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Updated October 19, 2013 - 11:13 PM EDT
UN: US Drone Strikes Likely Violate Int'l Law
  Pakistan Tells UN at Least 400 Civilians Killed by US Drones
  CIA General Counsel: Covert Operations Don't Need Legal Approval
Senators Vow to Defy Obama on Iran Sanctions
  Obama Administration Wins Over Key Hawk on Iran Nuclear Talks
  White House May Gradually Unfreeze Iran Assets
  Iranians Look for Change in US Policies
  Israel's Calls for a Tough Stance on Iran Are Falling on Near Deaf Ears
Al-Qaeda Executes 10 Captured Syrian Soldiers
  Fractured Opposition Could Derail Syria Talks
Taliban Attack Breaks Months of Quiet in Kabul
  US Military Quits Critical Air Base After $100 Million in Payoffs
  Afghan Families Want Accountability, Not Apologies
  Afghan Drawdown Will Put Gitmo Detainees' Status in Doubt
Training and Raids: US Prepares African Surge
Saudis Reject Security Council Seat, Lash UN as Failure
More Bombs for Baghdad; 39 Killed, 63 Wounded
Are Hawks in Congress Trying to Scuttle Iran Talks?  by Matthew Duss
The Secret State Is Just Itching to Gag the Press  by Jonathan Freedland
Eric Schlosser and the Illusion of Nuclear Weapons Safety  by Robert Jervis
The Failed Policy of Collapsism  by John Feffer
No More Sources  by Paul Lashmar
The Road to Finalizing a Nuclear Deal With Iran  by Seyed Hossein Mousavian

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Global Slavery Index
State Dept Employees OKd to Watch WikiLeaks Movie
Europe Moves to Shield Citizens' Data From US
Indonesia Passes China as Top Source of Cyberattacks
CIA Resists 6,300-Page Report on Torture
Cheney Feared Heart Device in Assassination Effort
Snowden Has More Secrets to Share, Father Says After Russia Visit
Spying on Everyone
In Reversal, DoJ Poised to Give Notice of Warrantless Wiretapping
FISA Court Tries, Once Again, to Justify Allowing Bulk Collection of Data on All Your Phone Calls
Obama Emphasizes 'Rule of Law' in Homeland Security Chief Nomination
New NSA Deputy Expected to Be Leaks Task Force Head: Sources
NSA Delayed Anti-Leak Software at Base Where Snowden Worked
8 Ways WikiLeaks Cables About a Tiny Country Like Iceland Expose the Dark Depths of US Empire
NSA Files: Decoded – Coming Soon to the Guardian
Secrets in Britain
UK Foreign Office Hoarding a Million Historic Files in Secret Archive
UK's Top Prosecutor Defends Journalists Who Break Law in Public Interest
Internet Firms Urge More Transparency Over UK Requests for User Data
The Heroic Whistleblower
Edward Snowden: US Would Have Buried NSA Warnings Forever
Bush's Warrantless Wiretapping Program Inspired Snowden to Become a Whistleblower
Snowden's Negative Writeup by the CIA for Whistleblowing Taught Him Why Going Through Proper Channels Gets Punished
The War at Home
With US Nuke Budget Questioned, Experts Hope to Start Attacking Asteroids
UN Torture Investigator Seeks Access to California Prisons
Woman Tells Mugger She's an NSA Intern, Mugger Runs Away
FBI: Plane Laser Attacks Probed by Terrorism Unit
NY Man Arrested, Charged With Trying to Join al-Qaeda
Air Marshal Accused of Taking Photos Up Women's Dresses at Nashville Airport
US Military
Tampa to Become Epicenter of International Special Operations Coordination
Commander Defends Apache Pilots in WikiLeaks Video Before the Fifth Estate Movie Release
Robot Jellyfish? Eel-Like Craft? Why US Navy Wants Undersea Drones
Senator Lifts Hold on Air Force Nominee
Egypt 'Looking to Russia' for Arms After US Aid Freeze
Thousands March for Morsi Across Egypt; Policeman Killed in Sinai
Gunmen Kill Libya's Military Police Force Commander
Militia Rivalries Threaten New War in Post-Revolt Libya
Tunisian Police Kill Six Islamist Militants in Gunfights
Tunisia Leaders Forced to Quit Police Ceremony
'Boxes' of Body Parts Found at Kenya Mall
Two Corpses Recovered From Kenya Mall Likely to Be Attackers
DR Congo/Angola
Angola Frees 55 Congolese Troops Captured During Incursion
