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Updated October 18, 2013 - 11:27 PM EDT
Interview: Snowden Took No Secret Files to Russia
Drones Kill Far More Civilians Than US Admits: UN
  Docs Reveal NSA's Extensive Involvement in Targeted Killing Program
  Why Did NSA Raise Traffickers for Story About Drone Killing Terrorists?
Iraq Eid Attacks: 76 Killed, 229 Wounded
  Blackwater Mercs Face New Charges Over 2007 Iraq Massacre
Aussie Forces Kill Young Boy, Father in Night Raid
  Kerry Claims Afghan Deal Will Be 'Same Standard' as Japan, Korea
Rebel Snipers Kill Key Syrian General
  Syria Peace Conference Set for Late November, But Who Will Attend?
  Inspectors Tout Progress, But Fighting Slows Chemical Disarmament
  Canadian UN Worker Escapes Syria Rebel Captors
Saudis Turn Down UN Security Council Seat
Details Emerge of Iran's Nuclear Proposal
Illegal Israeli Settlement Construction Rose By 70% in 2013
US Inflating Threats in Africa to Justify Expansion
State Dept Watchdogs Were Sent Home While Others Worked
No NSA Poster Child: The Real Story of 9/11 Hijacker Khalid Al-Mihdhar  by Mike German
How the NSA and FBI Foil Weak Oversight  by Yochai Benkler
The American Genocide Against Iraq: 4% of Population Dead as Result of US Sanctions, Wars  by Juan Cole
US Fiscal Failure Warrants a De-Americanized World  by Liu Chang
It's Time To Put an End to Israel's 'Don't Ask-Don't Tell' Nuclear Policy  by Medea Benjamin & Pam Bailey
Why the Middle East Is Less and Less Important for the US  by Aaron David Miller

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Jeremy Scahill Talks About Glenn Greenwald Website
Why Greenwald's New Media Venture Is a Big Deal
A Visit With Edward Snowden
Lon Snowden Says Son Should Stay in Russia
Top CIA Lawyer Sides With Senate Torture Report
Saudi, Chad, Nigeria, Chile, Lithuania Elected to UN Security Council
Spying on Everyone
Former Pentagon Lawyer to Lead Dept. of Homeland Security
New EU Rules to Curb Transfer of Data to US After Snowden Revelations
Is Brazil the Target of NSA Industrial Espionage?
Travel Q&A: How Do I Say 'No' to a TSA Full-Body Scan?
WikiLeaks Documentary Stalks The Fifth Estate
In Afghanistan, Army Struggles to Wage War With Damaged Equipment, Poor Logistics
Doubts Fall on Afghan Police as Kidnappers Exact Dire Price
Italy to Cut Forces in Afghanistan to 1,800 by 2014
Soldier Behind NATO Twitter Account Accidentally Lets Everyone Know How He Really Feels About Afghanistan
Pakistan Journalist Shot Dead for Investigating Drug Dealers
Pakistani Group Banned After Mumbai Attack Found Operating Openly
India 'Maoist' Attack Kills Three Policemen
Myanmar: More Mysterious Explosions
Norwegian Suspected of Being Kenya Mall Attacker Named
Security Cameras Capture Terror of Kenya Mall Attack
Corrupt Mali Police Blamed as Jihadists Return to Streets
UN Mission in Mali Appeals for More Boots on the Ground
France to Keep 2,000 Troops in Mali Until End of Year
DR Congo/Angola
Congo Accuses Angolan Forces of Detaining Over 40 Soldiers
Angola Ends Partnership With Portugal
US Urges DR Congo, Rebels to Reach Peace Deal
Renamo Rebels Kill 7 Mozambique Soldiers: Local Media
Two Ex-Rebels Killed in Clash With Mozambique Soldiers
Tunisia: Two Officers Shot Dead, Another Wounded in Clashes With Terrorist Group in Gbollat
Gadhafi-Era Spy Chief Appeals Against International Court Decision to Let Libya Try Him
South Sudan Child Scrap Metal Diggers Killed by Old Mortar Shell
Abuja: Nigeria's Unfinished Capital Built on 'Stolen' Land
Ethiopian Police Torture Political Detainees: Human Rights Watch
Turkey's Erdogan, Syria Rebels' Leading Ally, Hesitates, 31 Months In
Syrian Opposition Under Pressure to Attend Geneva Peace Conference
Syria Chemical Arms Team 'Turned Back After Safety Fears'
Syria's Chemical Weapons Inspectors Prepare for Unprecedented Mission
Russia, US Deny Date Set for Syria Peace Conference
Fighting Eases at Prison in Syria's Aleppo
Amnesty Urges Egypt to Stop Detaining Syrians
Egypt Denies Mistreatment of Syrian Refugees
A Year On, No News of US Journalist Captured in Syria
Serious Progress and a Familiar Roadmap Seen at Iran Nuclear Talks
Iran's Internal Drama in Nuclear Talks: Seeking Common Ground With Outreach Critics
Russia Says Iran Nuclear Talks Were 'Quite Promising'
France Says Treating Iran's Nuclear Overture With Caution
Amnesty Urges Iran to Halt Second Attempt to Execute Man Who 'Survived Hanging'
Israeli Administrative Detention of Palestinians
Israeli Military Says Its Troops Kill Palestinian on Tractor Who Tried to Attack Base
Report: EU to Bypass Its Own Anti-Settlements Guidelines
Palestinian Authority: We Won't Allow Israeli Security Presence in West Bank
Israeli Police Lock Up Haifa Activist for Facebook Statuses
Palestinian President Abbas Invites Pope to Middle East
Iraq Eid Attacks: 76 Killed, 229 Wounded
Fear Curbs Holiday Celebrations in Iraq's Mosul
Security Plan to Stop Forced Displacement in Restive Iraq City
Fugitive Iraqi Leader to Return Home if Assured of Fair Trial
Middle East
Leaked Document Shows Massive New Tear Gas Shipment Planned for Bahrain
Turkey Denies Blowing Cover of Israeli Spy Ring in Iran
Ukraine Leader Floats Plan for Releasing Jailed Ex-PM Tymoshenko
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