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Updated October 21, 2013 - 11:16 PM EDT
Syrian Rebels Bomb Checkpoint in Hama, Kill 37
  UN Envoy: No Syria Peace Talks Without Credible Opposition
  Reports: Syrian al-Qaeda Car Bombs Sent to Lebanon
Top Afghan Commander Defects to Militants
  Afghan Loya Jirga to Determine Whether US Troops Stay After 2014
Growing Rift Between US and Israel Over Iran
  Obama, Congress at Odds Over Iran Sanctions Relief
Baghdad Blast, Other Attacks Kill 92, Wound 120
6 Killed in Suicide Attack in Southern Russia
Israeli Bill Would Ban Negotiating With Palestinians on J'lem
Fresh Leak: NSA Accessed Mexican President's Email
Claims of Defeat Aside, Nigeria Boko Haram Attacks Continue
Questions We Should Ask About NSA and Targeted Killing Program  by Daphne Eviatar, Sarah Knuckey, Hina Shamsi
The US Govt's Secrecy Problem Just Got Worse  by Elizabeth Goitein
The World's Policeman Is Looking Mighty Guilty  by Ryan Gallagher
Israel Cranks Up the PR Machine  by Max Blumenthal
Carrots or Sticks for Iran?  by Eric Margolis
Iran and the Quelling of Congressional Troublemaking  by Paul R. Pillar

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WikiLeaks Sabotages Fifth Estate With Its Own Julian Assange Film
India Won't Accept Any Mediation on Kashmir
China's Arms Industry Makes Global Inroads
Former Bush Official: We Went Into Iraq Because 'We Were Looking for Somebody's Ass to Kick'
Snowden Leaks: US Diplomat Chooses Not to Attack the Guardian
Netanyahu Plays Down Reports of Iran 'Progress', Stands Firm on Policy
Israeli Minister Presses Canada for Support on Iran's Nuclear Program
Iran Nuclear Deal Could Improve Ties With Europe
Nuclear Talks Divide Hard-Liners in Iran
Tehran Hard-Liners Say Iran Was Asked to Slow, Not Halt, Enrichment
Iranian, Russian Air Force Commanders Discuss Mutual Cooperation
Polio Surfaces in Syria for First Time in 14 Years
254 Syrian, Egyptian Migrants Land in Italy
Mayoral Race Threatens to Shake Up Tradition Where Jesus Grew Up
Abbas: Peace Talks With Israel Haven't Reached Dead End
Hamas Says It's Responsible for Tunnel Under Gaza-Israel Border
EU Parliament Group: Israel 'Ethnically Cleansing' in Negev
Israeli Army Phones Gazans to Slam Hamas, Palestinians Say
Lieberman: Turkey's Accusations Are an Attempt to Humiliate Israel
Supreme Court Asked to Rethink Ruling That Nationality Can't Be Changed From 'Jewish' to 'Israeli'
Baghdad Blast Drives Casualty Toll to 92 Killed, 120 Wounded
Local Official: Political Scores From Across Iraq Being Settled in Kirkuk
Kuwaiti Security Company Offers Its Services to Karbala Province
Lebanese Pilgrims Held for Year by Syrian Rebels Back in Beirut
Mexico Condemns Reports of US Accessing Email System of Then-President Felipe Calderon
2 Killed by Bolivia Coca Growers in Attack on Eradication Team; 8 Hostages Held
Blogger: Cubans Use Creativity to Get Info Online
With US Withdrawal From Afghanistan, American Military Gear Sold as Scrap
Afgahnistan IED Removes 8 Presidential Contenders From List
Afghanistan Rejects Release of 2500 Pakistani Prisoners
Explosion Kills NATO Soldier in Southern Afghanistan
MI6 Demands More Spies in Afghanistan to Fight Terrorism
Japanese Newsreel Footage on Effects of A-Bomb Seized by US 68 Years Ago
In Pakistan, One Journalist Murdered, Another Attacked
Egypt Gunmen Open Fire on Coptic Christian Wedding in Cairo
Egyptian Security Forces Fire Teargas at Islamist Protesters
Egypt Police Clash With Students at Al-Azhar University
Libya's Premier Accuses Two Rivals in Abduction
Egypt Drivers Abducted in Libya Freed
Libya PM: 'Swimming Against the Current' in Chaos
Rebel Raid in Oil-Rich South Sudan Leaves Scores Dead
'Boko Haram' Gunmen Kill 19 Motorists in Nigeria
Video Showing Soldiers Looted Attacked Mall Angers Kenyans
Suspected Somali Pirates Caught in Joint Naval Operation
Bloody Sunday British Soldiers May Face Murder Charges and Criminal Prosecution
UK Pair Charged With Terror Offenses
A Triumph Over Secret Justice: Newspaper's Critical Victory for Open Courts as It Wins Key High Court Battle
The War at Home
The Alarming Mistakes Police Made After the Boston Bombing
Afghani and Iraqi Interpreters Wait for Promise of Life in USA
US Navy's New Aircraft Carriers Will Be Massive 'Floating Cities'
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