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Updated October 7, 2013 - 11:26 PM EDT
Kerry: Terrorists Can Run But They Can't Hide
  Failed Navy SEALs Raid on Somali Target Could Bolster Al Shabab
  Pentagon Tight-Lipped Over Aspects of Libya and Somalia Raids
  Libya Wants 'Clarifications' on US Kidnapping Raid
  Libya, Somalia Raids Show US Reach, Problems
Over 8.000 Killed in Iraq So Far in 2013
  Iraq Primary School Among Targets for Bombers; 64 Killed, 192 Hurt
Iran Urges West: Make an Offer Before Meeting
  Netanyahu's Intel Bad on Blue Jeans, Iranians Note
US, Afghan Officials at Odds Over Post-2014 Pact
  Islamists, Warlords Scramble to Register for Afghan Presidential Vote
Egypt: 51 Dead Amid Rival Demonstrations
Syrian Chemical Disarmament Begins
Feds Okay Return of Furloughed Civilian Pentagon Workers
Just Who Has Been Killing Iran's Nuclear Scientists?  by Patrick Cockburn
US Secrecy Over Failed Somali Raid  by Simon Tisdall
How a Telecom Helped the Govt Spy on Me  by Raymond Bonner
Iran: The Phantom Menace  by Kurt Eichenwald
The Obama Doctrine  by Noam Chomsky
Time for Détente With Iran  The Nation

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UK Cabinet Was Told Nothing About GCHQ Spying Program
Surveillance Review Panel Sent Home Amid Govt Shutdown
Raids Suggest Future Shape of Counterterror Bids
Somalia: Working With Foreign Partners 'No Secret'
US, Russia in First High-Level Talks Since Syria CW Deal, Iran Warming
Gunman Who Killed NATO Soldier May Have Been Contract Security Guard
4 US Soldiers Killed in South Afghanistan
Afghan Presidential Hopefuls Are Told to Leave Guns at Home
Afghan Presidential Candidates Finish Registration
Ex-Al Qaeda Ally Abdul Rasoul Sayyaf to Run Afghan President
Germany Hands Control of Military Base in Northern Afghanistan to Local Security Forces
Human Chain Formed to Protect Christians During Lahore Mass
Pakistan's Military Chief Says He Will Retire in November
IED Blast Kills Three Soldiers in Bannu
Grenade Attack Leaves 2 Injured in Karachi
Police Openly Beat Brotherhood Sympathizers in Cairo
2 Canadians Released From Egypt Prison After Canada Warns Detention Would Mar Relations
Relief, Distrust as Tunisia Islamists Agree to Quit Govt
Few Tunisian Women Waging Syria 'Sex Jihad'
Captured al-Qaeda Leader to Be Tried in US Civilian Court
Tripoli Suspect's Son Says Captors Had Libyan Accents
Nigerian Forces Clash With Islamists, 20 People Killed
Fourteen Killed in Clashes in Central African Republic
New York Case Offers Insight Into Secret War Against Somali Militants
Sudan: Another Arab State Feels Heat From Street
Damascus Mortar Attack Kills Eight: State Media
As Syrian Refugees Develop Roots, Jordan Grows Wary
Syria War Spillover Reported in Australia
Israeli Defense Minister to Travel to US for Talks With Hagel
Four Years On, Netanyahu Returns to Bar Ilan More Hawkish Than Ever
Netanyahu: Palestinian Recognition of Israel as a Jewish State Is Crucial Condition for Peace
PM Gets Angry With the Palestinians – in Tone, Not Policy
Israeli Girl Out of Danger After 'Terror' Attack
The Top 5 Times Israeli Policy Shot Itself in the Foot
40 Years On, Yom Kippur War Intel Chiefs Trade Barbs
Iran's Foreign Minister Suggests Parliamentary, Scholarly Ties With US
Iran Accuses Four of Nuclear Sabotage
Iran FM Says Israel Seeking to 'Deceive' World to Avert Nuclear Deal
Bahrain to Try Opposition Leader for Inciting Terrorism
Concerns Over Fair Trail Rights Cloud Bahrain Activist Verdicts
German Embassy Employee Shot Dead Outside Store in Yemen
UNICEF Worker Kidnapped in Yemen
Middle East
Iraq Primary School Among Targets for Suicide Bombers; 64 Killed, 192 Wounded
Turkish Shias in Fear of Life on the Edge
Exodus of Cubans Fuels Clash of New and Old
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