UN Blames Rebels for Gunfire on DR Congo Helicopter
Mortuary Records Show Nigeria's Military Killing Thousands of Civilians, Many More Than Terrorists
Russia to Spend $63bln on Arctic Development
Russia – 2 Bomb-Makers Die, Police Say
Dagestan's President Tells Parents to Bring Home Kids Studying in Arab Countries
EU Warns Russia to Stop Pressuring Nations That Seek Closer Ties With EU
UK Muslims Warned of Militant Al-Shabab Threat
Italian Military Court Convicts Ex-Nazi for 1943 Massacre of 120 Officers in Greece
Weekend Reviews
The Fifth Estate Is a Feeble, Reactionary Movie
The Fifth Estate and Mediastan
Eric Schlosser and the Illusion of Nuclear Weapons Safety
Bombing Victim's Spouse Acknowledges Palestinians' Pain in New Memoir
Exchanging Hand Wringing for Truth Telling: A Review of Max Blumenthal's Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel
The Fifth Estate: A Hollywood Cartoon of Julian Assange
Why a Little-Noticed Chat Between the US and Iran Is a Big Deal
Iran's Zarif on Nuclear Proposal: Secrecy Is Sign of Seriousness
Ill and Long Isolated, Iranian Opposition Leaders Scent Freedom
Iran FM: We Are Ready to Show Goodwill to the US
As Iran Shifts, Hard-Liners See Threat to Battle Cry
Iran FM: Israel Seeks to Undermine Nuclear Talks
Syrian Civil War Driving Apart Arabs and Kurds
Syrian Regime Jets Pound Rebels After Intelligence General Killed
Good News From Syria (really): Chemical Weapons Being Dismantled on Schedule
British Doctor Claims Syrians 'Shoot at Pregnant Women'
Red Cross Releases Video Plea to Free 3 Staff Abducted in Syria
Syria's Refugees: 'It's When You See Them Out There in the Dark, the Situation Becomes a Reality'
Syrian Farmers Recreate Their Country Village in Lebanese City
EU Gives 70 Million Euros in Winter Aid for Syrians in Lebanon
Syrian Rebels Free Kidnapped Lebanese Pilgrims
Nuclear Weapons Are Israel's 'Worst-Kept Secret,' Says Israeli Historian
Watch the Video on Israeli Racism The New York Times Didn't Want You to See
West Bank Simmers as Palestinian Anger Builds in Face of Occupation
Instead of Evacuating West Bank Outpost, State Continues to Humiliate Itself
Israel Phones Gaza in Bid to Tar Hamas: Palestinians
Israeli Media: West Bank Attacks Do Not Signal New Intifada
Germany Urges Settlement 'Restraint,' Pledges Aid to PA
More Bombs for Baghdad; 39 Killed, 63 Wounded
Al-Qaeda Strikes Fear Into Iraq's Government-Backed Sunni Militia
Privatizing Security in Iraq Was Always a Recipe for Disaster
Middle East
12 Yemen Soldiers Killed in Suicide Attack
'No Notification' of Saudi Arabia Snub: UN Chief Ban
Lebanon's Energy Sector Stalled by Government Crisis
Germany Closes It's Embassy in Kabul Over Serious Security Threats
NATO Airstrike Kill 11 Alleged Taliban Militants in Kandahar Province
Pentagon Shifting Afghan Logistics Hub to Romania From Kyrgyzstan
UK Failure to Address 'Security Lapses' at Afghan Base Is Unpunished Despite Report
Army Officer Sentenced to 20 Years in Killing of 2 Afghan Civilians
Reporter Held Incommunicado by Pakistan Military Intelligence
Pakistan Polio Outbreak Puts Global Eradication at Risk
Pakistan PM Orders 'Zero Tolerance' Against 'Enemies of State'
India Arrests Crew of US-Owned Ship Carrying Weapons
India, China Near Pact Aimed at Keeping Lid on Border Tension
Hillary Clinton Reveals US Role in High-Level 2012 Incident With China
'China's Google' Begins Accepting Bitcoin
Panama to Send Detained North Korean Crew, Ship Home
What's Behind South Korean President's New Strategy on North Korea?
Sri Lanka
A Sri Lankan Journalist Eagerly Toes the Line
Six Charged With Murder of Red Cross Worker in Sri Lanka, Including Presidential Associate
Police Say String of Bombings in Myanmar Aimed at Scaring Away Foreign Investors
East Timor Leaders Eye Media Curbs
Cold War Exploits of Australia's Secret Submarines
Colombia's ELN Rebels Release Oil Workers After Brief Capture
Threatened by Zetas, Us-Mexican Journalist Gets Scoop
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