Country's Supreme Court Says
Palestinian Women Visit Tel Aviv to Promote Peace
West Bank Garden of Tear Gas Grenades
Israel to Run for UN Security Council Seat for 2019-20
Settler Indicted for Price-Tag Attack
In 1973, Dayan Suggested Israel Prepare Nukes for Action, but Golda Meir Refused
29 Killed in Continuing Attacks
Senators Threaten Cuts in Iraq Aid Over Attacks on Iranian Exiles
James McCormick's Fake Bomb Detectors Still Used in Iraq
Middle East
Four Bahrainis Jailed for Bomb Attack in Village
Saudi Activist Waleed Abu Al-Khair Held Over 'Meeting Hall'
Turkey Questions Its EU Future as Brussels Looks to Balkans
Pakistan Suicide Bomb Attack on Militant Chief Kills 15 People
India Troops 'Fight Pakistan Infiltrators'
Ex-Taliban Leader in Pakistan's Peshawar Ahead of Talks
Pakistan Denies Skype Ban: No Decision Made Yet
Amid Bloodshed in Pakistan, a Stock Exchange Soars
Pakistan, With Thousands on Death Row, Rules Against Death Penalty
Afghan Military Faces Surge in Roadside Bombs
Former Islamist Warlord Who Brought bin Laden to Afghanistan to Run for President
Mexicans Seek Asylum as Drug Violence Persists
Former Colombian Security Chief Faces Questioning in 2000 Disappearance of Rights Activists
News That Ex-US Officer Sought in 'Missing' Killings Has Died in Chile Stuns Victim's Family
Think Tanks Say US Should Cease 'Militarization' of Latin America
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