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Updated October 9, 2013 - 11:23 PM EDT
Obama Swaps 'Black Sites' for 'Justice at Sea'
  Obama Ducks Question of Libyan Raid's Legality
  Libya Demands US Return Kidnapped Citizen
  US Raid on Somalia Hindered by 'Imperfect Intelligence'
Hours After Denial, US Cuts Egypt Military Aid
  In Egypt's Sinai, Military's Harsh Campaign Earns Vows of Retaliation
Iran Will Offer to Limit Its Nuclear Program
  Neoconservatives Despair Over US-Iran Diplomacy
  Iran FM Reports Rebuke by Khamenei Over Obama Talks
UN: Syria Inspectors Face Dangerous Mission
  US Fears Radical Islamists Could Take Root in Syria
Now the NSA Wants to Snoop on Wall Street, Too
  Report: Government Data Collection Imperils Liberty and Security
  Pentagon Appoints New Envoy to Help Close Guantanamo Prison
  Soon, Drones May Be Able to Make Lethal Decisions on Their Own
N. Korea Warns US of 'Disastrous Consequences' for Buildup
Waterboarding Is a Big Joke at Dick Cheney Roast
Iran Nuclear Negotiations: Lessons From 10 Years of Failures  by Richard Dalton
When We'll Know if the Libya Raid Succeeded  by Amy Davidson
No Sunshine: Preemptive Strike Rationale Deepens North Korean Status Quo  by Nile Bowie
How Washington Tipped Off al-Qaeda  by Philip Giraldi
Peace Is No Longer a Partisan Issue  by John V. Walsh
Watched by the NSA at the Stasi Museum  by Quinn Norton

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Pentagon Spent $63,147,201,984.00 Before Government Shutdown
Heeding New Counterterror Guidelines, US Forces Backed Off in Somalia Raid
In Obama's Absence, Other Leaders Take Center Stage at APEC Meeting
Glenn Greenwald Interview With Canadian TV
Syrian Fighter Jets Bomb Rebel-Held Areas in North
100 Specialists to Carry Out Tricky Syria Disarmament
Turkey Denies Aiding Qaeda-Linked Syria Rebels
Lebanon Slams Syria for Cross-Border Raid
Syria Arms Inspectors 'Face Unprecedented Danger'
Britain Starts Process to Fix Iran Ties, Reopen Embassies
AIPAC Calls for Intensified Sanctions if Iran Advances Nuclear Program
How Iran Might Win the Middle East Oil Game
Israel Protests to UN: Iran Disarmament Role 'Inconceivable'
Israel's West Bank Control 'Costing Palestinian Economy Billions'
West Bank Economy Shrinks for First Time in Decade: World Bank
NGO Slams Israel for Lack of War Crime Charge for IDF
Coalition Chairman: Livni 'Just a Messenger' in Peace Talks, PM Is Pulling the Strings
Israeli Lawmakers Pay Rare Visit to Ramallah
Lapid: Unlike Netanyahu, I'm Devoted Supporter of Peace Process
Israeli Drone Crashes at Sea Opposite Ashkelon
Turkey Lifts Decades-Old Ban on Islamic Headscarves
Turkish PM Erdogan Hosts Increasingly Isolated Hamas Leader Mashaal in Ankara
Middle East
Northern Iraq Focus of Fresh Attacks That Leave 38 Dead
Clerics: Military Alone Won't Stop al-Qaeda in Yemen
Chinese Police Fire at Tibetan Protesters
China Arrests 110 in Xinjiang for Spreading Online Rumours
China Dismisses Worries Over Turkey Missile Deal
Why North Korean Tweets Are Off-Limits in the South
Rebels Freed as Myanmar Gives Amnesty to 56 Political Prisoners
Maldives Court Annuls Presidential Election Result
Kashmir: Indian Army Calls Off Search for Militants in Keran
Pakistan Expels French al-Qaeda Suspect
Venezuelan President Maduro Asks Lawmakers to Give Him the Power to Rule by Decree
UN Human Rights Official Urges Compensation for Haiti Cholera Victims
Spying on Everyone
CIA Halts Public Access to Open Source Service
British Spy Chief Warns Snowden Data Is a 'Gift' for Terrorists
CIA Brings Back Employees Working on 'Core Missions'
New MI5 Boss Defends GCHQ
Chaotic UK E-Borders Scheme Failing to Stop Terror Suspects
Army Assures Skeptical Germans Drones Are for Training, Not Spying
The War at Home
The FBI's Official 'CAIR Has Cooties Guidance Directive [Redacted]'
Silk Road Drug Crackdown Broadens to Washington, Britain
FBI: Scott AFB Airman's Pipe Bombs Intended for Sex Offenders
Libya and Al-Libi
Libyan al-Qaeda Suspect's Detention-at-Sea Raises Geneva Convention Concerns
Obama: US Will Bring Al-Libi to Justice
Lawyer Sought for Terror Suspect Held on Navy Ship
Libya Asks US to Let Family Talk to Al-Qaeda Suspect but Says American Raid Won't Hurt Ties
Al-Qaeda Leader Belongs in Gitmo, GOP Senators Say
No Time Constraints for US in Holding Libyan on Ship: Experts
US to Move 200 Marines to Italy Base After Libya Raid
Egypt Strips Muslim Brotherhood of NGO Status
Anti-Army Protests Staged at Egyptian Universities
Death Toll From Egypt Clashes Rises to 57
Army Supremo Behind Egypt's Takeover Says Islamist Warned of Deadly Violence
Egypt Jihadi Group Says Responsible for Attack
Egypt Considers Security Cameras at Tourist Sites
Kenya Clamps Down on Unregistered SIM Cards, Says Terrorists Used Them in Mall Attack
Army: Central African Republic Clashes Kill 23
Mali Islamists Blow Up Bridge Near Gao
Zimbabwe Protests US Diplomatic Harassment at UN
The Darfur Conflict's Deadly Gold Rush
Guinea Opposition Withdraws From UN-Backed Talks
Putin Demands Dutch Arrest Apology as Ties Worsen
Putin Critic Sentenced to Detention in Psychiatric Ward
Envoys Near Deal to Free Ex-Premier of Ukraine
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