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Updated October 11, 2013 - 11:26 PM EDT
US Grabs Pak Taliban Leader, Foiling Peace Talks
  Every Pakistani Provincial Capital Bombed, 12 Killed
Report: War on Leaks Has Chilling Effect on Press
  Obama's Efforts to Control Leaks 'Most Aggressive Since Nixon': Report
PATRIOT Act Author to Put NSA 'Out of Business'
  The USA Freedom Act: A Look at the Key Points of the Draft Bill
  Snowden Honored by Whistleblowers as Father Arrives, Hoping to Visit
  Sen. Wyden Seeks to Scale Back NSA Surveillance
Media's Syria Analysts Tied to Defense Contractors
  Syrian Rebels Attack Area Around Key Shi'ite Shrine
Did US Op in Libya Lead to PM Kidnapping?
  Libya PM's Predicament Underscores Security Breakdown
  Libyan PM's Kidnapping Deepen Fears for Country's Disintegration
Army Chief: Israel Faces War on 'Many Fronts'
  Israeli Troops Fired From Air in Mavi Marmara Raid, Turkish Court Told
  US Suspends More Military Aid to Egypt, Arousing Skepticism
  Egypt, Israel Lash Out Over US Military Aid Cut to Junta
Many Gitmo Detainees 'Too Sick' to Keep
Somali Town Fears Revenge Strikes After Failed US Raid
The Obama Administration and the Press  Committee to Protect Journalists
Scathing Report on Obama Administration's War on the Media  by Glenn Greenwald
The Single Best Overview of What the Surveillance State Does With Our Private Data  by Conor Friedersdorf
The NSA Isn't Foiling Terrorist Plots  by Teun van Dongen
War With Syria: Not Out of the Woods Yet  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Politicians, Press Dodge Crucial Debate on Surveillance  by Dan Froomkin

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CIA Warning on Snowden in '09 Said to Slip Through the Cracks
US Agrees to Nuclear Deal With Vietnam
Two NYC Men Arrested in Taliban Coat Drive
Norwegian Suspected of Role in Kenya Mall Attack
Pentagon's No. 2 Official Stepping Down
Sinai Suicide Bomber Kills Four Soldiers in Egypt
Rebels in Iran Kill 5 Revolutionary Guards in Kurd Region
Netanyahu Tells Europe: if Iran Sanctions Are Eased, They Will Collapse
USA-Iran Football Friendly Under Discussion
Security Experts Urge Obama to Continue Engagement With Iran on Nuclear Issue
Exiled Iran Dissidents Ponder Return After Rouhani Election
Iranian Dissidents Say Tehran Moving Nuclear Research Site
Controversial Iranian Group Attempts to Take Out Washington Post Ad, Accidentally Sends Invoice to Opponent
Chemical Weapons Inspectors Visit 3 Syria Sites
Released Hostage Believes Rebels Are Behind Gas Attack in Syria
The Cost of Dismantling Syria's Poison Arsenal
Syrian Child Refugees Face Exploitation, UNICEF Says
Iraqi Politics
42 Executed, 39 Killed in Attacks
Turkey Approves Strikes Against Rebels in Iraq
Some Executed Iraqis Likely Innocent: Amnesty Director
Power-Starved Iraqis Know Amps From Watts
Israel Holds Flight Exercise Ahead of Iran Talks
West Bank Mosque Defaced in Second 'Price Tag' Attack in 12 Hours
Poll: Majority of Israelis Believe US Projecting Weakness on Syria, Iran
Gaza: Israeli Tank Shield Accidentally Sets Off Explosives
Tribes Still Rule in Yemen
Yemen Intelligence Officer Killed in Flashpoint City
Middle East
Lebanon Tribunal Names New Suspect in 2005 Hariri Killing
Turkey Cracks Down on Cleavage
Bahrain Jails 18 Shi'ites for Police Station Attack
Libya Abduction: Freed PM Ali Zeidan Calls for Calm
US Citizens Threatened With Attack, Kidnap in Libya After Terror Raid
Libya's Rival Militia Groups
Show of Power by Libya Militia in Kidnapping
Libya's PM Was Embattled Even Before His Brief Capture
At Least 16 Killed in Central Nigeria Unrest: Police
France Says Its Forces Kill 10 Islamist Militants in Mali
Mugabe Seeks to Boost Europe Trade Ties, Calls for Sanctions Lift
Ex-Central African Republic Head Seeks Support in Africa: Source
Islamist Party Loses Key Foreign Affairs Portfolio in Moroccan Cabinet Reshuffle
Liberia's Charles Taylor to Serve Jail Term in UK
Spying on Everyone
NSA's Hardware Backdoors May Still Be a 'Problem From Hell'
How Congress Screwed Up America's Security Clearance System
GoDaddy Pulls Lavabit's Security Creds Because the FBI Got Ahold of Its Encryption Keys
Canada's Eavesdropping Agency Defends Practices After Brazil Spying Report
'What the Guardian Is Doing Is Important for Democracy'
The War at Home
Americans' Satisfaction With US Govt Drops to All-Time Low
Miami Herald Reporter Sues Pentagon to Learn Costs at Guantanamo's Camp 7
Electronic Freedom Foundation Resigns From Global Network Initiative
Hawaii Base Admits to Phony Ceremonies Honoring 'Returning' Remains
Pentagon Pushes for Zombie Satellites by 2016
Russian Warhead Fallout Keeps America Warm
Theater J Scales Back Show as Pro-Israel Critics Pressure Washington DC Troupe
UN Extends NATO Force in Afghanistan for Last Time
Afghanistan's Most Feared Warlord Says Sorry to Victims of Conflict
Commander Praises UK Troops as Final Major Afghan Deployment Begins
How TV Finally Returned to Afghanistan After 30 Years of Censorship
Water Park Opens in War-Weary Kabul With a Splash but No Women
Bomb Kills at Least 5 in Southwest Pakistan
Bomb at Market in Pakistani City of Lahore Kills 1
Pakistan Rearrests Ex-President Musharraf Over Red Mosque Deaths
Karachi: Three Alleged Terrorists Killed in Orangi Town Blast
Malala Yousafzai Wins EU's Sakharov Human Rights Prize
Malala Yousafzai's Friends Wounded in Taliban Attack Continue Education
North Korea
North Korea Confirms It Replaced Hard-Line Military Chief With Little-Known Army General
Cuban Weapons Aboard North Korean Ship Part of 'Major Deal,' Panama Says
Mother of Imprisoned American in North Korea to See Son
'Credible' Threats of Attacks in Philippines, US Warns
Myanmar Clashes Death Toll Rises to Seven
Northern Ireland
2 Men Killed in Separate Northern Ireland Attacks
Honduran Official: Corrupt Authorities Tipped Drug Cartel to Raid
Security Council Urges UN to Combat Haiti Cholera
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