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Updated October 13, 2013 - 11:27 PM EDT
Malala Tells Obama Drones Are 'Fueling Terrorism'
  Lawyer for Drone Victims Misses Drone Conference After Visa Blocked
More Syria Rebels Leave US-Backed Command
  Assad's Forces Executed 130 Men in Damascus Suburb, Opposition Says
Taliban Arrest Overshadows Kerry Afghan Talks
  Dispute on Immunity for US Troops Blocks Afghan Security Pact
Snowden: NSA Surveillance 'Hurt Our Country'
  Lawyers Say NSA Eavesdropping on US Citizen May Have Led to Strike
Bombers, Gunmen Kill 47 Across Iraq
In US Military Aid to Egypt, Business as Usual
Letters Detail Punitive Tactics Used on Gitmo Hunger Strikers
Obama's Unprecedented Leaks Investigations and Secrecy  by Kevin Gosztola
Suspending Egypt's Military Aid: Too Little, Too Late  by Dalibor Rohac
The NSA Gets Negligible Intel From Americans' Metadata. So End Collection  by Yochai Benkler
After the Shutdown, Don't Exempt the Pentagon  by William Hartung
The Age of Easy Leaks  by Jesse Walker
Echoes of China Opening in Iran Detente: It's the Interests, Stupid!  by Leon Hadar

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US Nuclear Force Faces a Cascade of Missteps
NSA Backlash Sparks New Technology
Guantánamo Hunger Strikes – Video Animation
The US Is Losing Control of the Internet
At Drone Conference, Talk of Morals and Toys
'Folksy and Firm' Flummoxes Fancy NYT Journalists
Pakistan Says Indian Shelling Kills Child in Kashmir
Imran Threatens Street Protests
Pakistani Marine Agency Kills Gujarat Fisherman, Abducts 30
North Korea
North Korea Warns of 'All-Out War'
North Korea Rejects US's Non-Aggression Pact Offer
Azeri Police Beat, Detain Demonstrators After Vote Protest Rally
Beijing Opposes Closer EU-Taiwan Ties
Lone Buddhist Widow Holds Out in War-Torn Thai Village
Libya PM Lashes Out at Militias
Foreign Ministry Fire in Libya 2 Days After Prime Minister's Abduction
Tunisian Forces Clash With Militants
Congo Rebels Fire on United Nations Helicopter
Central African Republic Arrests Rogue Ex-Rebel Commander
African Union Says ICC Should Not Prosecute Sitting Leaders
Americans Still Dying
Slain Missouri Soldier's Wife: Deployment Was Due to End in 2 Weeks
San Diego (CA) Army Nurse Killed in Afghanistan Attack
Oregon Soldier Killed by Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan
Cleveland (OH) Family Mourning Local Soldier, Father of Two
Fallen Marine Remembered at Milwaukee (WI) High School
WWII Airman Identified
Weekend Reviews
Paranoia Will Destroy Ya
The Brothers Is a Fantastic Book
The Blood Telegram: Nixon, Kissinger, and a Forgotten Genocide by Gary J. Bass
Mortar Shells Hit Near Chemical Inspectors' Hotel in Syria, Killing Child
Homs: A Tale of Two Cities
Will Syrian Refugees Transform or Threaten Jordan's Economy?
Russian Photographer Abducted by Syrian Rebels
US Delegation to Iran Talks Includes Sanctions Expert
Iran Says 'Israeli Spy Network' Put on Trial

Suspected Terror Attack: IDF Reserves Colonel Murdered in Jordan Valley

Abbas: Israel to Blame for Dire State of Palestinian Economy
Israeli Settler Killed in West Bank
From Mossad Agent to Spy Novelist: Undercover Life Inspirs Hit Thriller
Bombers, Gunmen Kill 47 Across Iraq
Car Bomb Explodes in Iraqi City of Samarra, Killing 13
Three Arrested Over Iraqi Kurdistan Attack: Officials
Middle East
Bahrain Police Break Up Shi'ite Rally
Thousands Rally for South Yemen Independence
Sniper Fire Wounds Two in Lebanon
France Remands 'Top al-Qaeda Man' With Ties to 9/11
Large Rally Opposes Moves for Catalan Independence
Pussy Riot Detainee Accuses Russian Officials of Imposing Illegal Isolation
US Monitors South American Communications: Assange
Guyana Presses Venezuela on Seizure of Ship
Panama Hopeful That US Will Remove Unexploded Chemical Weapons
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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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