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Updated October 5, 2013 - 11:17 PM EDT
US Navy SEALs Raid Militants in Somalia & Libya
Pilgrims, Journalists Among 107 Killed in Iraq
Afghan Children Killed in NATO Airstrike
  Afghan Security Guard Kills NATO Soldier
Syrian Rebel Groups Battle Each Other in North
  Syria Submits More Details on Chemical Program to Experts
  Christians Under Threat in Syria as Islamist Extremists Gain Influence
  Obama Told Israel Attack on Syria Was Imminent on August 31
Israeli Officials Angered by Obama's UN Address
  Netanyahu's Anti-Diplomacy Push Struggling to Find an Audience
  Netanyahu Says He Would Consider Meeting With Rouhani
Was Al Awlaki a US Asset? Feds Mum
  Gitmo Warden Details Plan Could Be Used by al-Qaeda to Attack Prison
  US Drops Opposition, Will Allow Judge to Release Gitmo Detainee
NSA Targets Tor Network That Protects Anonymity
  'Tor Stinks' Presentation – Read the Full Document
Most Civilian DoD Workers to Return Monday
  Lockheed Martin to Furlough 3,000 Workers in Govt Shutdown
  Pentagon Went on $5 Billion Shopping Spree Ahead of Shutdown
US Rules Out a New Drone War in Iraq
Five Killed as Egypt Junta Moves Against Protesters
The NSA Debate Is as Much About Journalism as Surveillance  by Glenn Greenwald
In Obama's War on Leaks, Reporters Fight Back  by Leonard Downie Jr.
How Israel Can Help US Strike a Deal With Iran – and Why It Should  by Trita Parsi
Obama Botched an Earlier Syria Peace Deal  by Michael Hirsh
The NSA Is Making Us All Less Safe  by Cindy Cohn & Trevor Timm
Could Revolutionary Guards Sabotage Iran-US Thaw?  by Alex Vatanka

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Legendary Vietnam General Vo Nguyen Giap Dies
Al Shabab Is Not a Threat to the US
Hagel's Week in Asia, Complete With Talk of Drones and Fiscal Standoff
China Employs Two Million Microblog Monitors State Media Say
Tor: 'King of High-Secure, Low-Latency Anonymity'
The War at Home
Nun Faces Up to 30 Years in Prison for Protesting at Nuclear Weapons Facility
Military Keeps Camp David Open, Cuts NFL, Baseball Coverage to Troops Overseas
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Disposed of Key Bombing Evidence, Justice Department Says
Israelis Soldiers Practice in Mock Hezbollah Village
A Rabbi and a Palestinian Farmer Are Neighbors, Partners – and Friends
Netanyahu Urges West to Remain Firm on Iran Sanctions
Ten Killed in Northern Iraq
Iraq's Child Death Toll From Terrorism Doubles
Suicide Bomber Kills Three Iraqi Soldiers
Middle East
Assad Says Turkey Will Pay for Backing Syrian Rebels
Once Stable, a Proud Yemeni City Struggles to Hold on Amid Violence
Weekend Reviews
Would Conscription Put the Brakes on War?
New Book by Eric Schlosser Exposes Ticking Nuclear Time Bombs Here at Home
Second World War Bombings Meticulously Chronicled
Get to Know Egypt's Islamists
New American Police State
The Trouble With Homeland
Losing Control of Nukes
The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, and Their Secret World War
The Brothers by Stephen Kinzer
This Way: War No More: The Case for Abolition
We Will Unite All Afghans, Says Taliban Chief

Explosion in Faryab Province Leaves 11 Killed or Injured

UK Soldiers Shut Last Afghan Patrol Base
PM Says Pakistan Not Engaged in Arms Race With Any Country
Journalist Kidnapped in Waziristan
Pakistan Army Chief Kayani Tipped to Get New Powerful Job on Retirement: Sources
Anger Over Pakistan Sindh Instant Message Ban Proposal
Pakistani Schoolgirl Shot by Taliban Given Anna Politkovskaya Human Rights Award
Indian Shelling Kills Boy in Kashmir
India Protests Against 'Approval' of Telangana State
North Africa
Libya Apologizes for Attack on Russian Embassy, Promises to Secure Foreign Missions
Ancient Monastery Closed to Visitors Amid Sinai Unrest, but Bedouin Neighbors Protect It
Mombasa Riots After Kenyan Cleric Ibrahim Omar Killed
Four Dead in Kenya Riots After Muslim Cleric Killed
Hundreds of Sudanese Protest, but Numbers Down After Crackdown
Rwanda President Slams US Sanctions Over Child Soldiers
UN Urges Tuareg Rebels to Resume Mali Peace Talks
Dutch Take Legal Action Over Greenpeace Ship in Russia
EU Calls for Ukraine Opposition Leader Tymoshenko to Be Freed
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