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Updated October 16, 2013 - 11:26 PM EDT
No Deal Yet, But Significant Progress in Iran Talks
  US Considering Letting Iran Keep Its Civilian Uranium Enrichment
  Democrats, Israel Lobby Threaten Iran Talks
  Hawks in Washington Want to Sabotage Iran Negotiations
Iraq Toll 50-Times Higher Than Americans Think
  24 Killed in Iraq Eid Attacks, Clashes
NSA Surveillance Hasn’t Foiled a Single Plot
  Giant NSA Data Center Will Probably Hold a Bunch of Spam
  NSA Saw It Was Collecting Too Much Data in Contact List Harvesting
Greenwald Exits Guardian for New Media Venture
Jihadist Rebels See Syria as 'Just the Beginning'
Al-Liby Denies Involvement in 1998 Embassy Bombing
Bomb in Microphone Kills Afghan Governor at Mosque
Israeli Religious Bloc in Deal With Lieberman to Oust Coalition
End the Tragic Waste in Afghanistan  by Rep. Walter B. Jones
Netanyahu's Threats Ring Hollow Amid Iranian Proposals  by Mitchell Plitnick
NSA Collecting E-Mail Address Books of Tens of Millions of Americans  by Jesselyn Radack
Four Good Reasons Why Iran Doesn't Trust America  by Michael Crowley
On the Prospect of Blackmail by the NSA  by Jay Stanley
More Weapons for Syria? No!!!  by Scott McPherson

More Viewpoints

Pentagon to Report on 'Authorized Leaks'
'Israel Bluntly Told the US Not to Cut Aid to Egypt'
GOP Blasts Obama for Terror Trial Plans
Hillary Clinton: I Backed bin Laden Raid, Joe Biden Didn't
Brazil Officials Wants to Question Edward Snowden
$5 Billion New Army Uniform Already Being Replaced
Spying on Everyone
FISA Court Makes 'Substantive Changes' to Surveillance Requests, Judge Insists
Does the NSA Know Who 'Friended' You on Social Media?
Snapchat Admits to Handing Unopened 'Snaps' to US Law Enforcement
The NSA's New Codebreakers
Aaron Swartz's Last Gift to Journalism and Online Privacy Finds a New Home
Fund Managers Move Servers to Russia Amid 'Dodge NSA' Tech-Trend
The War at Home
Ex-DoJ Prosecutor Alleges He Was Punished for Reporting Proposed Illegal Search Involving 9-11 Highjacker Atta
Medal of Honor: the Gamification of a Controversial American Hero
Court Rejects Appeal Bid by James Risen in Leak Case
Utah Activists Adopt-A-Highway to Engage in Anti-NSA Civil Disobedience
Another US Whistleblower Behind Bars? Investor Jailed for Exposing Corrupt Azerbaijani Oil Deal
US Authorities Accused of Intimidating Associates of Chechen Killed by FBI
Arkansas Man Arrested on Recent Attacks on Power Grid
St. Louis Police Looking Into Using Drones
NATO Airstrike Kill 7 Alleged Militants in Paktika Province
UK Soldier Killed on Patrol in Afghanistan
ICG Report Skeptical of Afghan Women's Progress, Anxious About Future
'Pakistan Won't Tolerate Any Foreign Intervention'
19 Injured in Quetta Hand Grenade Attack
Experts Say Baradar Released, but Under Supervision
Rights Group Says 2,000 Men Missing in Pakistan
Images of Peshawar Church Bombers Prepared
North Korea
North Korea Repainted Civilian Jets for Military Parade
Mother of Missionary Jailed in North Korea Pleads With US for Help
Blasts Kill Two and Injure an American in Myanmar
Russia Says Foils Plot to Attack Chemical Arms Facility
EU States Urged to Cooperate on Drones, Cyber Defense
Venezuela Frees Seized US-Operated Ship
Iran Nuclear Talks: No News May Be Good News on Day 1
Netanyahu Makes a Case for a Preemptive Strike on Iran
More Iranians Oppose Military Nuclear Use
Obama Administration Ready to 'Quickly' Lift Sanctions on Iran
Nuclear Hardliners Could Derail Push for Iran Deal
Syrian Fighters Battle On, Ignoring Muslim Holiday
Who Are the British Jihadists in Syria?
West Failing to Deliver on Syria Deals With Russia: FM Lavrov
Clerics Rule Besieged Damascus Residents May Eat Dogs
Asma Assad Pledges to Stand by Husband in Syria
Lebanese TV Shows Video of Turkish Pilots Held in Lebanon
Syrian Refugees Find Home at Abandoned Army Base in Lebanon
How Israel Increases Its Odds of International Prosecution
Russian Official Rules Out Arafat Polonium Poisoning
Hamas, Fatah Leaders in Eid Phone Call
Is Hamas to Mend Ties With Assad?
Israelis Earn Good Will by Treating Syrians Wounded in Civil War
Israel Army: Second Tunnel From Gaza Found, Destroyed
In Vancouver Ad War, Israel Fights Palestine for Legitimacy
Hamas Tells Palestinians Fleeing Syria to Come to Gaza
24 Killed in Iraq Eid Attacks, Clashes
Syrian Refugees Adapt to Life in Iraqi Kurdistan
Erdogan Announces Reforms to Salvage Fragile Kurd Peace
Kurdish Leader Wants Meaningful Negotiations With Turkey
Egypt Tightens Security During Eid Celebrations
Amid Arrests, Muslim Brotherhood Regroups Online
Little Comfort for Egypt's Brotherhood During Sacred Eid
Nigeria Military Repels Attack, Kills 40 Rebels
Hundreds Dead in Nigeria Detention, Amnesty Says
DR Congo Army, Rebels Briefly Clash in Volatile East
UK Bank Poised to Pull Plug on Somali Remittances
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