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Updated October 20, 2013 - 11:08 PM EDT
Baghdad Blast, Other Attacks Kill 92, Wound 120
Afghan Loya Jirga Will Determine US Troop Pact
  Karzai Stands Firm on Conditions, Immunity Remains in Question
Iran Hawks Down but Not Out After Geneva Talks
  Obama Administration Wins Over Key Hawk on Iran Nuclear Talks
30 Killed as Syrian Rebels Attack Outpost
  Lebanese and Turkish Hostages Freed After Rare Syrian Cooperation
  Guide to Syrian Armed and Political Opposition
UN: 'Strong Evidence' Pak Military OKd US Drones
  US Quietly Releasing $1.6 Billion in Pakistan Assistance
Training and Raids: US Prepares African Surge
Hundreds of US Troops Will Deploy to Romania Next Year
Snowden: '0% Chance' That Russia, China Got NSA Docs
Are Hawks in Congress Trying to Scuttle Iran Talks?  by Matthew Duss
The Secret State Is Just Itching to Gag the Press  by Jonathan Freedland
Eric Schlosser and the Illusion of Nuclear Weapons Safety  by Robert Jervis
The Failed Policy of Collapsism  by John Feffer
No More Sources  by Paul Lashmar
The Road to Finalizing a Nuclear Deal With Iran  by Seyed Hossein Mousavian

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Thank You, Edward Snowden
NSA's Utah Data Center Suffers New Round of Electrical Problems
Guardsman Blew Whistle, Then His Career Blew Up
50 US Senators: UN Arms Trade Treaty Could Harm Israel
Arab States Call for Saudi Rethink on UN Protest
AP CEO: Press Freedom vs. Security a 'False Choice'
UN-Arab League Envoy in Egypt to Prepare for Syria Talks
Suspected Polio Cases Found in Syria for First Time in 14 Years
UN Aid Chief Calls for Urgent Ceasefire in Moadamiyah
UN Agency Calls for States Outside Mideast to Grant Syrian Refugees Asylum
Syria's Civil War Plays Out on Social Media
Shunned by Egypt, Hamas Reaches Out to Palestinian Rival Abbas
Israeli Arab Reported Dead in Syria Contacts Family
Kerry and Netanyahu to Meet in Rome to Discuss Peace Talks and Iran
Israeli Settlers Destroy Over 100 Olive Trees Near Nablus
As Peaceful Protests Decline, Fears Rise of a Third Intifada
Hamas PM Calls for Armed Struggle, Popular Uprising Against Peace Talks With Israel
2 Years After Deal to Release IDF Soldier Schalit, Hamas Warns of More Abductions
Mine Explosion in Iranian Kurdish Village Injures 7 Children
Iran Opens Doors to Tourists as Rouhani Fosters Thaw in Relations With the West
Iranian President Criticizes Unilateral Sanctions Against Tehran
15 Killed in Fresh Iraq Attacks
Iraq Set to Ink New Deal on Importing Iranian Gas
Turkey: Israel Behind 'Campaign' to Discredit Us
Turkish FM Backs Intelligence Chief Following Spy-Ring Accusations
Deputy PKK Commander: Turkey Has Stopped the Peace Process
Turkey Rejects EU Criticism of Crackdown
Lebanon Braces for Return of Freed Pilgrims
Fatah Al-Islam Member Shot, Wounded in South Lebanon
The War at Home
Senior Officer, NCIS Agent Are Among Those Charged in Navy Bribery Scandal
Edward Snowden's Father: 'My Son Would Die Before He Would Sell Secrets to a Foreign Govt'
UN Torture Investigator Wants Access to Calif. Prison Isolation Units
Investigating a Military Suicide When It's Your Son
Swenson Medal of Honor Ceremony Exposes Scars, Promotes Healing
Killer Robots With Automatic Rifles Could Be on the Battlefield in 5 Years
Air Marshal Confessed to Taking More Lewd Photos, Police Say
Former CIA Director David Petraeus Takes Up Harvard Teaching Post
Renewed Push for Answers in Odeh Murder, 28 Years Later
US Terror Suspect Held While Trying to Go to Pakistan
FBI Investigates Possible Water Supply Threat in Wichita, Kansas
Weekend Reviews
The Fifth Estate Is a Feeble, Reactionary Movie
The Fifth Estate and Mediastan
Eric Schlosser and the Illusion of Nuclear Weapons Safety
Bombing Victim's Spouse Acknowledges Palestinians' Pain in New Memoir
Exchanging Hand Wringing for Truth Telling: A Review of Max Blumenthal's Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel
The Fifth Estate: A Hollywood Cartoon of Julian Assange
Afghan Peace, Drone Attacks on the Table as Pakistani PM Heads to US
Pakistan Says Civilian Killed by Indian Firing Near Sialkot
722 Suspects Rejoined Terrorist Groups After Acquittal: Pakistan Documents
Five People Killed During Eid in Karachi
Acrtress' Husband Among 11 Killed in Lahore During Eid
Malala Yousafzai Reunited With Friends Injured in Shooting Attack
PM Okays Anti-Terrorist Force for Punjab
Pakistan Tells India It Alone Can't Restore Peace on LoC
India Charges 33 Aboard Armed US 'Anti-Piracy' Ship
British Shortcomings Which Left Camp Bastion Vulnerable to Deadly Taliban Attack Revealed in US Army Report
Maldives Opposition Protest Over Vote Cancellation
Obama's Egypt Coup Conundrum
Egypt's Crackdown on Islamists Spreads to Mosques, Charities
Mubarak Trial Resumes in Egypt Behind Closed Doors
Car Bomb Near Egypt Army Intelligence Building Wounds Six
Hamas Denies Taking Part in Egypt Fighting
Egypt's Foreign Ministry Asks Libya to Help Free Dozens of Drivers Held by Militia in Country
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Facing Wave of Trials
North Africa
Tunisia Says Nine 'Terrorists' Killed, Bombs Seized
UN Envoy Holds West Sahara Talks
Assassination Pushes Libya Towards Civil War Two Years After Gadhafi Death
ICC Says Kenyatta Need Not Attend Whole Trial for Crimes Against Humanity
Norwegian-Somali 'Radicalized' Before Mall Attack
Westgate Attack: Soldiers 'Take Things From Shop' During Siege – Video
DR Congo/Angola
Angola Denies Congo Incursion
M23 Rebels Say Deal With Congo's Government Close
Suicide Bomber Kills 16 in Somali Cafe Attack Aimed at Foreign Troops
Dutch Mull Commandoes, Attack Helicopters for Mali
Belarus Frees Opposition Leader After 3 Years Hard Labor
Pipe Bomb Is Found During West Belfast Security Alert
Australian Military Probes Training Exercise Link to Bush Fires
Colombia's Army Nabs Six FARC Rebels
Progress With FARC Slower Than Hoped For: Colombia's Santos
Spying Not a Shock to Former Brazilian Diplomat
Slides Reveal Canada's Powerful Espionage Tool
The Disappeared: At Least 26,000 People Have Gone Missing in Mexico's Drugs War
Americans Still Dying
Army Ranger From Carlisle (PA) Killed by Afghan IED
Green Beret, Father of Three, Remembered as 'Renaissance Type of Guy' (PA)
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